Stardew Valley Tips and Cheat Codes

Find out the secrets buried in the popular indie game of the past few years using the Stardew Valley cheat codes in the article.

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Startdew Valley Tips and Cheat Codes

Stardew Valley: a long-running indie game with strong ideas and gameplay that provides “unique” experiences (something that some games find “terrible”). Currently, it appears to be weak when major developers only focus on improving the graphics to the maximum extent and lose the identity that a game needs: the entertainment element.

With addictive gameplay, when the player transforms into a character who gives up a busy life in the city to return to the countryside, he becomes a farmer in the wild and enjoys his country life. The gameplay is quite similar to Minecraft, but there are quite a few more unique points when players cannot kill animals for meat.

Whether your life becomes great or you are the one to ruin it, it will all come down to your choice. And the players themselves can also answer the question, “Is it the right thing to give up urban life?” Below, we will give you Stardew Valley cheats to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Cheats for the Game Stardew Valley

Kindness is strength, and friendship is magic.

To get ahead in the game, be nice to everyone (and everything) you come in contact with, except for the ones that want to eat you; go ahead and punch them in the face a few times. Friendship and kindness are fundamental to the Stardew Valley universe, and if you are kind to creatures large and small, you will be rewarded.

Talk to your neighbors. Give them a farm-fresh treat. Players need to take notes on what they like (and don’t like). When you make friends with people, they open up to you, sharing their lives with you (and often giving you good advice in the process). Even animals reciprocate your kindness. A cow that is not petted every day produces better milk, and a chicken that is dedicated produces larger and higher-quality eggs.

Kindness is strength, and friendship is magic.

This is the shortest part of our tips guide (since we’re trying to avoid spoilers), but it’s also the most important. We think you will find the game much more enjoyable if you work with your friends in even the gruffest and most eccentric towns.

Turn on the attack position immediately.

One thing that new players almost always get thrown out of is the game’s slot mechanics. The game is 2D, and everything (planting trees, placing objects, etc.) happens on an invisible coordinate plane of boxes. Because of the orientation of your desktop avatar, the tools you’re using, and the interactive grid, using your tools can sometimes seem a bit daunting. Sometimes you can swing your tool while facing forward and let it hit an object next to or behind you.

Some tools have a 1-3-square reach that you can strategically use to your advantage. You have to move less and expend less energy, so it pays to be really good at targeting your stuff. Access times. Also, doing these actions takes some energy. Remember that hitting the right box means not wasting that energy.

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Turn on the attack position immediately

To help you succeed in placing your stuff right where you want it, press the ESC key to open the game menu, then select the tab with the small control icon, as seen below. Check the option to always show the Optional Location Hits tool.

There is also a keyboard shortcut to enable the temporary tap position. Hold down the Shift key while using the tool to bring up the press box, even if the option is off. It’s a handy little trick to remember for those times when tooling is frustrating you.

Turn off the lights at dusk.

Food can give you the energy to tackle the day’s work, but there’s one thing you just can’t eat your way through in Stardew Valley: the clock. You have to sleep every night.

You wake up on your farm at 6:00 a.m. every morning. If you haven’t gotten back to bed by 2:00 a.m., you’ll be exhausted. Each of those 18 hours in the game equals 45 seconds of real-world time, so a day stuck in your new farming life equals 13.5 minutes of real-time. You will be surprised at how much there is to do in the game and how fast those days go by.

It’s best to go to bed before midnight, as your energy bar will be refilled the next day. If you sleep between midnight and 2:00 a.m., you will have less energy the next day. And, if you don’t fall asleep at 2:00 a.m., you’ll pass out all the time and wake up with less energy the next day.

But that’s not all. If 2:00 AM hits and you pass out anywhere outside of your farm, the consequences can come from a small financial equivalent of this in the game of emergency responders. sees you and takes you home for a fee, until a big event occurs in the more dangerous areas of the game where you can lose money and random items from your inventory.

As long as you’re at your farm’s doorstep before the clock strikes 2 a.m., you’ll be fine, but you won’t necessarily get the full benefit of sleep.

Turn off the lights at dusk.
Turn off the lights at dusk.

Extra sleep tip: The game only has savings when you go to bed as planned or pass out on a dusty road every night. The downside to this is that if you exit the game before going to bed, you will lose all progress for the day. The upside is that if you do something really silly like digging all your best crops out of the ground instead of watering them, you’ll go into a rage. Just quit smoking before going to bed.

Upgrade your tools.

You can explore much of Stardew Valley, but you are a farmer with tools. Early on, you will meet a character who can upgrade his tools, and you should absolutely take advantage. Upgrading tools allow your tools to work faster and knock down trees less frequently, more efficiently when there is more water in your water, and more water produces more crops, as well as hits special items at lower levels.

You need to save as many resources as possible to upgrade, and you should take your time when doing the upgrade. The upgrade takes two in-game days, and for those two days, you won’t have that tool. If you leave out the watering that can be upgraded in midsummer, there will be two days when you won’t be able to water your plants, and thirsty plants won’t grow.

Upgrade your tools.
Upgrade your tools.

With that in mind, your upgrade time will coincide with a window on the calendar during which the effect of missing tools will be minimized or completely eliminated. For example, if you upgrade your watering on the last day of fall, you won’t incur any penalties because firstly, you don’t need to water your plants on the last day when you harvest them, and secondly, no crops come to water in winter, so you won’t need to water the first day of the new season.

The storm is my best friend.

When talking about weather forecasts and rain, rain is your best friend. No, really, at the start of the game, especially, you wouldn’t love anything more than checking the TV and finding out what storms are forecast.

In the early game, you need to farm to get resources and money, but farming with watering in the early levels can be really time-consuming and tiring. If you transplant, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by how much farmland you have.

Rainy days will be a sweet relief when players can be free from the responsibility of the farm. If you want to better understand the villagers in Stardew Valley or need to squeeze in some chopping wood to build your supplies?

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The storm is my best friend.

A rainy day is ideal for doing everything except farming, so when you wake up to thunder, grab your backpack and head out—the day is yours.

Stick with fishing.

Empty fishing is the most extreme thing in the Stardew Valley player community. It’s like a little game where some people seem so natural and others pull their hair out.

If you’re one of those people who finds fishing really frustrating, we’d like to offer a few words of encouragement and advice. First, treat the fishing minigame more like a dance and less like a click endurance challenge. When you catch a fish, the fish bounces up and down on a fishing watch.

Fish The goal is to keep the fish inside the catch bar. Catch it and raise an extra indicator bar from red to yellow, then to green, before you finally catch it. Whenever a fish spends time outside of the catch bar, reduce the stats until the fish disappears. If you click like crazy, you’ll send the rowing stick right over the fish and most likely lose it. Instead, click slowly at first and watch the fish’s behavior.

Even if you already have a natural knack for it, the first time you go fishing will be brutal. The French fishing bar is small, the fish are fast, and you will lose more than you catch. But! There is a silver lining. The more fish you catch, the better you get in terms of gameplay and skill points in the game, as well as the larger the catch bar.

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Stick with fishing.

So even if it frustrates you in the beginning, stick with it because not only will you become a master angler, but you’ll also learn to fish profitably, which is necessary for some quests in the game, and there’s a chance for you to show off your fishing skills for prizes along the way.

We will close by repeating our opening advice. Take your time, don’t stress about getting everything done as quickly as possible, and remember to stop and enjoy the scenery, the adventures, and, of course, the people you meet in your new home.

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

The most lucrative thing in Stardew Valley is the duplication of game items. Players only need to use a few small cheats to be able to sell duplicate items by relying on an “infinite” number of glitches. To be able to do this, gamers need between one and three Item ID Codes to be able to cheat.

Each item in the game has only one code (the following table), and whenever the player sees those numbers appear in the game through the dialogue window, The best way for players to use this cheat is to chat with Gus at the Stardrop Saloon, as he will say your name at the start of each conversation after the first one. As a result, players can easily spam Gus’s chats to obtain unlimited free items.

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Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

Stardew Valley item codes

Weeds: [0] Stone: [2] Stone: [4]
Wild Horseradish: [16] Daffodil: [18] Leek: [20]
Dandelion: [22] Parsnip: [24] Lumber: [30]
Emerald: [60] Aquamarine: [62] Ruby: [64]
Amethyst: [66] Topaz: [68] Jade: [70]
Diamond: [72] Prismatic Shard: [74] Stone: [75]
Stone: [76] Stone: [77] Cave Carrot: [78]
Secret Note: [79] Quartz: [80] Fire Quartz: [82]
Frozen Tear: [84] Earth Crystal: [86] Coconut: [88]
Cactus Fruit: [90] Sap: [92] Torch: [93]
Spirit Torch: [94] Dwarf Scroll I: [96] Dwarf Scroll II: [97]
Dwarf Scroll III: [98] Dwarf Scroll IV: [99] Chipped Amphora: [100]
Arrowhead: [101] Lost Book: [102] Ancient Doll: [103]
Elvish Jewelry: [104] Chewing Stick: [105] Ornamental Fan: [106]
Dinosaur Egg: [107] Rare Disc: [108] Ancient Sword: [109]
Rusty Spoon: [110] Rusty Spur: [111] Rusty Cog: [112]
Chicken Statue: [113] Ancient Seed: [114] Prehistoric Tool: [115]
Dried Starfish: [116] Anchor: [117] Glass Shards: [118]
Bone Flute: [119] Prehistoric Handaxe: [120] Dwarvish Helm: [121]
Dwarf Gadget: [122] Ancient Drum: [123] Golden Mask: [124]
Golden Relic: [125] Strange Doll: [126] Strange Doll: [127]
Pufferfish: [128] Anchovy: [129] Tuna: [130]
Sardine: [131] Bream: [132] Largemouth Bass: [136]
Smallmouth Bass: [137] Rainbow Trout: [138] Salmon: [139]
Walleye: [140] Perch: [141] Carp: [142]
Catfish: [143] Pike: [144] Sunfish: [145]
Red Mullet: [146] Herring: [147] Eel: [148]
Octopus: [149] Red Snapper: [150] Squid: [151]
Seaweed: [152] Green Algae: [153] Sea Cucumber: [154]
Super Cucumber: [155] Ghostfish: [156] White Algae: [157]
Stonefish: [158] Crimsonfish: [159] Angler: [160]
Ice Pip: [161] Lava Eel: [162] Legend Fish: [163]
Sandfish: [164] Scorpion Carp: [165] Treasure Chest: [166]
Joja Cola: [167] Trash: [168] Driftwood: [169]
Broken Glasses: [170] Broken CD: [171] Soggy Newspaper: [172]
Large Egg: [174] Egg: [176] Hay: [178]
Egg: [180] Large Egg: [182] Milk: [184]
Large Milk: [186] Green Bean: [188] Cauliflower: [190]
Potato: [192] Fried Egg: [194] Omelet: [195]
Salad: [196] Cheese Cauliflower: [197] Baked Fish: [198]
Parsnip Soup: [199] Vegetable Medley: [200] Complete Breakfast: [201]
Fried Calamari: [202] Strange Bun: [203] Lucky Lunch: [204]
Fried Mushroom: [205] Pizza: [206] Bean Hotpot: [207]
Glazed Yams: [208] Carp Surprise: [209] Hashbrowns: [210]
Pancakes: [211] Salmon Dinner: [212] Fish Taco: [213]
Crispy Bass: [214] Pepper Poppers: [215] Bread: [216]
Tom Kha Soup: [218] Trout Soup: [219] Chocolate Cake: [220]
Pink Cake: [221] Rhubarb Pie: [222] Cookie: [223]
Spaghetti: [224] Fried Eel: [225] Spicy Eel: [226]
Sashimi: [227] Maki Roll: [228] Tortilla: [229]
Red Plate: [230] Eggplant Parmesan: [231] Rice Pudding: [232]
Ice Cream: [233] Blueberry Tart: [234] Autumn’s Bounty: [235]
Pumpkin Soup: [236] Super Meal: [237] Cranberry Sauce: [238]
Stuffing: [239] Farmer’s Lunch: [240] Survival Burger: [241]
Dish O’ The Sea: [242] Miner’s Treat: [243] Roots Platter: [244]
Sugar: [245] Wheat Flour: [246] Oil: [247]
Garlic: [248] Kale: [250] Rhubarb: [252]
Melon: [254] Tomato: [256] Morel: [257]
Blueberry: [258] Fiddlehead Fern: [259] Hot Pepper: [260]
Wheat: [262] Radish: [264] Red Cabbage: [266]
Starfruit: [268] Corn: [270] Eggplant: [272]
Artichoke: [274] Pumpkin: [276] Bok Choy: [278]
Yam: [280] Chanterelle: [281] Cranberries: [282]
Holly: [283] Beet: [284] Cherry Bomb: [286]
Bomb: [287] Mega Bomb: [288] Stone: [290]
Twig: [294] Twig: [295] Salmonberry: [296]
Grass Starter: [297] Hardwood Fence: [298] Amaranth Seeds: [299]
Amaranth: [300] Grape Starter: [301] Hops Starter: [302]
Pale Ale: [303] Hops: [304] Void Egg: [305]
Mayonnaise: [306] Duck Mayonnaise: [307] Void Mayonnaise: [308]
Acorn: [309] Maple Seed: [310] Pine Cone: [311]
Weeds: [313] Weeds: [314] Weeds: [315]
Weeds: [316] Weeds: [317] Weeds: [318]
Weeds: [319] Weeds: [320] Weeds: [321]
Wood Fence: [322] Stone Fence: [323] Iron Fence: [324]
Gate: [325] Dwarvish Translation Guide: [326] Wood Floor: [328]
Stone Floor: [329] Clay: [330] Weathered Floor: [331]
Crystal Floor: [333] Copper Bar: [334] Iron Bar: [335]
Gold Bar: [336] Iridium Bar: [337] Refined Quartz: [338]
Honey: [340] Tea Set: [341] Pickles: [342]
Stone: [343] Jelly: [344] Beer: [346]
Rare Seed: [347] Wine: [348] Energy Tonic: [349]
Juice: [350] Muscle Remedy: [351] Basic Fertilizer: [368]
Quality Fertilizer: [369] Basic Retaining Soil: [370] Quality Retaining Soil: [371]
Clam: [372] Golden Pumpkin: [373] Poppy: [376]
Copper Ore: [378] Iron Ore: [380] Coal: [382]
Gold Ore: [384] Iridium Ore: [386] Wood: [388]
Stone: [390] Nautilus Shell: [392] Coral: [393]
Rainbow Shell: [394] Coffee: [395] Spice Berry: [396]
Sea Urchin: [397] Grape: [398] Spring Onion: [399]
Strawberry: [400] Straw Floor: [401] Sweet Pea: [402]
Field Snack: [403] Common Mushroom: [404] Wood Path: [405]
Wild Plum: [406] Gravel Path: [407] Hazelnut: [408]
Crystal Path: [409] Blackberry: [410] Cobblestone Path: [411]
Winter Root: [412] Blue Slime Egg: [413] Crystal Fruit: [414]
Stepping Stone Path: [415] Snow Yam: [416] Sweet Gem Berry: [417]
Crocus: [418] Vinegar: [419] Red Mushroom: [420]
Sunflower: [421] Purple Mushroom: [422] Rice: [423]
Cheese: [424] Fairy Seeds: [425] Goat Cheese: [426]
Tulip Bulb: [427] Cloth: [428] Jazz Seeds: [429]
Truffle: [430] Sunflower Seeds: [431] Truffle Oil: [432]
Coffee Bean: [433] Stardrop: [434] Goat Milk: [436]
Red Slime Egg: [437] L. Goat Milk: [438] Purple Slime Egg: [439]
Wool: [440] Explosive Ammo: [441] Duck Egg: [442]
Duck Feather: [444] Rabbit’s Foot: [446] Stone Base: [449]
Stone: [450] Weeds: [452] Poppy Seeds: [453]
Ancient Fruit: [454] Spangle Seeds: [455] Algae Soup: [456]
Pale Broth: [457] Bouquet: [458] Mead: [459]
Mermaid’s Pendant: [460] Decorative Pot: [461] Drum Block: [463]
Flute Block: [464] Speed-Gro: [465] Deluxe Speed-Gro: [466]
Parsnip Seeds: [472] Bean Starter: [473] Cauliflower Seeds: [474]
Potato Seeds: [475] Garlic Seeds: [476] Kale Seeds: [477]
Rhubarb Seeds: [478] Melon Seeds: [479] Tomato Seeds: [480]
Blueberry Seeds: [481] Pepper Seeds: [482] Wheat Seeds: [483]
Radish Seeds: [484] Red Cabbage Seeds: [485] Starfruit Seeds: [486]
Corn Seeds: [487] Eggplant Seeds: [488] Artichoke Seeds: [489]
Pumpkin Seeds: [490] Bok Choy Seeds: [491] Yam Seeds: [492]
Cranberry Seeds: [493] Beet Seeds: [494] Spring Seeds: [495]
Summer Seeds: [496] Fall Seeds: [497] Winter Seeds: [498]
Ancient Seeds: [499] Small Glow Ring: [516] Glow Ring: [517]
Small Magnet Ring: [518] Magnet Ring: [519] Slime Charmer Ring: [520]
Warrior Ring: [521] Vampire Ring: [522] Savage Ring: [523]
Ring of Yoba: [524] Sturdy Ring: [525] Burglar’s Ring: [526]
Iridium Band: [527] Jukebox Ring: [528] Amethyst Ring: [529]
Topaz Ring: [530] Aquamarine Ring: [531] Jade Ring: [532]
Emerald Ring: [533] Ruby Ring: [534] Geode: [535]
Frozen Geode: [536] Magma Geode: [537] Alamite: [538]
Bixite: [539] Baryte: [540] Aerinite: [541]
Calcite: [542] Dolomite: [543] Esperite: [544]
Fluorapatite: [545] Geminite: [546] Helvite: [547]
Jamborite: [548] Jagoite: [549] Kyanite: [550]
Lunarite: [551] Malachite: [552] Neptunite: [553]
Lemon Stone: [554] Nekoite: [555] Orpiment: [556]
Petrified Slime: [557] Thunder Egg: [558] Pyrite: [559]
Ocean Stone: [560] Ghost Crystal: [561] Tigerseye: [562]
Jasper: [563] Opal: [564] Fire Opal: [565]
Celestine: [566] Marble: [567] Sandstone: [568]
Granite: [569] Basalt: [570] Limestone: [571]
Soapstone: [572] Hematite: [573] Mudstone: [574]
Obsidian: [575] Slate: [576] Fairy Stone: [577]
Star Shards: [578] Prehistoric Scapula: [579] Prehistoric Tibia: [580]
Prehistoric Skull: [581] Skeletal Hand: [582] Prehistoric Rib: [583]
Prehistoric Vertebra: [584] Skeletal Tail: [585] Nautilus Fossil: [586]
Amphibian Fossil: [587] Palm Fossil: [588] Trilobite: [589]
Artifact Spot: [590] Tulip: [591] Summer Spangle: [593]
Fairy Rose: [595] Blue Jazz: [597] Sprinkler: [599]
Plum Pudding: [604] Artichoke Dip: [605] Stir Fry: [606]
Roasted Hazelnuts: [607] Pumpkin Pie: [608] Radish Salad: [609]
Fruit Salad: [610] Blackberry Cobbler: [611] Cranberry Candy: [612]
Apple: [613] Bruschetta: [618] Quality Sprinkler: [621]
Cherry Sapling: [628] Apricot Sapling: [629] Orange Sapling: [630]
Peach Sapling: [631] Pomegranate Sapling: [632] Apple Sapling: [633]
Apricot: [634] Orange: [635] Peach: [636]
Pomegranate: [637] Cherry: [638] Iridium Sprinkler: [645]
Coleslaw: [648] Fiddlehead Risotto: [649] Poppyseed Muffin: [651]
Stone: [668] Stone: [670] Weeds: [674]
Weeds: [675] Weeds: [676] Weeds: [677]
Weeds: [678] Weeds: [679] Green Slime Egg: [680]
Rain Totem: [681] Mutant Carp: [682] Bug Meat: [684]
Bait: [685] Spinner: [686] Dressed Spinner: [687]
Warp Totem Farm: [688] Warp Totem Mountains: [689] Warp Totem Beach: [690]
Barbed Hook: [691] Lead Bobber: [692] Treasure Hunter: [693]
Trap Bobber: [694] Cork Bobber: [695] Sturgeon: [698]
Tiger Trout: [699] Bullhead: [700] Tilapia: [701]
Chub: [702] Magnet: [703] Dorado: [704]
Albacore: [705] Shad: [706] Lingcod: [707]
Halibut: [708] Hardwood: [709] Crab Pot: [710]
Lobster: [715] Crayfish: [716] Crab: [717]
Cockle: [718] Mussel: [719] Shrimp: [720]
Snail: [721] Periwinkle: [722] Oyster: [723]
Maple Syrup: [724] Oak Resin: [725] Pine Tar: [726]
Chowder: [727] Fish Stew: [728] Escargot: [729]
Lobster Bisque: [730] Maple Bar: [731] Crab Cakes: [732]
Woodskip: [734] Strawberry Seeds: [745] Jack-O-Lantern: [746]
Rotten Plant: [747] Rotten Plant: [748] Omni Geode: [749]
Weeds: [750] Stone: [751] Stone: [760]
Stone: [762] Stone: [764] Stone: [765]
Slime: [766] Bat Wing: [767] Solar Essence: [768]
Void Essence: [769] Mixed Seeds: [770] Fiber: [771]
Oil of Garlic: [772] Life Elixir: [773] Wild Bait: [774]
Glacierfish: [775] Weeds: [784] Weeds: [785]
Weeds: [786] Battery Pack: [787] Lost Axe: [788]
Lucky Purple Shorts: [789] Berry Basket: [790] Weeds: [792]
Weeds: [793] Weeds: [794] Void Salmon: [795]
Slimejack: [796] Pearl: [797] Midnight Squid: [798]
Spook Fish: [799] Blobfish: [800] Wedding Ring: [801]
Cactus Seeds: [802] Iridium Milk: [803]


Although Stardew Valley is not a game that has been around as long as Plants vs Zombies, Contra, or Tekken, the gameplay of the game is quite great. is an indie game that has resonated in the past few years with beautiful 2D graphics. In the game, players take on the role of character from the city and the countryside, enjoying the idyllic rural life. And it will be even more awesome and fun if you use our cheats.

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