Stronghold 2 Cheats & How to Use them?

Stronghold 2 is a game for Windows PCs that simulates vision casting procedures. Stronghold may be a nice fit for you if you’re looking for some old-fashioned middle-aged procedure gaming tomfoolery. It has a lot of challenges as well as the dramatic bouts you’d expect from a round of this caliber. The goal of Stronghold is twofold: to expand your territory and defend it in battles. Lands are acquired through a combination of great in-game financial elements and victories against neighboring realms. The money you earn from winning battles can be used to buy goods for your castle and realm.

Various commanders may require your area in Stronghold as well, so expect to have to defend your gains as well. The outcome of the battle will be determined by so which one of your family members you choose to fight, and the methods you employ throughout the disagreement.

Stronghold 2 Cheats

We have a profitable cheat as well as an Ultimate cheat. We’ll also tell you where to find the Star Wars Easter egg.

Stronghold 2 CheatPurpose
ALT + Cunlocks all missions
ALT + Klets you build for free
ALT + Xincreases your gold by 1000
ALT + Zwill destroy any enemy you select
ALT + Gwill destroy the main stronghold
ALT + Dlaunch the debug mode
ALT + Pupgrade to another level
ALT + Fget upgrades and purchases for free
ALT + Sshift time
ALT + Qlaunch time compression
ALT + Yget rid of all enemies on the screen

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Tar Wars Greeting

Attack on tower

Whenever you start a new game, type in your Lord’s name as ‘Ruler Vader’ (without commas), and instead of the standard greeting, you’ll hear ‘Good cheer Lords Voldemort, Obi-Wan has taught you well, and you’re not a Jedi yet.’

There are still no codes for this game, however, you can get clues and advice by visiting the Q&A section and the Stronghold 2 gathering on SuperCheats.

Cheat money

Construct an attack camp and then press “p” to end the game. After you’ve stopped the game, twist the flexible and the attacked camp together to get rid of it from the guide. You get the currency back for removing it, but the attacked camp would not go until you hit “p” again when the game is halted. So you’ll win a great deal of money if you remove the attacked camp more than once before clicking “p” to start a game.

How do you get more gold in Stronghold Crusader 2?

Gold can be obtained in two ways: through taxation, as depicted above, or through the sale of accessible assets. The following option is advantageous in the ‘late-game,’ when you have a well-functioning economy and a large number of assets that may be sold for gold.

Stronghold 2 Crusader Building Resource Output Cheat


For this hack, make ensure that keep a couple of workers on hand. When you’re at a building, click it to activate it, and then exit the game. Then click the “End Manufacturing” 2 . click it again. Restart the game. The “No Workers” image will appear over the building; however, the old experts will keep working there, and new ones will join them, continuing to work out the details so that you can have so much than one independent dollars ’ worth at that framework, allowing you to make stuff like 1 woodcutter who inputs the same amount of assets as 5 of them!

Taller Walls00

Hi, Plain is a good choice. Make a divider or whatever, then put a divider on top of that, then erase the Hi Plain for a higher divider.


After finally completing the Crusader Trail challenge, there are a few ways that work well. See the following approach for using a bull knot to block the enemy’s entrance, but only use it on the most difficult sheets because you can’t acquire stone.

Stronghold 2 Trainer + Cheats | PITCH


Add 100 Honor, Apples, Nuts, Cheese, Meat, Wood, Stone, Iron, Wheat, Flour, Hops, Ale, Grapes, Pitch, Candles, Wool, Fabric, and $1 Million Gold. Only for members of Cheat Happens Unlimited. COMPOSED FOR THE GAME’S PATCHED (1.4) VERSION. Not all forms may function. Utilize Notepad to read the memorized readme file for important instructions on how to use the mentor.

  • Defeat selected Enemy: ALT+Z

  • Cycle Characters hit: ALT+C

  • Destroy main Stronghold: Alt+G

  • Destroy Enemy Fortress: Alt+K

  • Level up one unit: ALT+L

  • Level up Characters: ALT+ P

  • 100 popularity and 1000 gold: ALT+X

  • Everything is free: ALT+F

  • Change time: ALT+S

  • DEBUG Mode: ALT+D

  • Faster gameplay: ALT+Q

  • Defeat all onscreen enemies: ALT+Y

  • Stronghold 2 unlock all missions

Opens: Each of The Path of War Campaign’s 12 Chapters (Lost King Campaign)

NOTES: 1. Both the RETAIL and CRACKED executables of v1.0 and v1.1 were tested.

  1. There is no “unlockable” content in the Path of Peace Campaign. You do, however, proceed through several tasks. The Buildings and Layout that you planned during the previous task are included in every mission. You continue to construct where you left off in the last task. As a result, a lot of SaveGames are poor in our opinion, because our player chooses the structures and courses of action. Who requires that…?
  2. *SPOILER FOR THE GAME* (Perusing the next may destroy an unexpected that the game has available)

Following the completion of Chapter #6, you must select a decision, and the game will proceed in a different order based on your choice. The first choice will bring you to Chapters 7-9, while the second option will take you to Chapters 10-12. Each of the 12 Chapters may now be played thanks to Dynamite’s opening of the two portions. – courtesy of “steve dias”

Effect Effect

  • Alt + X 100 popularity and 1,000 more gold
  • ALT + D Debug Mode No graphics
  • Alt + K Press to build without supplies
  • Alt + C Unlocks all levels

Any Way to Skip a Mission in the Basic Campaign


This crusader.cfg file in the SHC root catalog keeps track of your progress in the Historical Campaigns. In this case, all you need is a copy of that paper from someone who has completed each of the four tasks, such as my inconspicuous self. The twenty tasks will subsequently be available for you to embrace in whatever request you like. Unfortunately, that same document also tracks one’s progress through the battle trails, which might cause some complications.

Modify: I found now that the investigation refers to the first Stronghold crusade. If that’s the case, you’ll need a copy of the stronghold.cfg file from someone who has completed all 21 tasks.

Stronghold Crusader cheats: unlimited money, codes

Stronghold Crusader is a real-time strategy (RTS) PC game that brings you to ancient Arabian landscapes rich with palaces and warriors. Stronghold swindles, like those found in most games, can give a new dimension to your continuous involvement. We’ve compiled a list of all the Stronghold Crusader HD scams on one page.

How to cheat in Stronghold Crusader?

To start, go to the main menu and type TRIBLADE2002 while holding down the CTRL-key.

For enhanced continuing involvement, input any of the accompanying Stronghold Crusader fast shortcuts while playing.

Stronghold Crusader Cheat Codes

Stronghold Crusader is a real-time strategy (RTS) PC game that takes you to ancient Arabian lands filled with castles and warriors. We’ve compiled a list of crucial shortcuts to help play the game easier.

  • ALT + X – Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.
    ALT + C – Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.
    ALT + K – Destroy enemy fortress. (Or build for free?)
    ALT + Z – Destroy the selected enemy.
    ALT + G – Destroy the main stronghold.
    ALT + D – Engage debug mode.
    ALT + P – Increase character’s level.
    ALT + F – Upgrades and purchases become free.
    ALT + S – Time shift.
    ALT + Q – Time compression engaged.
    ALT + Y – All enemies on the screen turn into butt sauce.

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Making a Free Castle cheats

To design a free castle, go to New Update and create a guidebook. With the airfoils intersecting, you can also build a defense and attack equipment in the game.

Cheat List

SHIFT + ALT + A at the main menu. You may have to input TRIBLADE2002 to get the hacks to function. Now tap the following key:

  • ALT + X – Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.
  • ALT + C – Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.
  • ALT + K – Destroy enemy fortress. (Or build for free?)
  • ALT + Z – Destroy the selected enemy.
  • ALT + G – Destroy the main stronghold.
  • ALT + D – Engage debug mode.
  • ALT + P – Increase character’s level.
  • ALT + F – Upgrades and purchases become free.
  • ALT + S – Timeshift.
  • ALT + Q – Time compression engaged.
  • ALT + Y – All enemies on the screen turn into butt sauce.

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