Pokemon Sun Cheats For 3DS & Citra 【Gameshark Codes】

People ask for pokemon sun cheat codes because of the popularity it has among the world. Using Pokemon ultra sun cheats 3ds, you can improve the quality of the gameplay and unlock various characters and moves. The Pokemon sun is a video game based on role play developed by ‘Game Freak‘ and published by Pokemon Company and Nintendo 3DS. The date on which it was released was November 18, 2016.

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It has three-dimensional polygon graphics thoroughly with more appealing and realistic characters and dynamic action, which draw attention towards game lovers making this game popular among people of all ages.  That’s why people are more indulged in this and go through pokemon ultra fire sun cheats. It is available for both single-player and multiplayer. You can enjoy Nintendo 3ds sun cheats for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

New Features

Pokemon Sun Moon Screenshot B

The game takes place in Alola region island, which is based on Hawaii style. It means the music, features, and background animations are mainly focused on Hawaii style providing the game with a charismatic look. It has introduced 81 new pokemon species. Mysterious guardian deities and other legendary Pokemon can be seen here. You can use sun cheats Pokemon to unlock these characters in an instant. New Z moves are introduced in the game, which enables your Pokemon to fight the battle with intense power. There are exclusive moves for the pokemon Eevee and Pikachu.

Pokemon Sun Cheats:

There are pokemon sun Citra Android, and it’s Citra rare candy. They are used to unlock various modes, features, locations, and characters, etc. Some of them are:

Pokemon Sun Cheats  Method of Activation Function
Amulet Coin Go to paniolo ranch> start making nursery> walk right directly> look behind red truck> find amulet coin. It doubles the amount of money that is earned with every battle
Happy Hour Go to the main menu> select mystery gift> get much lax with a happy hour already activated. It also doubles the amount of money that is earned with every battle
Rainbow Bean Go to pokemon pelago> Go to Isle Abeens> Shake tree regularly> use rainbow beans> devour your Pokemon. It boosts the affection stat quickly.
Refresh Go to Main Menu> select refresh. This Pokemon ultra sun cheats Citra rare candy helps the affection meter will earn 20% additional XP.
Lucky Egg Item Become Alola champion> return to route one> Talk to professor Kukui with Pokedex contains 50+ Pokemon> get lucky egg item. It benefits the holding of Pokemon up to 50% XP.
Hold B  While Evolution period> Hold B It helps the Pokemon to stop evolving.


Type GTS> transact with ditto>name in a foreign language It delivers a lustrous pokemon early.
Effortless Pikachu Enter Hauoli city after initial trial for help> Go in the fenced area> Walk in that grass. It helps to find Pikachu easily.
Oval Charm Become Alola Champion> Visit game freak building> defeat Morimoto It instantly boosts the rate at which eggs appear at the Pokemon
Shiny Charm Accomplish Alola Pokedex> Speak director in Heahea city> get the shiny charm. This pokemon fire sun cheats triple the rate at which shiny Pokemon.
Fingers Upgrade Take photos with Rotom Dex> Submit photos> Hit milestone It upgrades your Pokemon.
Free Premier Balls Go to Akala Island> Find 50%coupon at the front of the door> Talk to the lady wearing red> press right on the D-pad. It gets you the free premier ball at every purchase.

At initial, you have to train your Pokemon while going through tough trainers, and when you finally meet and battle with other players at Battle Tree after tested through tough battlers. Pokemon sun sky cheats allow you to pass these training levels easily. There is a place named Pokemon Pelago to visit, where your Pokemon can play, do fun activities and gather items that can make your character stronger.  There is a new refresh feature that will allow you to recharge your Pokemon after each battle.

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Rare candy to unlock exclusive Pokemon

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Alolan Dugtrio

To find the exclusive Alolan Dugtrio immediately, find a diglett and evolve this diglett into dugtrio. To find the diglett, visit places like the first island, the cave where the first trial is performed, cave beside the Pokemon lab.

Alolan Vulpix

Pokemon ultra sun cheats gitup helps to get Alolan Vulpix immediately. Go to Mount Lanalika at first. Afterward, go north at route 14 of Ula’ula Island. After finishing the final trial, search for the grass. The Alolan Vulpix will appear there. Alolan Vulpix can reduce the temperature of a region.


Legendary Ninetails can easily be achieved after getting vulpix. When the Alolan Vulpix is found, apply ice stone on it. Both icy and fairy characteristics can be seen in this exclusive Pokemon. It has a billowing tail that is parallel to winter fog.  Its habitat is high peaks and is accommodated to live in a freezing atmosphere. Moreover, it can adopt a dazzling gleam instantly.


To get the Cosmog, complete the main quest, become Alola champion after finishing all four Island Kahunas. Then, return to Alter Of the Sunne. Type the Portal at Altar and visit Lake Of the Moone. Visit the platform and initiate Cutscene. Cosmog will appear in your group.


Find a mission to visit Pokemon Ranch. Right before the town, beside the Ranch, Evee spawn can be found. There is alternate sun cheats Citra pc. For this, Follow Route 5 down the ranch; Evee can be found there with the need for extra help. Preplan for that extra help.


To get absolute grumpig, click the Rotom Pokedex, opt for the Quick Response Scanner. After scanning the Quick Response code, visit any Pokecenter to unlock grumpily.


To get magearna, it is mandatory to become Alola Champion after defeating four islands. Then Click the Rotom Pokedex, opt for the QR Scanner. After scanning Quick Response Code, visit Melemele Island and then go to Hau’oli City. Click the corner of ‘Antiquities Of the Ages Shop’ to obtain exclusive traditional Magearena. Using this Pokemon ultra sun cheats Citra exp, this Pokemon comprising two different steel and fairy features can be unlocked. In addition, this can perform fleur Special Cannon move.


To get the privileged Munchlax, start the game and obtain the very first Pokemon of yours. Save the pokemon and exit the game. Go to the main menu; in the Mystery gift option, select ‘gift from the internet’ and get Munchlax. Any Pokecenter at the game can also provide Munchlax.

Snorlax Z

Start the game and get the first Pokemon. Save the Pokemon and get off the game. Click the Main Menu and select mystery gift options and then choose the gift from the internet to get sole Snorlax Z. In addition, Snorlax Z stones are also provided to give the pokemon special features.


Legendary Necrozma is the most difficult Pokemon to find in the game. However, Citra emulator sun cheats to increase the chances of getting it. To get it more likely, First, defeat all Elite four and become Alola Champion. After accomplishing ultra-beast quests, go to Ten Karat Hill, present on the Melemele Island. Visit Farthest Hollow. You can find the spawns of the Necrozma in the back-left side of the grassy field. You can also adopt various other ways to increase the possibility to appear Necrozma. Keep in mind to put the Pokemon under level seventy-five, as legendary Necrozma is a pokemon of level seventy-five and will not appear if there is any seventy-five plus level of pokemon present. Moreover, try to run continuously or charge in circles by riding on Tauros; it will help you to enter battles at a high rate. In addition to it, you can lower the level of rock ruffs to attempt for Necrozma to spawn easily.

You can also use the aid of additional features to capture this Pokemon in the pokemon sun. For Instance, you can preserve the Master Ball for this wrestle. You can purchase ‘Ultra Balls’ as a replacement for the Master Ball. Try not to use Beast Balls and apply ground-type special moves to lessen its strength.

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Complete the main quests and become Alola Champion. Return to Alter of Sunne. Visit the lake of the Moone and type Portal at Altar. After initiating Cutscene at Altar, visit the platform. Cosmog will appear. This Cosmog will continue to evolve. At level 53, It will develop into Sungaleo. In the pokemon sun, sungaleo comes in two stages, normal and radiant sun. It can glow splendidly when it consumes solar energy from its body.

Ash Greninja

To unlock Ash Greninja, you need to play the game via a special demo of pokemon sun. After starting a special demo of pokemon sun, beat Plumeria and receive a Ride pager. Visit the Pokemon Center after receiving the Ride pager. Talk to professor kukui, and you will be able to bring Ash Greninja to the Pokemon Sun.

Arena modes

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Try to complete the challenges to unlock all the appropriate arena modes. Before the fight, the game allows you to show off your fighting stance; each has its own unique Poke Ball throwing animation set. Additionally, you can modify your style of the fight by talking to an older man in the Outer Cape located north of Malie. Following are some Pokemon ultra sun cheats Citra android to adopt different battle styles:

Elegant Style:

To activate elegant stylestyle, Go to Malie City, Visit Outer Cape, and talk to the elder man.

Girlish Style:

Go to KoniKoni city, Enter a Battle and defeat Lana. Girlish stylestyle will be activated.

Idol Style:

Enter the ‘Battle Royal’ and grasp ‘Master Rank’ to mobilize the Idol-style.

Left-Handed Style:

To get the left-handed stylestyle, visit the Hau’oli City, Enter a battle, defeat llima.

Passionate Style:

After completing the training session, win fifty successive times to switch the passionate stylestyle.

Reverent Style:

To turn on the reverent stylestyle, visit the Paniola Town and enter a battle. First, beat Kiawe in the battle adjacent to Thrifty Megamart.

Smug Style:

Before the Elite Four, kill Gladion on Mount Lanakila to stimulate this stylestyle.

Pokemon sun cheats v 1.2

Pokemon Sun Moon Large.jpg 1200x688 1 1024x587 1

Here are some pokemon sun sky cheats for version 1.2.

Cheat Use
Hold R It helps to walk over walls
Select+UP It upgrades all TMs and HMs
330D647C+UP It multiplies the number of all medicine up to 950
330D657C+UP The number of Berries multiplied by 950 with its aid.
330D5934+UP It allows a multiplying the number of all items by 950
330D669C+UP It Upgrades all Z-Crystals
E3A04003 It is used for instant messages
5802EBF0 Unwilling trainer battles can be removed by it.
E12FFF1E It allows to rematch trainers
Hold L It helps to speak with Trainers
Hold Start Instant Encounter can be done by it.
0807A5E0 No Encounter
E3A00001 Pokemon will grasp any HM/TM with its assistance.
004AA2C0 It retitles the Outsider pokemon in the Name Rater.
2006960B It elevates the QR Scan point up to 100
0043F6D8 It allows removing the QR scan wait time.
E5C011E0 It helps to get the egg from daycare.
33116620 It converts all clothes to male.
Start+L It will galvanize the wild Pokemon shiny.
Start+R Transformation of wild Pokemon shiny will be disabled by it.
ED840A1C+L It helps to enable the Camera to zoom out.
ED840A1C+R It disables the Camera zoom out.
Start+UP It enables to catch the trainer’s Pokemon.
Start+Down It debilitates to catch trainer’s Pokemon.
580311DC It permits to use of Z moves several times
080AE610 It facilitates to view the enemy pokemon
1AFFFFF7 Elevation of the complete status of a pokemon by stage 6 can be done with this.
50638014 It allows hurling Pokeball at trial.
E28110CF It helps to learn all the moves in move reminder.
E499A004 Mega evolution will not be cancelled when it is applied.
E5902008 It will retain the mega evolution of party pokemon.
E8BD801E It always activates a critical hit.
Hold Start+ Option Menu You can access the PC from anywhere by applying it.
01D510B4+Press L Z moves can be accessed without Z crystals with its assistance.
EBF77308 It helps to view IVs and EVs on the Pokemon status screen.
EB041A2B It raises EXP to 10x after the battle.

Apart from the sun cheats Citra rare candy, continuous win at battle tree also offers rewards that help unlock various items that can be useful in the Pokemon Sun.

5-Win Streak:

It is the minimum Streak, and it offers Momoo Milk in the game.

10-Win Streak:

In the Battle Tree, a ten-win streak rewards you with PP up.

20-Win Streak:

The perk of twenty Win streak is the unlock of Rare Candy.

30-Win Streak:

Bottle Cap will be unlocked after thirty Win streak.

40-Win Streak:

A 40-Win streak will give you PP max.

50-Win Streak:

Ability Capsule will be unlocked after fifty Win Streak.

100-Win Streak:

The reward of exclusive Lansat Berry will be given after 100-Win Streak.

200-Win Streak:

It offers absolute Starf Berry.

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Locations to access free items:

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Here are some locations from where free items can be accessed. These items will help you in the game later on and will increase the standard of your gameplay.

Geothermal Powerplant:

Visit the geothermal powerplant on Ula’ula land. Earn ‘Lure Ball’ at the location.

Observatory Path:

Go to Ula’ula Island, follow the path to the observatory. You will receive ‘Fast Ball’ there. In addition to fastball, ‘Heavy Ball’ can also be found on the observatory path of Ula’Ula Island.

Recycling Plant Exterior:

Go to Ula’ula Island, Visit the Recycling Plant Exterior, and speak to Samuel Oak there. ‘Friend Ball’ will be yours.

Malie Library:

Stay on the Malie Library on Ula’ula Island. With A Persian, chat with Samuel Oak. You will get a free ‘Love Ball’.

Mount Hokulani:

Inspect Mount Hokulani on Ula’ula Island to speak with Samuel Oak. It will help you get a free ‘Moon Ball’.

Ula’ula Island:

‘Level Ball’ will be present at Mount Hokulani of Ula’ula Island.

Po Town:

Go to Ula’ula Island, Search for Po Town. You can get a free ‘Smoke Ball’ there.

Nursery at Paniola Ranch:

Visit Akala Island, go to the nursery at Paniola Ranch. You will find Amulet Coin there, which can double the money received after every battle.

Tourist Bureau:

Go to Melemele Island, Visit the Tourist Bureau and attend the Delibird event. ‘Shell Bell’ can be Unlocked there.

In addition to these sun cheats Citra pc and tricks, you can get stamps for trainer passport, new Pokeball throw styles, demo bonuses, and mystery gifts. Mystery gift passwords have an expiry date. They cannot be used afterward.  These sun cheats can vary. Not only do they enhance the quality of your gameplay, but they also help you discover things faster and make your game more interesting and engaging.


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