The Most Complete Pokemon Type Chart

The Pokemon-type chart helps the trainers increase their probability of winning the match and supports them on the path to becoming professional trainers.

Since its inception, the Pokémon world has spawned more than 800 different species of Pokémon. Among them, there are nearly 80 different types of legendary Pokémon. Each legendary Pokémon has its own extraordinary power or plays an important role in the Pokémon world in general. 

Besides, due to their uniqueness, legendary Pokémon always occupy the majority of the top 100 most popular Pokémon species, excluding mega Pokémon.

Pokemon Type Chart

It can be seen that the chart of Pokemon types has not changed for a few years now, and it can be said that it is mostly the same, the creators make it different by rotating some games like Pokemon Dreams, Pokemon Inclement Emerald, etc, in Pokemon World.

You need to know the Pokemon type chart to be a professional trainer. In every Pokemon game, there are types of Pokemon with different strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense. 

Capturing the type chart means the difference between winning and losing a battle by using a Pokemon that has the edge over your opponent and can deal more damage than usual to take out your opponent’s Pokemon.

Pokemon Inclement Emerald
Pokemon Inclement Emerald

Why is it important for a trainer to have a clear understanding of the Pokemon type chart?

Each different type of Pokemon will have different designated moves, and the deployment of moves when attacking also depends on the type of Pokemon the trainers are using. Besides, if the right Pokemon is used in the match, it also helps to counter the opponent’s Pokemon, thereby increasing the damage many times over and the victory rate as well.

From this, it can be inferred that if the type of Pokemon used by the trainers is not suitable, it will put the trainer himself in a passive position in the match because the Pokemon uses an ineffective move. For example, using an Ice-type Pokemon is not recommended in a match with a Fire-type Pokemon because fire counters ice and will make your Ice-type Pokemon appear faint throughout the course of the match.

An example of using a Pokemon type chart to choose the right method in a Pokemon battle is that using a Fire-type Pokemon in a battle with a Bug-type Pokemon will cause the Fire-type Pokemon to deal double damage compared to normal damage. often. Trainers can deal four times the normal damage when using a fire-type attack on Grass and Bug-type Pokemon.

Why is it important for a trainer to have a clear understanding of the Pokemon type chart?
Why is it important for a trainer to have a clear understanding of the Pokemon type chart?

In contrast, using a Fire-type Pokemon to attack a Ground-type Pokemon only deals half as much damage as normal and will not pose a potential danger to the opponent’s Pokemon. This disadvantage is multiplied if you use both fire-type Pokemon’s attacks on Water-type and Ground-type Pokemon, as you can only deal a quarter of normal damage.

Knowing the rules of the game and remembering the characteristics of each type of Pokemon will help you stay away from your Pokemon in dangerous battles and easily choose the right Pokemon when facing other trainers.

Furthermore, players can use STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), a strategy that increases damage by 1.5x when using moves from Pokemon of the same type. When using the STAB strategy against a Pokemon whose attributes can overwhelm the opponent’s Pokemon, such as choosing a Fire-type Pokemon to use the STAB method in a match against a Grass and Bug-type Pokémon, the damage is increased six times compared to normal.

All pokemon types

Choosing the right type of Pokemon in a match greatly affects the outcome of the match. Certainly, no trainer would want the attack of their Pokemon to be labeled “no effect” and be expected to have no effect on the opponent’s Pokemon. 

So the following statistics will help the trainers grasp the characteristics and properties, strengths and weaknesses, of the Pokemon’s attack, thereby choosing the most suitable Pokemon in the match.



Damage Suppressed Deals powerful damage. Strongly suppressed


Ghost ( no effect) Fighting _

Steel, Ghost, Rock( no effect)


Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, Fire  Water, Ground, Rock Bug, Ice, Steel, Grass

Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon


Water, Steel, Fire, Ice Electric, Grass Fire, Ground, Rock

Water, Dragon, Grass


Grass, Water, Electric, Ground Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying, Poison Rock, Water, Ground

Dragon, Poison, Flying, Fire, Bug, Steel, Grass


Electric, Steel, Flying Ground Water, Flying

Ground, Dragon, Grass, Electric( no effect)


Ice Fire, Rock, Steel, Fighting Flying, Dragon, Grass, Ground

Ice, Fire, Water, Steel


Rock, Bug, Dark Psychic, Fairy, Flying Normal, Steel, Rock, Ice, Dark

Poison, Bug, Psychic, Flying, Ghost, Fairy( no effect)


Poison, Grass, Fighting, Fairy Ground, Psychic Fairy, Grass

Poison, Rock, Ground, Steel, Ghost( no effect)


Poison, Electric, Rock ( no effect) Ice, Water, Grass Steel, Rock, Poison, Electric, Fire

Grass, Bug, Flying( no effect)


Fighting, Grass, Ground, Bug( no effect) Ice, Rock, Electric Grass, Bug, Fighting

Electric, Rock, Steel


Psychic, Fighting Dark, Bug, Ghost Poison, Fighting

Psychic, Dark, Steel( no effect)


Grass, Fighting, Ground Fire, Rock, Flying Dark, Grass, Psychic

Ghost, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Steel, Fairy, Poison


Normal, Fire, Flying, Poison Water, Grass, Steel, Ground, Fighting Ice, Bug, Fire, Flying

Steel, Ground, Fighting


Normal, Fighting, Poison, Bug ( no effect) Ghost, Dark Ghost, Psychic

Normal( no effect), Dark


Grass, Fire, Electric, Water Dragon, Fairy, Ice Dragon

Fairy, Steel( no effect)


Dark, Ghost, Psychic( no effect) Bug, Fairy, Fighting Psychic, Ghost

Dark, Fairy, Fighting


Normal, Bug, Steel, Flying, Grass, Psychic, Poison, Ice, Dragon, Fairy( no effect) Ground, Fire, Fighting Ice, Fairy, Rock

Steel, Water, Electric, Fire

Fairy Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fighting( no effect) Steel, Poison Dark, Fighting, Gragon

Fire, Poison, Steel

Special case

Trainers need to be aware of the special cases when using type tactics because Pokemon are mostly against their type and against those in which they are super effective. But there is a special case of fairy-type and normal-type when the two are not against their type.

Besides, most Pokemon have two weak points, but this is the exception for Snorlax. This is a Pokemon that trainers will encounter in the main game series, and this Pokemon is special in that it has only one weakness, which is that it takes extra damage from combat moves.

Special case
Special case


Remembering over 900 Pokemon weaknesses and resistances can be impossible, so using a Pokemon type chart is essential for most trainers, even if you’re piloting the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The type of Pokemon you use and the method you choose greatly affect the winning or losing factor of a match.


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