Pokemon Crystal Cheats for Gameboy [GameShark Codes]

Pokémon Crystal is an old version of the generation series of Pokémon launched at the very start of the 21st century. It is considered as one of the most played and online role-playing games of 2000. The entire development of this game was done by Game Freak, and the hand behind its publication was Nintendo, a Japanese company of game publication.

Play without GameShark Codes vs Playing with GameShark:

Among all these cheats, GameShark is a massive name known as a brand for issuing the cheats and aids the gamers in having different cheat codes to attain different strengths and values in the game. But there are some other ways and tricks for cheats except getting help from GameShark. The Crystal cheats without GameShark are to change poke balls into master balls, cut the grass, get 100 casino coins, and increase the strength of Pokémon up to level 100.

All of these cheats, along with many others, can be done without using GameShark for supposing, if we have to change the poke ball into a master ball then, while throwing any poke ball at a Pokémon pressing and holding of B + Down keys while releasing the ball, the ball will act as the master ball. If the Pokémon is in worse condition and is required to cut the grass to hack through tall grass and avoid wild Pokémon, then it is necessary to use the CUT command, which would be beneficial. At the corner in the game, the three machines are present, which a gamer cannot use.

Pokémon Crystal Cheats:

  • Catch any Pokemon
    Pokemon List
  • Moves Modifier
    Modifies Pokemon’s Abilities
First Ability
Second Ability
Third Ability
Fourth Ability
  • Attacks List
  • Item Modifier
    Modifies the PokeMart Items
First Item
Second Item
Third Item
Fourth Item
  • Item List | Pokeball List
    Key Item List | TM/HM List
  • Item Modifier
    Modifies your backpack items
Slot 1 Item 01xx93D8
Slot 1 Quantity 01yy94D8
Slot 2 Item 01xx95D8
Slot 2 Quantity 01yy95D8
Item List
Pokeball Modifier 01xxD8D8
Pokeball Quantity 01yyD9D8

Pokeball List

  • Where yy is a hexadecimal quantity
  • Have all sixteen badges
Johto Badges
Kanto Badges
  • Wild Pokemon Level Modifier
  • 01yy13D2
    Where yy is a hexadecimal quantity
  • Infinite Money
  • 010F4ED8

Game Boy Color the emulator


A hand-held and controlled device that was manufactured by Nintendo and was introduced in 1998 for Pokémon Crystal was the Game Boy Color system. It is considered as the more varied version than that of the previous ones; Pokémon Gold and Silver. The second technology of the Pokémon video game series lasted with this version, and it is also known as the last Pokémon game released for the Game Boy Color machine. The release of this game was done on December 14, 2000, in Japan, and it was then further launched for the whole world in 2001.

After its release on Game Boy Color for the virtual console of Nintendo 3Ds, Pokémon Crystal was released on January 26, 2018. The Japanese version of it was embellished with many new and unique features. In contrast, all of them were related to mobile phone linking technology, and the gamers were able to access them easily without any convenience. It was made capable with Pokémon Bank, which aided this version to pave their way towards Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. Different abilities were added to it like the option to play, whether as a boy or as a girl, the animation of sprites of Pokémon, the formation of the battle tower for more opportunities to fight, and other such abilities. These qualities made its worth among the gaming industry.

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Pokémon Crystal Cheats

hqdefault 300x225 1 1

Pokémon crystal 3ds also offer different ways to have various modifications and strengths in the game like; the freezing of the clock or the errors while increasing the moves. There are different ways through code to attain several abilities.

They may be used to unlock any ability in the game, which is part of a game and appreciated by gamers. Pokémon Crystal also offers different cheat codes according to its various versions. There is a chance of resemblance of some codes for one version to the codes for another version; otherwise, the different and new codes are offered by the various specific versions. It is an obvious thing for any version that the correct and matching codes for that version are inserted for their proper functioning; otherwise, they will not work.

Rare Candy Cheats

12 14 17 Pokemon Crystal

As Pokémon crystal is available for Nintendo 3ds, there are particular ways to get different abilities and powers in hand or increase them or have more strength. Rare Candies play an essential and enjoyable role in this game; therefore, their presence is vital. When we open the game for the first time, the presence of rare candies is zero, so there are some Pokémon Crystal rare candy cheat 3ds that help the gamers to have a great number of those.

We will also mention the way through which this process is done, but there is a possibility to have infinite rare candies by using those cheat codes. The first thing to do is to have a Shuckle and a Berry; when they both are attained, then after holding it for a long time, Berry will be turned into the Berry Juice. Then Shuckle has to hold the Berry Juice for a long time which will then turned into a Rare Candy. It is thought to be a hidden process instead of a long procedure, and it is included in the Pokémon Crystal since yet, in nothing else.

There are also some cheat codes for getting rare candy, like 012093D8 and 9120F1D0.

To start producing rare candy, this is necessary to permit GameShark to allow for the scrolling of essential items to see all the gadgets. Then, Pokémon Crystal rare candy cheats are added GameShark, which is as 912092D8. Here is a specific way to change the number of gadgets and also to modify them, for supposing, the code is 91xx92D8, when a gamer will change “xx” with any digit like 01 or 10, etc. then, according to the application instructions, the gadget will be modified or replaced. For having the modification of rare candies, xx variables in the code, as mentioned earlier, is replaced with 20. Then, a gamer will be able to get the required candy quickly.

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Master ball Cheats

pokemon crystal clear 3 300x270 1

Master ball in the Pokémon crystal is also considered as one of the significant gadgets. Like rare candy, this gadget is also not present in the game by default, but there is some master ball that helps a gamer to have the master balls to enjoy the game. Some cheats for master ball codes are 0101D8D8, 0199D9D8. The purpose of these codes is to increase the number of master balls up to the unlimited when they are inserted into the Pokémon crystal.

Starter Cheats in Pokémon Crystal

Here is the complete pathway to get all the starters in the Pokémon crystal with the help of cheat codes. Pokémon cheats all starters offer the easy way through which all the three starters can be achieved. First of all, the cheat code, 010075DA, is added into the check box; after saving that code, it is mandatory to restart the game; then, a gamer has to go to elms. Then, the next job to do is to pick up the starter. After that, the same phenomenon is repeated twice to get all the starters as per the limit of three.

Infinite Money Cheat Codes

Due to their essence, some effects and applications build gamers’ interest in the gaming zone. Different games have different varieties and ways to catch their players similarly; Pokémon Crystal also has diverse varieties that are necessary for the player’s attention. Getting the money section full is one of those amazing features, so that purpose there is a way for money.

Different codes are offered a few of them are,

  • 910f4ed8
  • 91424fd8
  • 913f50d8

When these codes are added to this game, the gamer will achieve the infinite money that creates an amazing and attractive scenario.

Walking through Walls Cheats

Like other all essence and elements, there is another ability of Pokémon crystal is walking through the walls. Still, some cheat codes are required to have that ability to increase the joying effect of the game. Some cheats for walk through walls in the form of codes are mentioned here that are necessary for having joy due to such elements. When a gamer will enter the codes like

  • 010AA3CE
  • 010AA4CE
  • 010AA5CE
  • 010AA6CE
  • 9100FAC2
  • 9100FBC2
  • 9100FCC2
  • 9100FDC2

then this effect would be enjoyed in the gaming zone. Suppose if we imagine walking through the walls in the game then, it would be an amazing one, and it also seems a different thing as per in the gaming industry that the reason for appreciating these types of games.

Cheats without GameShark

images 1

While looking at each of them from left to the right and then moving towards the shelves located at the right corner on the upper side, among those shelves, one of them at number 3rd will be keeping 100 coins. There is also another ability to increase the Pokémon’s level up to 100. Still, this opportunity is just for the Japanese version of this game, for that first of all, selecting the Pokémon to whom this cheat is to be applied necessary then make it top listed from your side. Then, we have to go to the menu to keep all the items, and after selecting the 13th number of items, it is required to press the SELECT button 21 times again and again.

After that, pressing the B key two times to get out of all the menus, without doing anything else, have to go to the battlefield. When the Pokémon come out, we have to press the SELECT button on the attached, which is not a technical machine or hidden machine because of no work. After that, when the battle ends and we defeat the enemy, the Pokémon will automatically reach 100, an awesome cheat without GameShark.

My Old Boy the emulator

maxresdefault 1024x576 1

My old boy is an emulator that helps the gamer play Pokémon crystals; there is a benefit that all those cheat codes that GameShark offers can be activated in it and can be enjoyed.

As my old boy Pokémon cheats are mentioned here, some codes are; the cheat code to fight with gold or silver Pokémon is 01xxEDD0, whereas, for crystal Pokémon, it is 91xx04D2. Now the thing to understand is that replacing the upper variables of xx present in code with any particular number or variable will lead to that cheat for suppose; by replacing with 03, the opponent Pokémon will be Venusaur, and by replacing by 0F, it will be Beedrill; similarly, there are many other such cheats available for it.

Liquid Crystal Cheats

Pokémon Liquid Crystal is enriched with many advanced GameBoy emulators. It is considered as the remaking of Pokémon crystal with advancements. Therefore, it also looks like Pokémon Crystal because of other additions made. Various Pokémon liquid crystal cheats are offered like walking through the walls using codes

  • 509197D3 542975F4,
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4; for modifying wild Pokémon,
  • the code is 000014D1 000A, 1003dae6 0007.

Polished Crystal Cheats

Pokémon polished crystal is an updated version of Pokémon Crystal with several changes and polished advancements. It is also considered as the major updated edition of this game and can be played on GameBoy. The elements like graphic and story areas like of the Pokémon crystal. Two different patches of this update were introduced, regular and faithful. The latter mentioned didn’t modify the types of Pokémon. Pokémon polished crystal cheats offered by the versions for having different abilities and strength are like Pokémon Crystal which have already discussed above.

Dark Crystal Cheats

hqdefault 1 300x225 1

Dark crystal is also another hacked advanced version of Pokémon, released in 2015 for gamers worldwide. It had other new addition like having new Pokémon, several changed abilities, renewed repel system and many others. Pokémon dark crystal cheats are also offered, like

  • 7881A409 E2026E0C for Walking through the walls
  • 128898B6 EDA43037 for having unlimited master balls
  • BFF956FA 2F9EC50D for having unlimited rare candies

Kalos Crystal Cheats

Pokémon Kalos crystals are also considered as a hacked version of Pokémon crystal with different new features like changed animation, unique Pokémon gift, changes in maps, etc. Pokémon Kalos crystals cheat that are offered for this updated version for having many abilities and strengths like

  • 910F4ED8 91424FD8913F50D8 for unlimited money
  • 9164FEDC for attaining maximum level
  • 9101D8D8 for having master balls

Mind Crystal Cheats

Pokémon mind crystal is also a hacked version with several additions; it was based on Pokémon soul silver and was released in 2016. Some newly added feature in this edition was an icon for fairy type, items and abilities with new updates, Pokedex fairy type icon, etc. Different Pokémon mind crystal cheats are also offered for walking through the walls; in this edition, it is required to press R and B keys or to hold L key along with the mentioned codes like;

  • 94000130 FCFD0200
  • D2000000 00000000
  • 1250DAA2 00001C20

Silver and Crystal Cheats

There are many updated versions of Pokémon with different advancements. Although Pokémon gold and silver are opposite to each other many codes are the same that can be applied in both of them. Pokémon crystal may have some differences among the cheat codes. Here we will mention different Pokémon silver and crystal cheats and their abilities; for supposing, in Pokémon, silver crystal and gold

  • 010419D1 910430D2 fight with females
  • 010519D1 910530D2 is for fighting with the male.

There are many other such examples to elaborate on it.

Perfect Crystal Cheats

Pokémon perfect crystal is an advanced hacked version based on Pokémon crystal. With several new features, it was initially released in 2018, like; a total of 251 Pokémon can be changed, technical machines can be reused, etc. Different Pokémon perfect crystal cheats were also introduced. For having master balls, the cheat code is

  • 9101D8D8; for unlimited money
  • 910F4ED8 91424FD8913F50D8; for unlimited items

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