Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats & How to Use them?

Pokémon rare candy is a cheat that is commonly used by many players in Pokémon emerald. The rare candy is not only rare in pokémon Emerald but it is rare in every Pokémon game.
The rare candy is a precious item that gives you the power to evolve and increase your Pokémon’s level without doing much effort.

Even though the candy is proven to be very useful it does have its pros and cons. Hence you must use the cheat code correctly. In this article, we will discuss how to activate the cheat, how to use it, and the pros and cons of the Pokémon Emerald rare candy cheat.

Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats:

The rare candy code is a very famous cheat code and it works for almost every Pokémon game. The rare candy code will help you evolve your pokémons without any effort. The cheat will also work instantly. It will also help you increase your pokémons levels. The rare candy is a very precious item and as the name suggests. The candy is very rare and you can’t find it easily. But without the candy, you will not be able to enjoy all of the features of the game. If you want rare candies to help your pokémons evolve and increase in level, you will have to type the following code exactly as we mentioned.

  • The code for rare candy is 820052740044.

The rare candy cheat is a very useful and helpful code. Once you enter the code on your P.C it will work instantly and you will receive rare candies. You can try restarting the game if the cheat does not work. If the cheat does not work you can try restarting your computer. Make sure that the code is exactly like we mentioned.

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Pros of using the rare candy:


As we discussed, the rare candy is very rare to find and it is a very precious and important item for your pokémons and your in-game progress. The cheat code will help you earn a lot of rare candies without doing much. Moreover, your pokémons will be much stronger, you can win many battles easily and you can gain a lot of money in the battles. Moreover, the best Poing about the rare candy cheat is that you can use it to discover a number of features of the game that you will not be able to do without rare candies.

Cons of using rare candy cheat:

Even though Pokémon Rare candy has a lot of advantages it also has disadvantages for example if you use the cheat code your computer might slow down. The game will also slow down and it will not run smoothly which can be very annoying. One of the major cons of the cheat is that you will easily get bored of the game which is not fun because everything will be easier and there will be no point in playing the game if you don’t progress gradually.
Hence it is best that you use the cheat only when necessary.

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Walkthrough walls:


This is a Pokémon Emerald cheat code. As the name suggests it will allow you to travel through walls. This can be very useful as it will save you a lot of time and you can also complete missions easily using this cheat. To use this cheat you will have to type the given code:

  • 7881A409E2026E0C883EFF92E9660D

Make sure to exactly type the code. You won’t need a master code for this cheat code to work. You simply have to type the code.

The cheat should work instantly if it does not work, type the cheat again. If this does not work as well try restarting your game and trying again.

Infinite money:

This is one of the most common cheats. It is used a lot by Pokémon Emerald players.
This cheat code will give you an infinite amount of money. You can use the money however you want. You can upgrade your pokémon equipment with new equipment, upgrade your pokéball and evolve your pokémons. Like any other game, in-game currency means a lot in Pokémon Emerald as well. You can discover a lot of the features of the game by having a lot of money in the game. To activate this cheat you will have to type the code given below.

  • C051CCF6975E8DA1

Make sure to exactly type the given code or the cheat won’t work. If the cheat is activated you will instantly have a lot of money in the game.

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Never lose a battle:

Losing battles can be very annoying and they also block progress. Moreover, your pokémons also don’t evolve if you keep losing battles. If you use this cheat you will never have to lose a battle. You can win as many battles as you want. If you keep winning battles you can earn a lot of in-game currency and your pokémons will evolve more quickly as well. This cheat will help you hit your opponents directly in battle. If you use this cheat you will be able to easily win battles. To use this cheat you will have to type the code given below

  • DF5CCB074CC8F95E9565CCD8

Once you type the cheat it should work instantly. If the cheat does not work try using it again make sure that the cheat is exactly according to the code that we have mentioned. If you typed the exact code it should work. You can also restart your phone if the cheat doesn’t work.

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No random battles:


You can use this cheat to avoid random battles. Again random battles can be very annoying. They are also not very helpful if your pokémons are not strong enough. This cheat will help you avoid all of the random battles. If you ever encounter a battle you can also use the previous cheat never miss and win the battle. To avoid random and unnecessary battles you will have to type the below-mentioned code

  • B505DB416E39EA4E

This code will help you avoid random battles. Make sure that you type the code exactly as we mentioned.


In this article, we talked about some of the cheats of Pokémon emerald. Even though cheats are fun to use and they help you discover a lot of the features of the game sometimes they take out all of the fun in the game as you can’t enjoy in-game progress. Hence we highly suggest that you use cheat codes only when necessary. We also talked about rare candy cheat and how you can use them to gain rare candies. In the article, we also discussed the pros and cons of the rare candy cheat code. We hope that you will find this article helpful.

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