Pokemon Ultra Sun Cheats [Moon Gameshark Codes]

Pokémon Ultra Sun is a video game launched in 2017 by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo collectively. The entire development of this game was done by Game Freak, a Japanese game developing company. Pokémon was launched for Nintendo 3Ds specifically, a hand-held and controlled device and aids in playing such games. Pokémon Ultra Sun is a part of the Pokémon video game series and is termed its seventh generation. It is considered the last game among the games published by the Pokémon games publishing company for the Nintendo 3DS.

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According to the details, this game was announced in June 2017 and was released globally on 17 November 2017. The developers and publishers made different changes in this version concerning the previous versions for its better rating; that’s also one of the more extraordinary reasons for its propagation. It is considered as much playing game, and about gamers they also like it, and a positive response is given back to the publishers, it may be due to the presence of some adventurous elements in the game.

According to different surveys, this thing is particularly noticed that the presence of the essence of adventure in any game increases its demand, and gamers also attract towards that game. You can say that such games or essence are very close to gamers’ interest these days.

Pokémon Ultra Sun Cheats

  • [Fast Treasure Hunt v1.2]
    0044E534 E3A04000
    0044E538 E5C34000
  • [Fast Berry Grow v1.2]
    0044D948 E3A04000
    0044D94C E5C14000
  • [No Softban v1.2]
    004790AC E3A04001
  • [Same pokemon species at Battle Royal Dome & Battle Tree(Super) v1.2]
    001602A4 EA000012
  • [Infinite Island Scans v1.2]
    00455674 E2400000
  • [QR Scan is 100 Points v1.2]
    0045559C E3510000
  • [Always UB Wormhole v1.2]
    002DD36C E3A01000
  • [Always Rainbow Pelago Beans v1.2]
    0044DEBC E3A0600E
  • [No Outlines v1.2]
    0042FBA4 E320F000
  • [No Softban v1.1 (restart to turn off)]
    204790A8 00000001
  • [100%Catch(Gateshark2NTR only)]
    00666FDC E5D00008
    00666FE0 E92D4003

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Cheat Codes:

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Cheat codes are some particular codes that are applied to make any cheat or get any ability in the game, which is part of a game and appreciated by gamers. Pokémon Ultra Sun also offers such cheat codes according to various versions like version 1.0, version 1.1, and version 1.2. There is a chance of resemblance of some codes for one version to the codes for another version; otherwise, the different and new codes are offered by the various specific versions. It is an obvious thing for any version that the correct and matching codes for that version are inserted for its proper functioning; otherwise, it will not work.

Citra; the emulator:

Citra is an emulator for the hand-held games solace with Nintendo 3DS, which also offers different Citra emulators. The big hand behind the development of this emulator is a company named Citra and its contributors. It also provides a good platform for the Pokémon Ultra Sun game to run it smoothly and goodly. It is observed by the game analysts that there may occur some disruptions while playing this game, but Citra provides a beneficial platform to play this game.

Nintendo 3ds cheats:

pokemon ultra sun 3ds review ultra fun in the ultra sun 5 300x180 2

Different Nintendo 3ds Ultra Sun cheats offer different specific abilities; some of these cheat codes will be written further. Ultra Sun Citra also offers other cheat codes, which are considered more valuable for the attraction of the gamers towards this game. Therefore, some Ultra Sun Citra Cheats are along with their functioning, are written here. Citra 3Ds Ultra Sun Cheats are also considered the below-written codes because they are different just according to the variation in the version, and all those specifications are expressed in detail in the upcoming lines.

Some codes that offer to get the ability of fast treasure hunt in Pokémon’s version 1.2 are

  • 0044E534 E3A04000
  • 0044E538 E5C34000

There are many other such types of codes for these purposes. Some cheat codes that offer speedy growth of berry in version 1.2 are

  • 0044D948 E3A04000
  • 0044D94C E5C14000

Whereas, the cheat code for having infinite island scan in version 1.2 is 00455674 E2400000. Among these cheat codes, 0044DEBC E3A0600E always offers rainbow pelago beans in version 1.2. This cheat code 002DD36C E3A01000 is used for always UB Warmhole cheats in version 1.2.

Rare candy cheats:

DuskMane front 800x480 1 300x180 1

Pokémon Ultra Sun Citra Rare Candy is a cheated pathway to get the rare candies bag filled; it doesn’t matter if you have no rare candy for this. However, there is a particular gateway to have such opportunity in this game for which, first of all, it is necessary to download a file by searching on the engine as PKHEX.

As it is downloaded then after extracting all the files after some minute and simple changes and settings, a gamer would be able to enjoy unlimited rare candies in the Pokémon and to enjoy the game well.

Cheats menu for Pokemon Ultra Sun:

Pokemon Ultra Sun Cheat Menu contains many files which offer the cheat codes in the game. The names of folders and files with the sequence are written below. The first folder is named includes that ultimately defines the floating values that can be easier to read and write. Then, the second one is called a resource that contains the material for more formatting of the game. The third folder of this cheat menu is sources which is a complete package of newly added cheats in the game.

The other fourth one is termed lib, responsible for collective files that increased delay to initialize. The fifth folder of the Pokémon Ultra Sun menu is obj, responsible for collecting the files that are fixed compile issue in source codes. The following folder is of ofiles that contains the Updated BG files in it. Finally, the following folder is of plugin that includes the fixed compile issues in the source codes. Below these folders, there are some such files for different matters fulfilling different needs and informing about additional updates.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun Cheat Codes- GitHub:

tai xuong 2

Pokémon Ultra Sun GitHub provides us access to unlock different abilities in the Pokémon Ultra Sun Citra. Basically, it is a website that offers us beneficial codes for different abilities. Various codes, along with their descriptions, are written below: There is also a way to get All Berries to rise to x950 in version 1.0; for that purpose, the cheat code like

  • DD000000 00000044
  • D1000000 00000000
  • 00000100 000EDAAE
  • 00000108 000EDAB0
  • D0000000 00000000

When the gamer inserts the codes mentioned earlier, it is necessary for him to press SELECT + UP keys together for the activation or functioning of that particular ability. The wonders and enjoyments in the Pokemon Ultra Sun Citra to get All Items increased up to x950 can also be done but for that purpose, in version 1.0, the required codes to insert are

  • D3000000 330D5934
  • 000ED803 000ED804
  • 000ED809 000ED80A
  • 000ED801 000ED802
  • D4000000 00000001

Here is a huge list of such codes for increasing the object; a few of them are mentioned above. For the activation of this function, it is necessary to add up the upper cheat codes along with SELECT + UP keys pressing together; then, it will work properly and efficiently.

Citra Master ball Cheats:

Pokemon Ultra Sun Citra Master Ball is the way that is usually labelled as a cheated pathway to get unlimited master balls in Pokémon Ultra Sun Citra. When we open the game for the first time, the master balls are not present, and their bar shows zero quantity. That’s why for getting them through an easy way, there are some cheated pathways present to help the gamer and to build his interest as well, to which we have to adapt to get master balls increased. The under-written procedure helps to lead the gamer towards a large number of master balls, and he is able to have them all easily by this way. This attaining process of master balls greatly resembles the attaining process of rare candies. The process in the way, first of all, it is necessary to download a file by searching on the search engine, the file is named as PKHEX.

After downloading it, we have to extract all those downloaded files; then, after some minute and simple changes or settings, a gamer would enjoy master balls in Pokémon and enjoy the game well. All those setting and modifications can be known through the tutorials and instructions.

Citra Cheat Codes Modifier:

tai xuong 18

Pokémon Ultra Sun Cheat Codes Citra Wild Pokémon Modifier is easy to utilize and can also be accessed easily; there is no difficult way to reach them. Different cheat codes like

  • 005B9FC0 E1D500B0
  • 005B9FD0 E12FFF1E
  • 005B9FD4 00000XXX
  • 003A72C4 EB084B3D
  • D0000000 00000000

These present the help to modify the object and function in Pokemon Ultra Sun Citra. It is amazing and the way full of wonders and joys for the gamer to have a great time in that game.

Among many other codes, there is a unique modifier code which is 005B9FD4 00000327, which aids a gamer to enjoy different modifications easily. In this code, if the last three numbers are changed, then it will perform different great functions every time; their complete list is provided below along with the functions, which is very helpful for the gamer to enjoy and have a lot of fun in Pokemon Ultra Sun Citra. Here 326 is for Blacephalon, 325 is for Stakataka, 323 is for Poipole, 322 is for Marshadow, 321 is for Magearna, 320 is for Necrozma, 289 is for Genesect, 288 is for Meloetta, 287 is for Keldeo, 286 is for Kyurem, 284 is for Zekrom, 283 is for Reshiram, 182 is for Deoxys, 181 is for Jirachi, 180 is for Rayquaza, 097 is for Mew, 096 is for Mewtow.

Cheats for Exponential Strength:

Pokémon Ultra Sun EXP Cheat Citra is how any ability or the working power in the game can be increased exponentially, which is a great factor for a gamer and attracts him towards the game. Here is also a specific code like 105B9A60 000010XX, in which the last two letters of XX, if replaced by any numeral, then the ability will be increased equal to that number. For example, if it is 02, then the power will be x2; if it is 06, the ability will increase to x6 time; similarly, the ability will also increase as it is increased. The other some complete cheat code for this effect and application are

  • 105B9A58 000002B2
  • 105B9A64 00000190
  • 105B9A66 0000E000
  • 105B9A6A 0000E8BD

It is considered as a great effect in the gaming zone because it is an interest of a gamer to have many abilities and stronger powers; that’s why that he can avail all those interesting effects. Wonderful amaze by the adding the upper mentioned codes.

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Pokémon Cheat Code Generator:

Pokémon Ultra Sun Pokémon Generator Cheats is the pathway to generate different cheat codes for their different and amazing effects. It resembles that of the modifier as by changing some numbers or letters, the code’s ability or work is altered similarly. By developing a new code for different jobs, the effect or the ability will also be changed.

This process also provides such interesting and amazing vibes for the gamer. Any cheat code generating site can be searched through the search engines that offer this process of generating the cheat codes. In such a way, when a code is entered; then after adding the demanded information, the new code is generated for a specific function or specific ability. It is not difficult but an easy one for having such beautiful effects in Pokemon Ultra Sun Citra.

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