Man of the House Cheats [100% Working]

In this role-playing video game, you take on the role of a young adult who shares a home with three lovely ladies in a city that is teeming with even more stunning women.

You have the freedom to choose when and where you want to adventure, as well as whatever female you wish to pursue, and each girl has her unique personality and narrative arc.

Man of the House Cheats

The gameplay in Man of the House is linear, meaning that one sequence follows directly after the previous one. Therefore, for returning players, the game might be unpleasant when they have to go through tedious sequences again, and also for new players, the game’s tight linear nature can be boring.

For skipping this hassle there are some cheat codes in the game. However, cheat codes are not built into the game and are kind of cheats. The game cheats can reduce the hassle a lot and using these cheats is discussed below.

Step #1
Play the introduction Day – MC learns the first achievements
(Learning the Ropes) (+5 Mom Love)
Buy everything, achievements (fully upgraded)
Step 2 (Maximizing Intellect and Start Charisma)
10:00 – Health Club (workout) – Amy (talk twice)
10:00 – Go to the Tanning room at the Health Club, tan (limit once per day)
11:00 – Work (pizzeria) until you get (the Milf level 3 – alternative payment)
Anytime – Learn on the computer (online courses)
18:00 – Travel by transit to open the Casino
Step 3 (Maximizing Strength and Charisma)
10:00 – Keep going to the Tanning room, until you max Charisma. (limit once per day)
12:00 – Training (improve strength) 10-20-30-40-50
(Save before and reload if it’s unsuccessful) Walk at night – The thief – run away
12:30 – Health Club – work (requires 30 strength) – Keep working until you get the “Blonde
Level 3” event (this requires 50 strength)
Walk at Night – Find the Guy (buy the taser)
Walk at night – The thief – (use taser)
Pam (pizzeria)
11:00 > 00.59 PM
Megan (Coffee Shop)
08:00 – Talk with Meghan about (Police Station) go talk with Veronica – 11:00 – Megan talk with MC with Veronica’s help – achievement (getting acquainted)
Valerie (Neon Club Owner)
00:00 – 05:00 – Neon Club behind the bar
The twins will record the new album in the City
-=Other events
Dream (0.8.5)
While sleeping, you can have a strange dream.
Christmas Special
Check on Veronica -> Scold
Check on Ashley -> It’s alright, I guess
Check on Mom/Claire
Check on Veronica -> That depends
Ashley’s Drink -> Red Wine – > Read Message
Veronica’s Drink -> Manhattan
Mom’s/Claire’s Drink -> Irish Coffee
Your room

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How to use cheats on the console?


Simply entering the phone will get you access to the cheats for the console. The individual wearing a bowler hat represents the cheats console. The cheat console has the potential to simplify a lot of things for you.

Some cheats give you a limitless amount of money, allowing you to purchase the quest goods you need whenever you need them. This will remove the need for you to do labor, shorten the amount of time it takes to complete missions, and significantly increase the rate at which you can enjoy the game.

There is also a cheat that raises your character’s mood. Using this trick, you may make sure that your character’s mood is constantly at its highest, eliminating the need for you to actively amuse your character. Now all that’s left is to focus on making the story more engaging.

Cheats console is the key to making your game easier.

How to Unlock Memories?


By entering this cheat code, all of the game’s memories will be unlocked immediately. It achieves this by unlocking all of the photographs, scenes, and movies in your gallery, as well as any collectibles you may have. This is a man-of-the-house walkthrough cheat.

Man of the house gameplay cheats

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