2023 Review Stumble Guys – Wonderful to Play with Friends

 title that may sound familiar to many of you is Stumble Guys, a game that has been gaining a considerable number of fans for a while. So is it worth trying out?

In mid-2020, a battle royale game took the world by storm called Fall Guys and it immediately became an extraordinary phenomenon. The feedback that Fall Guys received was also very positive and became one of the best games available in 2020. Epic Games announced a few months ago that Fall Guys will be a free-to-play game starting in late June.

Before Fall Guys became a free-to-play game, it turned out that there were plenty of free alternatives to the game that were being circulated via console, PC, or mobile.

Stumble Guys°is one of the alternatives. You can download this game for free via the App Store or Google Play Store if you play on your mobile phone, and also via Steam if you play on PC.

About This Game

Stumble Guys was released on October 7, 2021 and immediately became a popular. Kitka Games created this game, which is freely downloadable on Android and accessible through the Google Play Store. It contains advertisements and in-app purchases that, while always voluntary, are intended to enhance our characters and speed up level progression. You won’t need to spend money on this game in order to play it.

The internet capacity for Stumble Guys is 32 people, and it is a mass elimination game for multiplayer teams. Fall Guys, a game that is highly well-liked on Android and iOS, served as inspiration for this one. As a result, this game is unquestionably offered as a choice for consideration if you were interested in games of this type. More information on the game and our thoughts on it are provided.

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Stumble Guys’ colourful grahic will be with you from the very beginning of this Takeshi’s Castle video game. Each round consists of three challenges, and only a set number of competitors will be able to participate in each challenge. In order to complete each of them, you must avoid obstacles. You’ll encounter enormous snowballs, collapsing platforms, revolving doors, wrecking balls, and other obstacles in this adventure, which won’t be simple but will always make you grin.

How To Play Stumble Guys

The controls for Stumble Guys are straightforward: a virtual joystick for movement and a jump button. You can use this button to conquer barriers, but if you press it once more while moving forward, it will also help you gain speed. The enjoyable aspect of this peculiar battle royale doesn’t rest with the gameplay; you can choose from a variety of characters. With the gold you earn from playing games, you can unlock skins.

Stumble Guys is a fantastic multiplayer game that features a fantastic physics system and the excitement of competing against other players to win the prized victory trophy. It’s a fantastic Fall Guys ripoff that you can play on an Android smartphone or tablet.

How to play game Stumble Guys on your PC or Mac

STEP 1: Install AirDroid Cast.

AirDroid Cast must first be downloaded onto your phone and computer.

Once the download is finished, choose the link that best fits your system and install it.

STEP 2 : Submit a casting call.

Start AirDroid Cast on your computer and phone. There are three ways to start a casting request:

  • Wireless: Make sure your phone and Mac are initially linked to the same local area network. Here, you can either type in the cast code on your phone or scan the QR code using your phone’s camera.
  • USB: Make sure USB debugging is turned on on your phone first. Utilize a USB cord to link your Mac and phone, then click on the Cable tab. Select your phone from the list of available devices.
  • AirPlay: This is the most effective method for connecting to a computer when using an iPhone. Before clicking the AirPlay tab, make sure your phone and computer are both connected to the same WiFi network and that the AirPlay service is active. Next, choose the AirDroid Cast – xxx device by going to Control Center>Screen Mirroring on your iPhone.

STEP 3. Accept casting authorizations

After sending the casting request, select the “Start Casting Now” button on your phone to allow your phone to begin casting. Your phone’s screen will then be mirrored to your computer when you’re finished.

Step 4: Use your PC to play Stumble Guys.

  • Turn this function on by clicking the mouse control button.
  • Next, start the game from your PC using your mouse.
  • Because this is such a simple game to play, the rest of the process is rather uncomplicated.
  • Start by clicking to accept the privacy statement.
  • You can select to enter tournaments or change the appearance of your avatar before clicking “play” to begin a new game.
  • During the race, move forward and click the upward arrow to hop over obstacles and missing parts.

Using Android Emulator

Using Android emulators is a good alternative if you want to play Stumble Guys on your PC. A piece of software that can imitate the Android operating system is called an emulator for Android. Stumble Guys is available on the Google Play Store, and you can get it there.

BlueStacks is one of the greatest Android emulators currently available.

Step 1: Install or download BlueStacks:

Step 2: Open your Google account and log in.

Step 3: Then Install

How to Win Every Stumble Guys Match: Tips and Tricks

Set Up Your Controls Before You Start

The finest app for playing free, mobile versions of Fall Guys-style is Stumble Guys. However, you can also download and play this mobile game on a computer using BlueStacks, our Android emulator, for the greatest gaming experience.BlueStacks, however, provides a number of tools to improve your experience in addition to enabling you to play the best Android games on your PC, such as the Keymapping Tool, which enables you to design logical control schemes using your mouse and keyboard. Nevertheless, you must first set up your controls before using them in this game.

And for Stumble Guys, we recommend going to the controls menu first, rather than the settings menu, to access a screen where you can easily change your bindings without having to worry about doing so in the middle of a match.The Best Advice and Techniques from Stumble Guys to Win All Your Games The Keymapping Tool can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A. Then, from the rightmost panel, drag and drop the shortcuts and features into the positions shown in the image above.

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Then, from the rightmost panel, drag and drop the shortcuts and features into the positions shown in the image above. You can move your character with the WASD keys, leap using the spacebar, and open the emotes menu by pressing “G.” Similarly, Click and drag on the right side of the screen or hit right click to activate free view, a feature that enables you to move and control the camera by merely dragging your mouse, Click and drag on the right side of the screen or hit right click to activate free view, a feature that enables you to move and control the camera by merely moving your mouse.

If you want to move the camera while running and jumping. We advise devoting a few minutes before playing, solely to setting up an effective control strategy for Stumble Guys, as doing so will help you win all of your matches.

Weaponize Your Character’s Physics is important

When playing Stumble Guys, the first thing you’ll notice is that every character has physics. You can bump into people, obstruct their paths with your body, or even push and knock them off cliffs if they’re irresponsible.The Best Advice and Techniques for Winning Every Game. In order to succeed at Stumble Guys, you must prevent other players from reaching the goal in their qualification matches in addition to accomplishing so yourself. You can use the game’s mechanics as a weapon to knock people down and may even use them to your advantage to get to the finish line first.

Use the obstacles in the game to your advantage.

Running and sliding are the two main forms of movement in Stumble Guys. There is a third, more subtle method of advancing through a level, though, and it involves using the impediments to your advantage. You must avoid spinning obstacles in many of the minigames in this game because if you do, you will be sent careening in any direction. There is a method to make use of these challenges, though.

In particular, if you’re careful enough, you may position yourself so that these barriers knock you forward quickly by hitting you on your back after you’ve run past them. Turning a lost round into a booming success can be accomplished by learning the proper way to employ these obstacles.There are more barriers that you can employ to win every round and save time, just like these spinning dangers.

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REMEMBER, Being first isn’t always the goal.

The goal could not be to complete the task at hand but rather to survive as long as you can, depending on the type of round you receive. These games frequently feature complex, lengthy, and intense rounds, especially when you’re playing against skilled opponents.

The Best Advice and Techniques from Stumble Guys to Win All Your Games

For example, the goal of the Bombardment minigame is to avoid falling into the ocean while dodging bombs and explosives fired from a pirate boat towards the platform where all of the players are standing. You can jump, slide, and run to escape meeting a watery end on

On these occasions, you can also try to push other players and make them fall. The other players frequently remain motionless in a secure location until a bomb is set off close to them. When they’re standing and not paying attention, you can try to make them fall by sliding into them. However, take caution because there’s a good chance that you could fall along with your victim. Forcing others to lose is sometimes a better strategy for victory than absolute victory!

Jump instead of waiting!

You’ll find obstacles in several of the levels of Stumble Guys whose sole function is to knock you down and push you away. Many of these obstacles have a regular, cyclic pattern of movement, making it easier to simply wait for them to retract and move. However, this frequently takes time, which could cost you the game, particularly when there are skilled players who are able to hop over the most challenging barriers.

Instead of waiting, we advise you to learn how to hop over specific barriers in order to increase your chances of winning. This is going to be the tip that gets you victories the great majority of the time. You’ll be expertly navigating obstacles while everyone else waits for it to be safe to cross. It’s highly likely that you’ll slip up initially, or stumble as others could say. The amazing thing about Stumble Guys is that bouts are typically fairly brief and the wait between matches is incredibly minimal. And as you train and improve, you’ll discover how simple it is to jump, slide, and avoid obstacles.

Control camera

Stumble Guys gives you the impression that you can’t control your camera, just as the majority of 2D or 3D platformer games. But if you move the joystick halfway, you can control your camera. You can effectively dodge obstacles if you can control your camera to help you spot them early.

Secret Places in Stumble Guys

  1. Underground glitch
  2. Wall climbing tricks
  3. Climbing hidden place
  4. Pivot Push trick
  5. Secret place: In the end of Lava rush map near finish line, jump to the wall behind the finish line. Then walk on the wall and u get to the secret place
  6. Lava rush
  7. Hot wheels hustle
  8. Floor flip
  9. Lost temple
  10. Spin go round
  11. Paint splash

Review of Stumble Guys: Should We Install This Game?

The first impression you get when you first try this game will definitely remind you of Fall Guys. That’s right, this game has many similarities with the game released by Epic Games. On the surface, this game feels very similar to Fall Guys. Starting from the choice of colors used, the character’s shape is also quite cute, and the overall appearance.

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Not only intuitive but this game also has a mechanic similar to Fall Guys. The controls of this game are quite simple, as there are only two types of controls, which are moving and jumping. The concept of this game can also be said to be similar to Fall Guys . In a match there are three rounds, and each half will eliminate a number of players. Then in the final round, the player who finishes first will be crowned the winner.

Easy access!

As mentioned before, you can download this game for free on your mobile phone or PC. The presence of this game on mobile phones is also a testament to the ease of accessibility to play this game. This allows you to play this game, even if you are not using a PC. Especially with the majority of Vietnamese still playing games via mobile phones, this game is likely to explode and become one of the favorite games in this country.

These two things are still obstacles for Fall Guys to win the hearts of Vietnamese game fans. Fall Guys is still a paid game, though it will be free-to-play by the end of June. In addition, Fall Guys are still only available exclusively on PC and consoles, making their reach not as big as Stumble Guys.

There are still limitations!

” Often imitated but never duplicated,” the English term seems quite apt to describe Stumble Guys . Although carrying the same concept, it seems that Stumble Guys still has some limitations compared to the original work. For example, in terms of number of players, Stumble Guys only gathers 32 people in a match. This makes the game feel very airy and reduces the satisfaction of playing in a match.

The number of maps included in this game is also relatively small, especially for games based on very simple mechanics. Overall, this game has only 20 different maps. You only need to play this game for a few hours, and most likely tried all the maps that this game offers. As a free game, of course Kitka Games will bring microtransactions into this game. They sell some skins that you can buy and have the same combat system as the game in general.

With a simple system of machines and repetitive maps, it seems too heavy for Kitka Games to expect players to be willing to shell out money to buy the battle cards or costumes they offer. Fortunately, the micro-transactions in this game are only aesthetic and do not affect the mechanics of the game. This makes the players who do not spend money, will not feel disadvantaged when playing this game even though they do not spend a penny.

Overall, Stumble Guys has become an alternative option for players who have not had the opportunity to try Fall Guys. For those who play over the phone , this game has a basic gameplay that is very suitable for entertainment and suitable for you to try it out in your free time. If you play via PC, you should expect Fall Guys to be released for free at the end of June.


Because the original “Fall Guys” is nowhere near mobile gamers, this is the closest to Fall Guys you can find on mobile. Currently, the game has a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play store. It has enormous potential. It’s entertaining to play, and you can do so with your friends as well.

Overall, Stumble Guys is a stress reliever like Plants vs ZombiesThe Sim 4NBA Jam, etc, and a great game for anyone looking for a fun and competitive multiplayer experience. Despite being inspired by Fall Guys, this game is unique in its own right. Except for a few minor issues and bugs here and there, this game is a complete winner. Keep in mind that this game is still in early access. As a result, we can predict some problems.

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