Pokemon White Cheats for NDS [Action Replay]

The video game industry has been taking over since the time it opened and has been dependent upon steady change. Computer games are very famous among individuals, everything being equal, and with ceaseless upgrades in advances utilized it’s just getting more well known. Bypasses are a capacity inside a computer game that permits the player to get the compensation of a specific feverish undertaking to be performed without really playing out the errand. These codes can likewise work in different ways making the game more fun and locking in.

Walkthrough Walls


This cheat allows the Pokémon to travel anywhere on the map even in unintended locations as going through walls, naturally, this does come with the risk of game bugging out.

L+A engage L+B disengage
94000130 FDFC000
121639AE 0000020
D2000000 0000000
94000130 FDFD000
121639AE 00001C2
D2000000 0000000
94000130 000002D
94000136 FFFC000
0224F92C 0000085
0224F930 030E000
0224F934 0000000
0224F938 0ED8000
038090E0 EBFE7C7
D2000000 000000

Rare candy


When you use a Rare Candy on a Pokémon, it increments its level by one, giving it the minimal number of Experience Points for that level. It also improves the Pokémon’s friendship by a little amount. Gaining higher levels requires more experience. As a result, using Rare Candies in the early stages is essentially a waste of time because the experience they’d be worth on a higher-level Pokémon is significantly larger than it would be on a lower-level Pokémon. Especially since you seldom come across Pokémon beyond level 70, which means your experience earning isn’t particularly high.

  • When used on a fainted Pokémon, it is revived as well as level up. The resurrected Pokémon’s HP is equal to the amount of HP increased, apart from Shedinja.94000130 FFFB0000B2000024 0000000000019550 03840032D2000000 00000000

The first item in bag is replaced by 900 rare candies.

Cheats and how to enter cheats

Cheats in Pokémon white can make tough gameplay rather easy. For a PC the game’s cheats are in the form of AR codes, or Action Replay. Simply enter the codes into your emulator’s cheat option and you’re ready to play. An Action Replay is a cheating device cartridge that you can purchase on eBay and use to enter codes for various game improvements or hacks. An Action Replay is a cheating device cartridge that you can purchase on eBay and use to enter codes for various game improvements or hacks. For instance, there are codes that will let you obtain any HM or TM you choose, as well as codes that will produce any Pokémon right next to you so you may capture him.

Pokemon modifier

This code will modify the next Pokémon you encounter in the wild to anything you choose. Simply replace the YYY with the hexadecimal number from Pokémon’s National Pokedex. If the hexadecimal is too long to fit in YYY, add 0s in front of it.

Press START+SELECT when you’ve finished your code.

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Master ball

This Poke Ball ensures that you capture any Pokémon in the game. You might be tempted to use it on a common Pokémon, but the game’s pros will advise you to keep it for the truly spectacular captures and elusive monsters.

  • 94000130 FCFF000
    02233FCC 0384000
    D2000000 0000000
    Converts first item in bag to 900 master-balls
    (press L+R while not in bag, then go in bag and it should be in one of the pockets)

Every pokeballs


This cheat will get you all 900 USABLE balls in the game; there are other balls in the game, such as if a Pokémon was transferred to it and was in an artificially constructed ball made of gold and silver, but using these may cause your game to malfunction, therefore they are not included.

Every pokeballs Codes
94000130 FFFB0000
02233FCC 03840001
02233FD0 03840002
02233FD4 03840003
02233FD8 03840004
02233FDC 03840005
02233FE0 03840006
02233FE4 03840007
02233FE8 03840008
02233FEC 03840009
02233FF0 0384000A
02233FF4 0384000B
02233FF8 0384000C
02233FFC 0384000D
02234000 0384000E
02234004 0384000F
02234008 03840010
0223400C 03840240
D2000000 00000000

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All medicine


By using this code the medicine section of your bag will be filled. This includes delicious rare candy. Medicine, like any other RPG, includes items that are required to progress through your Pokémon adventure.

Your Pokémon will not automatically recover HP or numerous Status Effects. Use Medicine to heal a Pokémon at any point during or after a fight. It will count as a turn if you use an item to assist your Pokémon during a battle.

All Codes Medicine Codes
94000130 FFFB000
B2000024 0000000
E0019494 00000C0
03E30011 03E3012
03E30013 03E0014
03E30015 0330016
03E30017 0E30018
03E30019 03E001A
03E3001B 033001C
03E3001D 03E301E
03E3001F 03E0020
03E30021 0330022
03E30023 03E3024
03E30025 03E0026
03E30027 0330028
03E30029 3E3002A
03E3002B 0E3002C
03E3002D 03E302E
03E3002F 03E0030
03E30031 0330032
03E30033 0E30034
03E30035 3E30036
03E30086 03E30F8
03E30235 03E3236
03E30237 03E0238
03E30239 033023A
03E3024F 0000000
D2000000 0000000

All tm/hm

mqdefault 4 1

Moves such as Technical Machines (TMs) and Hidden Machines (HMs) may be taught to a variety of Pokémon. Access the TMs and HMs in your inventory to use them. Pokémon can only learn various HMs and TMs according to their Type.

The extra benefit of HMs is that they allow you to wander about more freely in the field. Teach them to your Pokémon at your party, then use them from the pause menu. Here are various Moves you can teach your Pokémon to help them move about more easily. The move deleter is the sole way to remove HMs from a Pokémon’s move set.

  • 94000130 FFFB000
  • 02234760 000102A
  • 02234764 000106B
  • 02234768 000126C
  • D5000000 0000148
  • C0000000 000005B
  • D6000000 02235F0
  • D4000000 0000001
  • D2000000 0000000
  • 94000130 FFB0000
  • D5000000 001014
  • C0000000 0000005
  • D6000000 023476C
  • D4000000 0000001
  • D2000000 0000000

All items

In combat, your Pokémon will be damaged or will exhaust all their power points. As a result, you’ll need these Recovery Items if you’re in a battle or far away from a Pokémon Center. These items may heal your Pokémon’s Hit Points, recover them from a status ailment, or even bring a fainted Pokémon back to life in a variety of methods.

To activate press, select.

All items codes Part 2
94000130 FFFB000
022340C8 0384007
022340CC 0384007
022340D0 0384006
022340D4 0384007
02234364 038403C
02234368 038402D
0223436C 038402E
02234370 038403F
02234374 0384240
02234378 0380241
D2000000 0000000
94000130 FFB0000
D5000000 0840001
C0000000 000000F
D6000000 0223FCC
D4000000 0000001
D2000000 0000000
94000130 FFFB000
D5000000 0384041
C0000000 000002E
D6000000 022400C
D4000000 0000001
D2000000 0000000
94000130 FFB0000
D5000000 0384087
C0000000 000000C
D6000000 02240D8
D4000000 0000001
D2000000 0000000
94000130 FFFB000
D5000000 03840D5
C0000000 0000071
D6000000 023410C
D4000000 0000001
D2000000 0000000
94000130 FFFB000
D5000000 03840EC
C0000000 0000008
D6000000 02242D4
D4000000 0000001

How to apply

To begin entering codes, go to the Desmume toolbar and pick “Emulation,” then “Cheats,” and “List,” as seen in the screenshot above. You’ll want to select Action Replay on this screen. The popup seen in the screen photo below will display when you click the Action Replay button. You’ll want to type the code into this box. After you’ve done that, click “Update,” and your code will show in the Cheats List. Each version of the game has different codes.

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