Pokemon Y Cheats & How to Use them? – Action Replay

This information is based on Pokemon Y cheats, codes citra that will help you in the game. This exclusive role-playing game developed by Nintendo was released on October 12, 2013, with meticulous graphics and tricky assaults. These tricky assaults can be mastered by Pokemon mega emerald x, and y cheats walk through walls. This game allows up to four players to play simultaneously, building more intensity while playing with friends and other players around the globe. In the main Pokemon video game series, it is considered as the first installment.

Pokemon y codes Citra android and Citra emulator version are well acquainted with these new features and are used very well there. In Pokemon Y, the game took place in the Kalos region, which is planted in France. It looks like a strange star-shaped area to oppose the minority criminal organization Team Flare plans, all while trying to challenge the Pokémon League Champion.

Kalos is a region where players will confront beautiful forests, thriving cities, and many lurking Pokémon. The town in the center of this remarkable region is Lumiose City, a large city with a tower set to become the exemplary building of Pokémon Y. By using pokemon cheats for rare candy, one can easily go to the specified locations and get free items and upgrade its character.

Pokemon Y Cheats

Here is the list of some update Nintendo 3ds version that help you become a pro player.

Pokemon y cheats  The function of pokemon y codes
Hold L It helps to view IVs on the Pokemon Status Screen
Hold R It enables you to view EVs on the Pokemon Status Screen.
080C79B0 No Encounter will take place after its use.
Hold START+ E3A00064 It helps to perform Instant Encounter
E3A04003 Instant Messages can be done by applying this Pokemon y shiny cheat
58092F38 It doubles the speed of walk and runs. (Note: It only work for D-pad)
0053ED84+Hold L Pokemon Shiny will be enabled
E3A01001+Hold R Pokemon Shiny will be disabled.
E3A00018 It will help to access PC from anywhere.
580B5824+Hold R It enables walking through a wall.
18C7FF0A The number of win streak will be multiplied by 45 after it. (Note: It is applicable only in single-player mode)
18C7FF08 Win streak will be multiplied by 19 after this Pokemon fire red x and y cheats’ rare candy. (Note: It is applicable only in single-player mode)
Hold Start+ 18C6826 It helps in instant friendship gain.
Hold Start+ FFFB0004 The egg will be hatched instantly when it is applied.
Hold Start+ 18C67234 It will provide daycare eggs quickly.
Hold R+ B8CEC564 Your Pokemon will confront Route 2.
Hold R+ B8CEC554 Your Pokemon will confront Route 2 at level 6.
Press LEFT+ Hold R It will maximize AP, Fourth ATK, and sixth PKMN.
Press LEFT+ Hold L It enables to refill AP, Fourth ATK, and sixth PKMN.
Press DOWN+ Hold R It will maximize AP, Third ATK, and Sixth PKMN.
Press DOWN+ Hold L It allows refilling AP, 3rd ATK 6th PKMN.
Press RIGHT+ Hold R It will maximize AP, second ATK, and 6th PKMN.
Press RIGHT+ Hold L It enables to refill AP, 2nd ATK, and 6th PKMN.
Press UP+ R It helps to maximize AP 1st ATK 6th PKMN.
Press UP+ L It refills AP 1st ATK 6th PKMN.
Press R It cooperates to maximize All AP 6th PKMN.
Press L It refills All AP 6th PKMN.
Press R+ B81FB298 It will help to boost the HP of the 6th Pokemon.
B81FB284 HP level will be infinity when it is applied.
481FB624+ PRESS L It refills all HP.
B81FB624+ PRESS L It refills all AP.
B81FB630+ PRESS R HP level will be maximized after it.
481FB624+ Press Y All levels will be at 100 after the battle.
B81FB624+ Press Y It will elevate the level of PKMN up to 100.
B81FB624 It modifies PKMN and the very first ATK.
1000012A This Citra Reddit provides a modification to 2nd ATK and 1st PKMN.
B81FB284 It modifies 3rd ATK and 1st PKMN.
10000146 It is the 4th ATK and 1st PKMN modifier.

Apart from these Pokemon mega emerald z and y cheats, here are some Pokemon y item cheats, which will strengthen your gameplay and make it more amusing.

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Pokemon Citra Cheats overview:

tai xuong 7

Before going through pokemon Citra cheat codes, you need first to overview the game. At the start of your journey, you have to train your Pokemon first. In the training session, you need to go through different challenges and tough trainers. In Pokemon Y, you can choose the gender of your character, either boy or a girl. Please select the gender of your choice, make an overall appealing appearance of it, and start your journey. You will travel to different cities on the map and explore many sites and find many exclusive legendary Pokemon.

Seventy-two new pokemon characters have made known in this game. They can be unlocked by Pokemon x, and y cheats rare candy. It has also introduced new features such as new Fairy type, pokemon customization, more enhanced mechanics, and of course, and fully rendered polygonal three-dimensional graphics as opposed to the sprites used in previous generations. Players can also customize the look and feel of their Pokémon trainers by choosing a gender, skin tone.

Hair color is at the beginning of the game, and then buy clothes and accessories to change their character’s appearance. If you are looking for a Magic-Type Pokémon, it is the first time that a new type of Attack is because the dark and Steel types were introduced almost a decade ago. Fairy-style moves are very powerful against Dragon-type Pokémon. One of these stories is about a Pokemon, Sylveon, a newly developed type of Evee. Look at the Pokemon mega emerald x, and y cheats rare candy later in the article to get this legendary Pokemon.

New Features

tai xuong 8

There is a new feature of ‘Sky Battle’, which can enhance the ability of Pokemon, which can fly, and this game creates massive battles between wild Pokemon, which will challenge your tactics and give you a charismatic experience. Pokemon Amie is also a special feature where you can feed, play, pet, and interact with your Pokemon. This will connect the real world and imaginary world of Pokemon, connecting both the users and animated characters. The more you are attached to your Pokemon, the more easily you can win battles. A new type of evolution named ‘Mega Evolution’ has also introduced in the game, which allows some pokemon to use a long-dormant power. You can now interact with other players of the game in single-player mode, and multiplayer mode with the help of the Player Search System abbreviated as PSS.

Heart Scales:

tai xuong 9

Go to Ambrette Town and get Old Rod in the Aquarium. You can also find Old Rod near the Magikarp statue. After getting, Old Rod follows Route 8. Go to Muraille Coast and defeat Luvdiscs, which will drop heart scales by approximately 50%. You can now get unlimited heart scales on fishing. You can also change the positions continue to increase the chances of getting unlimited heart scales.

Rare Candy:

Go to Mileage Club; use the Poke Miles at Pokemon Center There. In Luminose City, you can get rare candy. This exclusive item helps you to upgrade your Pokemon to the next level.

PP Ups:


tai xuong 12

PP Ups are necessary to increase the number of moves. The greater number of moves, the more chances of yours to win the battle.  First, for this item, earn Poke Miles by the trade of any desired Pokemon at the ‘Wonder Trade’ option. The farther the person who is trading with you, the more Poke Miles you will get. After having Poke Miles, Go to Luminose City, and go to Mileage Club. Talk to the old man in a white suit. Utilize the Poke Miles at Pokemon and centre and buy PP ups.

Amulet Coin:

In Pokemon Y, the amulet coin doubles the amount of money earned after each battle. To get this, go to Parfum Palace, visit the second floor and reach in front of the fireplace.

Balm Mushrooms:

After visiting the three-star restaurant and gearing Pokemon with Amulet Coin, you will get Balm Mushrooms which will help you earn a lot of money in the game.

Egg Hatching:

After exploring an egg or few eggs from a breeder, head to Prism Tower in Centrico Plaza in Lumiose City; while you are out of the tower, hold left or right to start an endless loop without worrying about random battles. You can use a piece of tape to hold the guide. It should be remembered that the incubation period will be cut in half when you have a Pokemon with the capability of the Flame body at your party.

Complete Healing of Party:

You can make your whole party completely healed by starting a battle online. Once a competitor accepts the challenge, finish the battle. After finishing the battle, return to the map. Your whole party will be healed completely.

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tai xuong 10

The background graphics items in the battle can reveal many useful items. Whenever you are in a battle explodes these items such as trees, rocks, caves, etc. You can use different moves and tricks to demolish them and get free, fruitful things.

Furthermore, you can also acquaint many exclusive legendary Pokemon with the help of Pokemon x and y cheats Citra. These Pokemons have special abilities, moves, and tricks to win the battle. You can get some by following these different Pokemon fire red x and y cheats.


Follow Route 10 before or after defeating Elite 4, wander in the grass and flowers. There are approximately 5% to 10% chances for facing wild evee there. You can defeat it by using special moves and lessen its health.

Exclusive Leafeon:

Leafeon is also termed as Glaceon. To get it, first, obtain Wild Evee and go to Frost Cavern. In the Frost, Cavern stand next to Ice Rock. The wild evee will evolve into exclusive leaf on or glaceon. Another way to get this Pokemon is to defeat Elite 4 and follow Route 20; find Moss Rock, and you will see the Pokemon immediately.

Mythical Birds:

tai xuong 11

It is an exclusive pokemon and is hard to capture. However, with the help of the Pokemon mega emerald x and y cheats Kanto ticket, you will be able to capture it. At first, become champion after defeating Elite four, then in the Kalos region, any of these mythical birds will start appearing. Encounter the bird which has appeared in the region. After the confrontation of this, validate its entry in the Pokedex. It will reveal the bird’s exact location after it goes to the location on foot and again challenges the bird. You will catch it ultimately.


Pokemon Y comes with the Pokemon ‘Pikachu’s absolute upgrade, replacing it with lightning rod Pikachu. You can get it by breeding male lightning rod plusle and female Pikachu. For this purpose, go to Route 5 and visit the horde. The male lightning rod plusle can be found there. Bring female Pikachu from Santanule forest at route 3. Put both the pokemon’s into daycare and breed until the desired egg is obtained.


tai xuong 6

Evolving Evee can obtain Sylveon. Follow the steps mentioned above to get Evee and then maximize the statistics of affection, fullness, and enjoyment to all the possible levels. You can either use Pokemon mega emerald x, and y cheats wild pokemon modifier or play mini-games to maximize these; when all this affection, fullness, and enjoyment upgrade to maximum, wild even will evolve into legendary Sylveon.

While using these Pokemon x and y cheats codes, keep this in mind they can vary on devices such as android or emulator. These Pokemon y codes are only for amusement and are tricks that player ignore while playing the game.

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