Pokemon Yellow Cheats [GameShark Codes] (GB)

By releasing a new and better game, Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition, or simply Pokémon Yellow Version, Nintendo has made the biggest profit from Pokémon red and blue. This was Pokemon’s third game in the world and the fourth in Japan. It was the world’s first game. Unlike other games in the series, it was inspired by anime. Despite its being released at the end of the lifetime of the Gameboy, it remained the second best-selling non-bundled console game trailing only the red and blue versions of Pokemon.

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The gameplay is comprised of a 3rd person overhead perspective and three fundamental screens: an overworld, a combat screen, and the menu interface. The ultimate goal of the games is to capture, develop and trade 151 Pokémon in the Encyclopedia of Pokémon. The story follows Red who starts from a wild Pikachu captured as his first Pokemon by Professor Oak. The player is fighting another Pokémon with his Pokémon.

Despite being more than two decades old, the game is still enjoyed by many. It was released for Gameboy and Gameboy Color but nowadays there has been a rise in the use of computer-based emulators for these classic monochromatic pixel art video games. Here all the working Pokémon Cheats will be shown.

Pokémon Yellow Cheats

  • 013f99d4: Redeem this code and you get Pikachu flying with balloons.
  • 013973d1: Redeem this code and you get Surfer Pikachu.
  • 01B41ED1: Redeem this code and you can start with infinity (Zo Charizard).
  • 01282fd0: Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (4th Position).
  • 019947d3 or 019948d3 or 019946d3: Redeem this code and you get Infinite Money.
  • 0170e8cf: Redeem this code and you get that enemies cannot attack. In addition, they will start the battle burned.
  • 01ff55d3: Redeem this code and you get all the medals.
  • 010017d0: Redeem this code and you can protect the Status.
  • 01ffd5cf: Redeem this code and you get 100% success in your attacks
  • 0199a4d5 or 0199a3d5: Redeem this code and you get you get Infinite Casino Chips.
  • 01f00dd7: Redeem this code and you get Infinite time (Safari zone).
  • 016446da: Redeem this code and you get Infinite Safari Balls.
  • 01282cd0: Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (1st Position).
  • 01282dd0: Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (2nd Position).
  • 01282ed0: Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (3rd Position).
  • 01ff15do: Redeem this code and you get Infinite HP (in a battle).
  • 015563d1 or 013972d1: Redeem this code and you get you get Pikachu Pacifico.
  • 010a13d7: Redeem this code and you get airborne.
  • 01017CCF: Redeem this code to buy free Master Balls.
  • 0115d8cf: Redeem this code and your Pokemon team looks like Mew, in a Battle.
  • 0115e8cf: Redeem this code and you can leave your rival Pokomon Burned and Asleep.

If a player finds a wild Pokémon or a coach is challenged, the screen changes to a fighting screen, which shows the Pokémon currently active. The player can choose from a maximum of four different moves during the battle, choose an item, switch Pokémon or flee. When the health of Pokémon (HP) is depleted to zero, it faints and is impossible to fight again if it is re-emerged. The Pokemon player in the fight earns a certain amount of experience points when an enemy Pokemon faints (EXP). Once the Pokémon accumulates sufficient EXP, it is raised. The fighting statistics acquired by Pokémon and the moves learned by them are determined by their level of activity.

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Gameboy color cheats:


A Game Shark cartridge is used to load GBC Pokémon yellow onto the Gameboy color. The most popular cheats include Pokémon Yellow rare candy cheats and Pokémon Yellow exp cheat.

How to use:

If you are using a Gameboy Color, they are entered into the code manager of the GameShark attached to your Gameboy or Gameboy Color. GameShark usually comes preloaded with all the available codes for Gameboy games but new codes can be added manually by using the enter new code option. It is also possible to use Pokémon cheats without GameShark if we are using a Gameboy emulator.

Rare candy Cheats:

mqdefault 2

The easiest way to get unlimited rare candy is to get it from pokemart. So this cheat doubles as pokemon yellow rare candy cheat in the mart. First type in infinite money cheat code as follows like

  • 019946d3
  • 019947d3
  • 019948d3

Enter all three of these in and then enter 01287bcf this is the cheat to fill the Poke Mart with Rare Candy. You can now buy 99 rare candy at the Poke Mart.
Another pokemon yellow rare candy cheat is for the Master code it can be added as
01281DD3 and for the Rare Candies we can add code like 01281ED3

Safari zone:

Pokemon FL SafariZone CenterArea

Using this cheat will give your infinite time in the safari zone on a single safari ticket. As you can get For Infinite Time (Safari Zone) use the code 01f00dd7 and for the Infinite Safari Balls use the code 016446da
To steal Trainer’s pokemon:

How to use:

Throw a Pokeball during a battle, you can combine this cheat with Masterball to achieve a 100% catching rate and then use the code as 010156D0. For the Master ball Cheat Code, it is given as 01011DD3
To gain unlimited master balls use the code 01017CCF and to Walk Through walls use the code 010138CD and to have all the badges use 01FF55D3
They may appear weird at first but will return to normal after capture.
In Pokémon Yellow, there is a mini-game called “Surfing Pikachu.” To play it, players must have a Pikachu who knows “Surf,” a Water-based move. At the time, players could only do so by winning a contest to obtain a “Surfing Pikachu, which can be utilized in combat, out of battle, and in the aforementioned mini-game. The skill can also be gained by using the following cheat and without using the stadium.

How to use the codes:

Pikachu must be placed in the first position and use codes like

  • 013972D1,013973D1
  • 013974D1,013975D1

This cheat removes Pikachu’s existing attacks.
Infinite PP can be gained by using the following Cheats for the

  • (1ST POSITION) 01282CD0
  • (2ND POSITION) 01282DD0
  • (3RD POSITION) 01282ED0
  • To flying Pikachu with balloons, use the code as 013f99d4
  • To start with a Charizard use 01B41ED1,
  • To protect status use 010017d0 .
  • To never miss and have more criticals use 01ffd5cf
  • To have Infinite Casino Coins use 0199a3d5 0199a4d5
  • To float on air use 010a13d7
  • To gain Pacific Pikachu use 013972d1 ,015563d1
  • To have Infinite HP (in Battle) use the code as 01ff15do
  • To make your opponent Pokemon burn and sleep use 0115e8cf

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Pokedex Cheats

001 pokemon emerald cheats codes and hacks subtitle take your adventure to a new level with these tips and tricks 4588515 5c882338c9e77c0001f2ad3a

A Pokedex is an electronic device that is used to catalog and provide information regarding various Pokémon’s of the Pokémon universe. It has to be updated to be able to recognize all the Pokémon’s. In Pokémon Yellow, a full Pokedex can be achieved by following the GameShark code which can be inserted as

  • 01FF09D3
  • 01FF0AD3
  • 01FF0BD3
  • 01FF0CD3
  • 01FF0DD3

You should save before doing any codes.

Check your Pokedex and you should see all 151 Pokémon.

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Pokémon yellow cheats TM

Pokemon Recharged Yellow

Technical machines are special items that teach the move to a compatible Pokémon.
Following cheat codes can be used for tm purchase in the shop Replace xx with one of the following values like:

  • C4 for the HM01 Cut
  • C5 for the HM02 Fly
  • C6 HM03 Surf
  • C7 use HM04 Strength
  • DE use TM22 Solar Beam
  • DF for the TM23 Dragon Rage
  • E0 for the TM24 Thunderbolt
  • E1 for TM25 Thunder
  • E2 for TM26 Earthquake
  • E3 for TM27 Fissure
  • E4 for TM28 Dig
  • E5 for TM29 Psychic
  • E6 for TM30 Teleport
  • E7 for TM31 Mimic.
  • E8 forTM32 Double Team
  • E9 for TM33 Reflect
  • EXEGGUTOR code is 010AD7CF
  • CUBONE is 0111D7CF
  • SLOWBRO code is 0108D7CF
  • MAGNEMITE code is 01ADD7CF
  • MAGNETON code is 0136D7CF
  • EA for TM34 Bide.
  • EB for TM35 Metronome
  • EC for TM36 Self-Destruct.

We can use the codes as the ED for TM37 Egg Bomb while EE for TM38 Fire Blast, and EF for TM39 Swift. Then F0 for TM40 Skull Blast and F1 for the TM41 Soft Boiled then F2 for TM42 Dream Eater . use the F3 for TM43 Sky Attack and F4 for TM44 Rest and F5 for TM45 Thunder Wave while F6 for TM46 Psywave and F7 as TM47 Explosion F8 as TM48 Rock Slide F9 as TM49 Tri-Attack FA for TM50 Substitute.

Pokemon modifier cheats:

All the wild Pokemon can be modified by using codes as for the BULBASAUR use the code 0199D7CF

  • IVYSAUR use the code as 0109D7CF
  • VENUSAUR is given as 019AD7CF
  • CHARMANDER use the 01B0D7CF
  • CHARIZARD use 01B4D7CF
  • SQUIRTLE use 01B1D7CF,
  • WARTORTLE use 01B3D7CF
  • BLASTOISE use the code 011CD7CF
  • CATERPIE use 017BD7CF
  • METAPOD code is 017CD7CF
  • GYARADOS code is 0116D7CF.
  • LAPRAS code is 0113D7CF
  • DITTO code is 014CD7CF
  • EEVEE code is 0166D7CF
  • VAPOREON code is 0169D7CF
  • JOLTEON code is 0168D7CF .
  • FLAREON is 0167D7CF
  • OMANYTLE is 0162D7CF
  • OMANYTE is 0162D7CF
  • OMASTAR code is 0163D7CF
  • MAJIKARP code is 0185D7CF
  • KABUTO the code is 015AD7CF
  • KABUTOPS code is 015BD7CF

KINGER code is 018AD7CF while the code for VOLTORB is 0106D7CF .ELECTRODE is 018DD7CF
The code for the EXEGGCUTE is 010CD7CF and the EXEGGUTOR code is 010AD7CF. The code for CUBONE is 0111D7CF and SLOWBRO code is 0108D7CF while the MAGNEMITE code is 01ADD7CF and MAGNETON code is 0136D7CF

RetroArch Yellow

maxresdefault 8 1

Retroarch is a free, open-source, cross-platform front end for emulators, game engines, and other applications. It can run on a variety of pc systems, home consoles, handheld consoles, smartphones, and even web browsers.

It can be done automatically by first opening the Retroarch home screen and scrolling down to find the “online updater” option and clicking on it, then scrolling down to find “update cheats”, clicking on it and wait for the cheats to automatically download and extract. It can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a few minutes depending on your internet speed. When it is done, open the game you want to activate cheats on, i.e Pokémon Yellow. Once the game is launched, click on the Retroarch icon and then scroll down to find the “cheats” option and then click “Load cheat file” then select the emulator you are using for the game, i.e., Gameboy. Select the correct game versions, scroll all the way down to “apply changes” here you will see all the available cheats for it and select the cheats you want to apply like Pokémon yellow Exp cheats, and then enable them.

You can also set it to auto-apply whenever the game is loaded and then click “apply changes”.
A number of fan-made and ROM hacks are also made on the yellow pattern. Over the world wide web, Pokemon Silver yellow cheats (remake of the pokemon silver soul), Pokemon lightning yellow Cheats (a standalone fan-made game), Pokemon Fire Cheats (GBA ha(k of pokemon red), Pokemon thunder yellow cheats (remake of Pokemon red) Pokemon volt cheats ( hack of Pokemon yellow) and Pokemon leaf codes( patched GBA ROM hack) are available.
All the above-mentioned cheats are for Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition. If you look around hard enough, there may be more or you can always patch your own code. Always check the compatibility of code against the version of the game you are playing. Be careful not to activate more than two cheats as it can crash the game Always save the progress of the game before employing cheat codes.
Turn on these cheat codes and Go get those Pokemon.


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