Sims 4 Building Cheats [100% Working]

The building is one thing in the Sims 4 that has worked up some gamers as it takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill and this can be frustrating at times. At this point, if you get to use building cheats, it can boost your game and get you way ahead of other Sims.

Below you can find a detailed list of sims cheats that you can use for building and making your game easier. In the article below we will cover all building cheats that you need to know.

Let’s Get Started

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Now start by launching a new game or opening a saved one. If you are not already aware, then let’s start from the beginning

  • Press all four buttons at the same time for sims 4 building in PS 4
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C for Sims 4 cheats PC
  • Press all four shoulder buttons at once for Sims 4 building in X box

A small window will be opened at the top left corner where you need to write your cheat codes. You will discover a whole lot of cheats that you can use in the build mode.

Now prepare for the wonders of the sims world to happen to you and enjoy the extraordinary abilities to build prowess.

Sims 4 Building Cheats

Sims 4 Codes Usage
FreeRealEstate On Build anywhere for free
FreeRealEstate Off Turn off building anywhere for free
bb.moveobjects on Move objects anywhere; regardless of grid placement
bb.enablefreebuild Build anywhere
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement Unlocks any locked Career Items in Build mode

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Build Anywhere Cheat

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This cheat will enable you to build anywhere you want. Also called Sims 4 build anywhere cheat. It doesn’t matter if the lot is locked, be it the hospital, the police station, or even the science lab. Feel free to build anything of your liking by using this cheat.

There will be a little difference between Xbox building cheats and building cheats on PS 4

  • You will have to hold L2 R2 for PS4 and LT RT for Xbox one to enable building anywhere.

Debug Building Cheats

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The objects that were previously hidden so you could not make any use of them can now be visible by using this cheat. Be it random things of everyday use like cups, glasses, vases of plates or useful ones like seeds, you can now see and utilize them as per your requirement. Just use the buy debug cheat and find all kinds of items.

Some people confuse this with the career reward cheats where you can unlock reward objects, but those objects are only intended for careers.

The only downside of this is that you will need to be extremely patient for the debug to complete as it is not very organized, but once it gets sorted out, it can prove to be very useful. A tip, though, can be useful as you can type the name of a specific object and it can pop up right away.

Edit Objects Cheat:


You may have noticed while playing the game that there are certain inaccessible features in the regular building mode like vehicles, garages, trees, etc. although you can see these objects they can’t be used because they are locked. But now with this cheat, you can access them and you will notice that there are hundreds of these features, which will make the game exciting for you.

Unlocking Gameplay Objects Cheat:

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To my knowledge, this is one of the top building cheats. Certain objects can only be unlocked through completing various challenges. These items, when unlocked, can prove to be amazing. You no longer have to go through the hassle of earning them.

The cheat for this is extraordinarily long but once enabled, it will unlock all objects to use in your builds. Imagine, things that you didn’t even know previously existed, can now be seen and utilized as per your liking, this is a cool feature.

Moving Objects Cheat:

images 41

In build mode, this cheat is considered to be the most favorite cheat of simmers. The freedom to move any object as per your choice and convenience can be a real game-changer, literally. It is one of the oldest cheats out there and the most used one as well.  It’s gamers’ first choice to do before trying out any other cheat on the objects.

One pro tip for this is that you should playtest before finally applying to avoid routing issues. You need to be sure that you can reach all the things at all times because there is no point in placing things somewhere you can’t make use of.

Building cheats up and down:


When the move objects cheat is enabled, you would need to adjust the heights of different objects according to your environment. Raise or lower anything to your convenience and let it stay there.

Roof adjustment Cheat:

Make your roof super stylish and interesting by adding different angles to it. This will add a certain character to your environment that goes with your Sim’s personality.

Adjusting Size Cheat:

While building, a common issue occurs when you are unable to place different objects strategically because of their varied sizes. This cheat will allow you to enlarge an object or make it smaller, whichever you prefer. With this cheat-on, the options for decorating your environment are unlimited.

Slight Rotation Cheat:

There is a cheat for almost everything in Sims, as you can change the direction just slightly of an object by changing its angle just a little bit or rotating it about only an inch to make your environment just perfect. Sometimes a little change can alter the whole perception of an area.

Free Space Cheat:

The space that you are allotted in the start is 20000, after a while in the game with other sims joining as well space starts to seem a little crowded even though more 2000 simoleons are allotted with each new sim, still it’s usually not enough for how you would like to take things further. Free real estate will feel like a major relief here. This cheat feels like a bonus if it gets turned on properly.

After enabling this cheat you will notice that all the available houses are now green. This is an indication that you can choose any house of your liking and move there without having to pay anything.

Stairs Building


Since you can build up to five levels on your building and two levels of the basement are also allowed you have to pay attention to your staircase as well. Think of any shape of a staircase U shape, L shape, etc and you can apply it here. Although with the new modifications allowed by the game officially, you are already given quite the freedom to go up and down on your personalized staircase, yet with the move, objects cheat on, you can surpass whatever little limitations were left in that area.

Apartment Building Cheats

images 44

In addition to having any house you want using cheats, you can also alter or make changes to the apartment or house that you are already living in. Move objects according to your liking or even bind two pieces together and create a large one. For example enhance your sitting area by combining two sofas and making it a singular, bigger one.

Also by applying a simple code you can instantly get rewards that are necessary to use for decorating one particular room of your choice.

University Building Cheats

In the Discover University area, you must have noticed that the dorm rooms are far from perfect and lack character. You can edit your dorm room if you want, but the catch is, that you won’t be able to do so if there are already sims living there.

For that, you have to enter the sims build mode cheat and now you are free to decorate it however you’ll like. Who doesn’t love freedom ?!

Money Cheat

Sims 4 is all about satisfaction and emotional fulfillment, so why not make the most of it with the available cheats and make it more fun. Money is the most important factor in this game as pretty much everything will be determined by this (JUST as in real life) but unlike real life, there is a cheat to make you worry-free in that regard.

Just have the exact amount of money in your mind that you want and type it in the chat window that you’ve already opened and voila!

Turning off Build Mode Cheats:

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Now you won’t always want to play with the cheat mode on and you might want to exit the cheat mode. Here is how you can do that. You can turn off the building mode cheats and carry on with your game at a normal pace.

Usually, it is automatically disabled after a workday is finished, but it may still be enabled at all times for some specific lots for an example science lab or gym lot, you can make as many edits there all the time, unlike police stations and hospitals, etc.

You can try opening the cheat code again and this time type enablefreebuild false and turn all the cheats altogether.

Tips and Tricks in Building Mode:


Apart from using the usual cheats why not try some tips and tricks and see what small surprises are in store for you in that area.

Start Small:

In the Sims world, things can start looking weird if the space that you are provided is not properly functioning and most people don’t grab the idea of space and placement of objects at first. The trick is to start with small spaces, they are easier to furnish and give a nice cozy touch to look at. You can always move on to bigger places afterward.

Counter Placement:

Another pro tip is to turn off auto placements of counters, because when you try to put two counters together the shape of the counter is automatically changed, and it is not necessarily the look you were going for. So turning this feature off gives you the freedom to create your desired look.

Merge Rooms:

This tip is useful when you have created a bunch of rooms at your place. Now you can merge them into each other a create one large room instead of two small ones. All you have to do is click on the walls. This is a flawless feature that only merges the two rooms without disturbing any other object present in those rooms. Even the placement of furniture stays the same after the rooms are merged.

Change the dimensions of the rooms:

You don’t necessarily have to keep your rooms rectangular or square. This is not real life. one great way to add some character to your indoors and start building one room on a foundation and build a separate room divided by a wall. Then destroy the foundation and the middle wall, and now you’ve got one big room with a slightly lower and upper level in the same room and give it a nice slick and modern look.


Cheats for sims 4 have been out there for as long as the game itself. Since the game allows you to live a parallel virtual life and enjoy emotional fulfillment, using cheats in this game is considered a bonus, unlike in other games. Especially the building cheats, it would be impossible to create such masterpieces of architecture without cheats.

Since the purpose of this game is not to compete with others, but to achieve gratification so using cheats goes on to enhance that feeling.

It is up to you if you enjoy doing a task to achieve reward points or want to avoid it by using cheats to move on to something more exciting and interesting, it seems to facilitate the whole point of the game. These cheats work as a tool to make the game more interesting and exciting.

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