Alien Invasion Game Cheats: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

What do you get when you combine the movie “The Thing” by John Carpenter, the ancient video game “Rampage,” and mobile gaming? Most likely, it will be something along the lines of Alien Invasion Game Cheats Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space. The game Alien Invasion Game Cheats: RPG Idle Space is really easy to pick up and play right away. Read on for some helpful hints, techniques, and strategies if you would want a sneak peek at the first five levels, as well as a sense of what to anticipate and what to look out for in the game!

The First Five Levels in Alien Invasion Game Cheats

In Alien Invasion Game Cheats: RPG Idle Space, your advancement through the game may be broken down into stages. As your alien consumes humans and grows, you’ll get access to new areas, each of which comes with its own set of challenges and potential rewards.

Level One


  • The Command Center is where you may heal and deposit loot.
  • Exchanger is a character class that may trade alien eggs for flesh at a ratio of 1:100. This should not be done.
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In Alien Invasion Game Cheats Invasion: RPG Idle Space, your advancement through the game may be broken down into stages. As your alien consumes humans and grows, you’ll get access to new areas, each of which comes with its own set of challenges and potential rewards. You can bring your loot and any injuries you may have had to the Command Center, which does not have an official name but is where you go to store your loot and get your health restored if you are hurt. It is important not to overextend yourself because if you pass away before you can deposit your loot at the Command Center, it will be lost.

At the Exchanger, you can make a one-to-one exchange of alien eggs for meat. The ratio is one egg for one hundred pieces of meat. It is not a good idea to do this because you will need crystals not just to improve your fundamental capabilities but also to complete the optional upgrades that may be purchased on the black market. Even though one hundred meat may seem like a lot right now, it will be a drop in the bucket when compared to the amount of money you will make in just a few levels. It is possible to obtain alien eggs from certain humans. In particular, the human carrying the jetpack is an excellent source of early alien eggs, and he can occasionally be seen in area one.

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In Alien Invasion Game Cheats: RPG Idle Space, your advancement through the game may be broken down into stages

Level Two


  • Find octopus aliens that can spawn humans that drop cash shop currencies so that General Kustov can complete his mission. Every three hours, it will respawn. More extraterrestrials mean more human beings.
  • Farming equals the creation of idle meat. It is possible to upgrade. Includes a cap that can be improved, and once it is, it will take around 15 minutes to fill up.

As soon as you have completed level two, the door that is situated to the west of where you initially began will become open for you to enter. This not only offers you access to additional facilities, but it also grants you access to better individuals to capture, given that you have the offensive capabilities to do so. Having access to other facilities is merely one benefit of having this.

Make a mental note of this mission since the increase in the number of green crystal humans that spawn every three hours is precisely proportionate to the number of aliens that you set free. You will have the opportunity to play the game for free if you are willing to put up with the prolonged waiting period that this entails. The farm also benefits from the inclusion of two upgrade trees: one of these trees raises the maximum capacity of the farm, while the other raises the farm’s income each minute.


If you utilize both of these, you will be able to produce 3,500 pieces of beef in around 15 minutes. It is up to you to determine if you will utilize it or not. The choice is yours. I suggest that you begin investing in quality-of-life enhancements, such as expanding your attack radius and your movement speed because you need to go between feeding grounds. This is why I am recommending that you begin investing in these things. This will make things simpler for you in the long run. In order for your travels to be more useful to you, you want to get started on expanding the capacity of your stomach right away.

Level Three


  • Black Market translates to trading alien eggs for tier upgrades and higher-level aliens.
  • Automated meat production is referred to as Bots Shop. Because it continues to function even while you are not online, this feature is of critical significance.
  • The use of delivery bots is also quite convenient.
  • Position for growing pink DNA at the top right corner of area three.
  • A good site for producing meat may be found in the small cove on the right side of area three.
  • The farming site for alien eggs is located in the upper left corner of area three.

When you reach level three, the door to the north-northwest of your Command Center will open, providing you access to the Black Market. Do you remember when I cautioned you about spending your alien eggs? This is due to the fact that the Black Market grants you access to powerful upgrades, which is wonderful if you are famished and in need of meat. But that’s not all the Black Market can do for you; it also lets you take your alien to the next level, adding new abilities (like pincers) and boosting your raw numbers in the process. It is important to keep in mind that in order to raise the tier of your alien, you will require not only a certain minimum number of Black Market upgrades (the first tier up demands 50 upgrades), but also a sufficient quantity of both meat and alien eggs.

Harvesting of meat, even when the facility is down. Not only will these bots assist you in capturing humans, but they will also reduce the number of times you have to return to your base by bringing a share of the loot back to you when they do so. You should be aware that individual bots are not very powerful, so you will need to make a significant investment in this before you can begin to notice improvements that are useful while you are offline. In light of this, I strongly advise putting a significant amount of meat at this location; the more AFK profits you have, the better. of humans that shed that type of DNA; in this case, it refers to the blue glowy guys in the middle of the picture.

alien invasion black market upgrade
When you reach level three, the door to the north-northwest of your Command Center
will open, providing you access to the Black Market

Take them whenever you have the chance. They have extremely high meat drops in comparison to how difficult they are to trap. Because of this, any new level 3 aliens will make hunting them a top priority. Take aware, though, that because they are so desirable, their respawn time is far longer than average. These kinds of places will also be given priority if you have a bot army on your side. Another location in Area Three that deserves special attention you is the uppermost left corner, which is close to the door leading to Area Five.

There is a group of muscular men carrying bags on their backs, and each of them is offering anywhere from 300 to 400 pieces of meat in addition to an extraterrestrial egg. Congratulations, you can now farm alien eggs with reasonable assurance. The grind from level 3 to level 4 is rather lengthy, therefore it is important to really get your upgrades rolling towards the beginning of the grind. If you haven’t already purchased new tentacles, now is the time to do so. At this point, it might be wise to boost your health point total, movement speed, and capture radius.

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There is a group of muscular men carrying bags on their backs, and each of them is offering anywhere from 300 to 400 pieces of meat in addition to an extraterrestrial egg in Alien Invasion Game Cheats

Level Four


  • Another farm with a more substantial confinement area.
  • Humans start behaving in an aggressive manner. Improve your rate of capture, speed, and health, if you so want. Learn how to fly a kite; one of the fundamental maneuvers is to go in little circles.
  • The farming place for teal DNA is in the middle of the left side of area four.
  • Teal DNA people’s minions grant a significant amount of experience.

And don’t expect them to zerg-rush you; they won’t. Each human soldier is a powerful warrior, and even if you’ve invested in HP, they’ll dispatch you swiftly. It is preferable to become acquainted with hostile targets as soon as feasible. If you want to fight right away after leveling up, you’re in luck: the first group of humans behind the freshly opened area 4 door in your beginning area is made up entirely of combatants. Use them to practice capturing extremely mobile and hostile prey, and then enhance your alien as needed. If you’re practicing, bear in mind that dying drops all unbanked stuff, so avoid picking fights until you’ve deposited your valuable alien eggs, gems, and DNA!

I’ve discovered that improving your speed, capture speed, and capture radius is the greatest method to engage in a fight with humans. Aggro as many as you feel comfortable with, then entice them to an open area and go in little circles around them. Keep them within your capture radius, as even a fraction of a second outside of it resets the capture bar entirely. Your improvements will most likely begin to want teal DNA, which you can begin collecting in area four. But don’t expect to acquire it without a battle.

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While the glowy creatures on the left side of Area 4 don’t fight, their minions will prepare accordingly. Harvest the teal DNA guys anytime you can, just like the pink DNA guys. As an aside, the teal dudes’ minions are a lot squishier than the guys at the bottom of area four. And, while they drop a lot less meat, they provide a lot more experience than anything else you’ve fought up to this time. When you’ve become used to fighting regular human jerks, it’s time to take on the big boys. But first, make sure to get the quest to open ventilation shafts from your extraterrestrial colleagues in Region Four. Return to the upper half of Area 2 after you’re finished in Alien Invasion Game Cheats.

The door on the right side has been unlocked, and one of the ventilation shafts is inside. Unfortunately for you, this region is patrolled by extremely tough human mooks, and face-tanking them is out of the question. Use your newly acquired kiting talents to draw them out one or two at a time until their numbers are low enough to remove the cover of the ventilation shaft. I recommend completing the task and never returning here again. This farm works in the same way as the one in Area 2, however, it requires more meat for upgrades. On the plus side, a completely improved area 4 farm produces 35k meat every 10 minutes, which is not insignificant.

Level Five


  • Agents in Area 5’s highest reaches. Avoid them unless you enjoy death.
  • Cracked egg farming place in Area Five’s lower left zone (above the egg farming zone in Area Three).
  • On the right, a new exchanger trades eight shattered eggs for one intact (spendable) egg.

Once you reach level five, area five will become your new home turf, and once you get to this level, the difficulty level will increase significantly. There are just two foes in this area that will attempt to fight you. These foes are known as the Agents, and they are represented by two men dressed in tuxedos. They are known to drop not just a substantial amount of meat, but also two alien eggs and white DNA. What’s the catch? As soon as they get sight of you, they will not hesitate to take your life.

They are quick, they have high durability, and their damage is in the double digits. The most unfortunate aspect of the situation is that you will also receive a mission to capture two of them. I would advise putting this off until a later time. Swap one alien egg with an intact one that you can use for the other. The alien egg cannot be used. The most exciting part?

Alien Invasion Ads

The individuals who are responsible for dropping these broken eggs are located directly over the area’s three egg-producing locations. Because every human in Region Five is so formidable, you should immediately go on to the next level of your alien’s progression if you haven’t already done so via the black market. This will not only remove the limits on the base upgrades, but it will also grant you access to two more significant upgrades: those that reduce damage and slow an opponent’s assault.

Your Invasion, Your Rules – Alien Invasion Game Cheats

RPG version of “Alien Invasion Game Cheats” Idle Space is, at its core, a game in which you do nothing and go through the levels at your own pace. Take any strategy you like to conquer the globe; after all, in many stories with aliens as the protagonists, global conquest is a foregone conclusion, and since you are the invading force, you are free to act however you see fit. I sincerely hope that by following this guidance, your invasion will go off without a hitch. Feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message if you have any further ideas or recommendations to share with us.

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