Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats [GameShark Codes List]

Ash Gray Pokémon is one of Pokémon’s best modified ROM. Websites such as Polygon and Phone Resolve even recommended it to Pokémon fans as one of the largest ROM. The game is mainly an adaptation of the first season of Pokémon anime. When it was clear that Game Freak and Nintendo were not planning to play an anime Pokémon game, committed fans decided to play it themselves.

You also don’t have to give up control over your butter-free, as Ash did in your anime (and followed the same plot in the movie)
Pokémon Ash Gray is a fan-made Pokémon based entirely on the anime Pokémon TV series. The game is based on the TV show and all Ash’s captured Pokémon must be collected.

To play Pokémon Ash Gray, you must first download an emulator, the most probably GBA4iOS. The first method is to change your existing Pokémon Fire Red ROM to the Pokémon Ash Grey IPS file. This does not usually take long as the files are not very big. If players don’t want to patch the game themselves, the patched version can be downloaded.

This will allow you to use your Pokémon Ash Gray journal with the Fire Red Game Shark / Action Replay code. Don’t worry if they are wrong; we’ve collected a cheat list to get you going!
Enter and copy and paste the following codes in the “Cheats” section of the emulator (one at a time). You can use the codes for a variety of things once you’ve entered them. You should be able to switch on or off certain cheats in your emulator after enabling the master code.

Pokémon Ash Gray Cheats

tai xuong 20

Infinite Rare Candy – Enter the code then go to your PC, go to withdraw items
820258400044Master Code to buy Master Balls
000014D1 000A

Master Balls (You can buy them at all Pokemarts)
82003884 0001

Master Code for Everything 1$:
10044EC8 0007

Buy everything only 1$
3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA

Master Code (Must Be On):
72BC6DFB E9CA5465

Walkthrough Walls (need Master Code):
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Infinite HP in battle

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For Legendary Pokemon

tai xuong 21

It uses codes such as:

  • Master code 000014D1000A and 1003dae60007.
  • Articuno codes (83007CEE 0090)
  • Zapdos codes (83007CEE 0091)

These can be obtained to meet the Pokemon Legend. There are also several more code sources, such as

  • Moltres 83007CEE 0092,
  • Dratini 83007CEE 0093, and
  • Dragonair 83007CEE 0094.
  • Dragonite can be obtained with code 83007CEE 0095,
  • Mewtwo, with code 83007CEE 0096;
  • Jirachi, with code 83007CEE 0099

First uses of cheat codes

first used to help develop and test several modules of the game and remained hidden until they were discovered and used by a user. These game codes are also known as Easter Eggs, which are produced by the developer. However, not all cheat codes are designed to help build games. By detecting and exploiting system software flaws, hackers create cheat codes to improve gaming performance.
Cheat codes can all be used as hidden textual information, executable code, or a combination of game inputs. Some downloadable codes may contain malware that causes abnormal behavior of your computer or game.

Some ash-gray chicks from Pokémon and their use:

One of the tricks is the Pokémon ash grey level modification. There are occasions in Pokémon Fire Red when you will meet Pokémon at the higher level, and this cheat is handy. You can modify the levels of Pokémon in your area by using the Pokémon Level Modifier hack.

Wild Pokemon Change – Ash Gray Cheats Pokemon

tai xuong 22

Replace the Pokemon ID for YYY, which you would like to meet in the wild. The Pokemon ID is used for

  • 0001 = Bulbasaur
  • Venusaur = 0003
  • 0004 = Sweetheart
  • 0005 = Charmeleon
  • 0006 = Carmeleon
  • 0007 = Charmeleon
  • 0008 = Charmeleon
  • 0006 = Charmeleon
  • 0007 = Charmeleon
  • 0008 000 Blastoise (0009)
  • Charizard (0007)
  • Charizard (0008)
  • Chariz Squirtle = 0007
  • Wartortle = 0008.
    Caterpie is 000A
  • 000B and 000C is the metapod
  • 000C is the butterfly free
  • 0015 = Spearow
  • 0017 = Spearow
  • 0018 = Spearow
  • 0012 0013 = Rattata
  • 0021 = Raticate
  • 0015 and 0130 is used as TM16 Light Screen
  • 0131 is used as TM17 Protect
  • 0132 is for TM18 Rain Dance
  • 0133 used for TM19 Giga Drain
  • 0134 is for TM20 Safeguard
  • 0135 for TM21 Frustration
  • 0136 is for TM22 Solar Beam
  • 0137 is for TM23 Iron Tail
  • 0138 is for TM24 Thunderbolt
  • 0139 is used as the TM25 Thunder

Pokemon Ash Gray You can use this method to meet famous Pokémon like Goodra, Krookodile, Pikachu, Skeptile, Snorlax, and Charizard. If you have entered and enabled the master code, you will have to activate the corresponding code to the legendary Pokémon you would like to see.

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Pokemon Ash Grey Cheat Codes No Random Battles

For no random battles in Pokemon Ash Gray, we can use the code

  • D41DD0CA
  • 33A629E5
  • 8E883EFF
  • 92E9660D

In order to satisfy the shiny pokemon, the following codes can be used:

  • 1F6A85FB,5413C867
  • BDD8B251.6855972C
  • BDD8B251.04815C68

Ash Gray Cheats for all Pokemon TM/HM

tai xuong 23

Add TM/HM to the cheat code 82003884 after entering the cheat code Pokemon Ash Gray.

  • The TM01 Focus Punch code is 0121
  • 0122 is represented by TM02 Dragon Claw
  • 0123 by TM03 by the water pulse
  • 0124 by TM04 Calm Mind
  • 0125 by TM05 Roar
  • 0126 by TM06 by toxic
  • 0127 by TM07 by Hail
  • 0128 by TM08 by Bulk Up.

How to use the cheat codes?

Go to the “Cheats” area of your emulator to enter the following codes and copy the codes and paste them (one at a time). You will be able to use the codes for various purposes once you have entered them. You should be able to turn individual cheats on or off your emulator once you have enabled the master code.

For example to meet Legendary Pokemon use the codes like

  • Master code 000014D1000A and 1003dae60007
  • Articuno 83007CEE 0090
  • Zapdos code is 83007CEE 0091
  • Moltres code is 83007CEE 0092
  • Dratini code is 83007CEE 0093
  • Dragonair code is 83007CEE 0094
  • Dragonite through the code 83007CEE 0095
  • Mewtwo code is 83007CEE 0096
  • Jirachi code is 83007CEE0199
  • Regirock code is 83007CEE0191
  • Registeel code is 83007CEE0192
  • Regice code is 83007CEE0193
  • Groudon code is 83007CEE0195
  • Mew (won’t obey) code is 83007CEE 0097
  • Deoxys code is 83007CEE 019A
  • Moltres code is 83007CEE 0092
  • Entei code is 83007CEE 00F4
  • Lugia code is 83007CEE 00F9
  • Ho-oh code is 83007CEE 00FA

Cheat Codes Essentials:

A cheat code is a code, method, or gadget that gamers use to advance levels or gain other unique abilities and perks in a video game. The term “cheat code” can also refer to anything a person does that isn’t the standard way of accomplishing something to win or score higher than their competitors.

A Few Disadvantages:

Cheat codes are becoming less popular for a variety of reasons. Cheat codes have fallen out of favor, owing to the growing popularity of online multiplayer games, where fairness is expected and cherished as part of the whole gaming experience. Gamers are less likely to employ cheat codes because they are more concerned with experiencing each level than with achieving high scores.

A Few Pokémon Cheats And Their Uses:

maxresdefault 1

Pokémon ash gray level modifier

Pokémon ash gray level modifier is one such cheat. There are times in Pokémon Fire Red when you need to meet higher-level Pokémon, and this cheat will come to the rescue. You can modify the levels of Pokémon in your area using the Pokémon level Modifier hack.

Pokemon Ash Gray- Wild Pokemon Modifier

The code for pokemon ash grey and modify the wild pokemon code as

000014D1 000A

1003dae6 0007

83007CEE YYYY.

Replace “YYYY” with the Pokemon ID you want to meet in wild. Pokemon ID is given as the

  • 0001 = Bulbasaur
  • 0002 = Ivysaur ,
  • 0003 = Venusaur
  • 0004 = Charmander,
  • 0005 = Charmeleon ,
  • 0006 = Charizard ,
  • 0007 = Squirtle
  • 0008 = Wartortle,
  • 0009 = Blastoise,
  • 0014 = Raticate,
  • 0015 = Spearow ,
  • 0016 = Fearow,
  • 0017 = Ekans,
  • 0018 = Arbok,
  • 0019 = Pikachu.

These are the codes that can be used and replaced

Pokémon ash gray walkthrough walls

Enables you to walk through basically anything without having to worry about your avatar getting lost in the bushes or getting stuck in a ditch! Just like in the pokemon fire red cheats

Pokémon ash gray legendary Pokémon

With this trick, you can encounter legendary Pokémon like Goodra, Krookodile, Pikachu, Sceptile, Snorlax, Charizard, and many more. After you’ve entered and activated the master code, you’ll need to input and activate the matching code for the legendary Pokémon you’d like to meet.

Pokemon Ash Gray Cheat Code List – No Random Battles

The code used for pokemon ash grey can be explained as for the no random battles we can use codes like D41DD0CA, 33A629E5 ,8E883EFF, 92E9660D

Pokemon Ash Gray Cheat Code – Meet Shiny Pokemon

to meet the shiny pokemon we can use several codes like

  • D80CC66A
  • 1F6A85FB,
  • 5413C867,
  • BDD8B251,
  • 6855972C,
  • BDD8B251,
  • 04815C68
  • 18452A7D,
  • DDE55BCC,
  • CE71B3D3,
  • 198DF179,
  • 73ECB8A0,
  • D5AFFB37,
  • 73ECB8A0,
  • 1670047D

Pokemon Ash Gray All Pokemon – TM/HM

Enter Pokemon Ash Gray code 82003884 and then add the TM/HM number next. The code used as

  • 0121 is for TM01 Focus Punch
  • 0122 is for TM02 Dragon Claw,
  • 0123 is for TM03 Water Pulse,
  • 0124 is the code for TM04 Calm Mind,
  • 0125 is for TM05 Roar,
  • 0126 is for TM06 Toxic,
  • 0127 is for TM07 Hail,
  • 0128 is for TM08 Bulk Up
  • 0129 is used for TM09 Bullet Seed,
  • 012A is for TM10 Hidden Power,
  • 012B is for TM11 Sunny Day and
  • 012C is for TM12 Taunt,
  • 012D is for TM13 Ice Beam
  • 012E is for TM14 Blizzard,
  • 012F is used as TM15 Hyper Beam,
  • 0130 is used as TM16 Light Screen

Pokémon ash gray infinite exp with this Game Shark Infinite Experience Code, you may swiftly level up your Pokémon in battle. When you’ve reached the desired level, simply turn it off.

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Pokémon ash gray all badges.

my pokemon ash gray team season 2 by advanceshipper2021 dethvfq fullview

To earn all 8 badges in Pokémon ash gray especially Pokémon Fire Red, use this code.

They have all badges cheat will not function right away; you will need to stroll around a while and fight a few battles before checking your badges to see if they worked.

You may have to repeat this process a few times for the all-badges cheat to function.

Pokémon ash gray infinite exp

As the name suggests, allows its players to fight battles and explore fearlessly

Pokémon ash gray level modifier

You can modify the levels of Pokémon in your area using the Pokémon level Modifier hack.

Pokémon ash gray rare candy super cheats

After entering and activating the cheat code, check your computer to see if you can withdraw as many rare candies as you like.

Pokémon ash gray level 100.

This code will raise the level of every Pokémon you encounter

in the wild to 100. This is for Game Shark v3 only. Combine this code with the endless items code to catch these high-level wild Pokémon quickly.

These codes are there for the GSSP, not the newer Game Shark.

Unfortunately, some of the codes such as Pokémon ash gray mega stone have become redundant. The cheat code for Pokémon ash gray mega stone does not exist. Likewise, Everstone does not have any cheats. It appears like there are just two possible outcomes in the game for pokemon ash gray everyone:
1. As soon as you capture it in the Hidden Village, Bulbasaur will be carrying one.
2. In Route 6, one can be found in an enclosed space.

Ash Gray Cheats-Wrap Up:

We have carefully constructed this list of top Pokemon Ash Gray cheat codes, let us assure you that all of the cheats we’ve shared are 100% functional. However, if you discover that a hack is invalid or no longer works, please do let us know so that we can consider removing it from the list and rectify the problem.

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