Sims 2 Cheats for PS2  [Pets, Make Friends & No Fire Code]

Sims 2 is a very interesting game as it has acquired the attention of many gamers. It is the second edition of the Sims game. The first edition of this game had a specified end but the second version does not follow any such approach. This game has an open end depending on the situation of the life of your Sim. gamers love playing Sims 2 as they did the same for part one.

To achieve the goals of Sims in the game, you need to play as you are the character of the game. You need to spend the life of a sim in the game. The way you work for yourself in real life is the same you need to be doing while playing the game. Sims 2 is a social game in which you can create players of the gender you want. So, make sure that you create a family of sims that has a lot of members to back up each other in any difficult situation. 

You can play the game on different platforms such as Windows, Android, and other gaming devices as well. Here we will discuss playing the game on a PlayStation device. Yes, you have read it right. Sims 2 can also be played on a PS2 and you will enjoy every aspect of the game while playing on this gaming platform. You can play the game fairly without using any cheat codes or with cheat codes as well. This is totally up to you. If you decide to play the game with the help of cheat codes then, do not worry about the platform. While playing on PS2, you might be thinking about how the cheat codes can be applied as they need to be typed and there is no keyboard attached with a PS2. 

Sims 2 Cheats

UsageSims 2 Cheats
Unlock Gnome (enter first)L1, R1, Up, X, R2
Give Money (9,999)R1, L1, R2, Right, Left
Unlock All LotsCircle, L2, Left, Circle, Up, Circle
Advance clock 6 hoursCircle, Square, L1, Up, Down
Set Skill LevelTriangle, Circle, Square, R2, Left
Fill All MotivesUp, Circle, Up, Right, L2

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How to apply Sims 2 cheats on PS2 


People usually think that those who play the game on a PS2 can not apply cheat codes. This is not true. Cheat codes can also be applied while playing the Sims 2 game on a PS2. The only difference is the way of applying cheat codes. This is not a big deal because when a platform gets changed, many aspects get changed as well.

So if you like to play the Sims 2 game on a PS2 then, you can also enjoy the game with cheat codes as well. While playing on the system, you type the cheat codes where you need them. When playing the game on a PS2, you can not type anything. It is the different keys of your controller that you need to press at the same time to make sure that a cheat has been applied successfully.

  • The keys on a controller are L1, R1, X, A, B, and others as well. They have different functions depending on the action set for them. 

You can anytime change the action of a key in the controller settings for your comfortability. Let us talk about applying some of the cheat codes that you need to apply with the help of your controller. First of all, you need to download the cheat code file to know the exact keys of a specific cheat code. For example, you want to apply a cheat code to unlock all objects.

There are five keys that you need to press at the same time i.e. left, up, down, circle, and L2. Once you have pressed all of these keys together at the right time then, the cheat code will get active and you will see the result on the screen. Similarly, many other cheat codes can also be applied using a group of these buttons of your controller. So, you can enjoy your game on a PS2 with the help of cheat codes too. 

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Sims 2 PS2 cheats not working


Many gamers complain that they are pressing the right buttons at the right time still, but the cheat codes are not getting active. This problem will remain there if you do not activate the cheat codes first. When you download the game on a PC, cheat codes come with some files of the game.

This is not the case with PS2. you need to make sure that your cheat codes are active, only then you can apply them on a PS2. To activate the cheat codes, the cheat gnome must be unlocked. For activating the cheat gnome, there are some specific keys that you need to press. Before pressing these keys, you need to pause the Sims 2 game and then apply these keys using your PS2 controller. 

Once you have applied these keys, you will get a pop-up notification that your gnome has been unlocked and now the cheat codes can be applied. Doing this will only activate some of the cheat codes. To activate all the cheat codes that you want to use while playing the game, you need to contact assistance. Once you are allowed to use all the cheats, you can experience the game on an advanced level. So, if you are having trouble regarding cheat codes while playing the game on a PS2 then, following these mentioned steps can help you to activate your cheat codes. 

Sims cheats fill all motives


Applying this cheat code will make things easy for you while playing the game. All you need to make sure that you are pressing the right buttons to apply the cheats. If you do not know the buttons for a cheat code in the controller then, you will never be able to apply a cheat code. This cheat code has a combination of five buttons i.e.

  • up, circle, up, right, and L2.

This cheat code will help you in filling all the motives automatically. So, after applying this cheat code, you do not need to put the effort into filling your motives. 

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Sims 2 cheats castaway



The castaway gnome has several cheat codes available in it that you can use when you need them. These cheat codes have their effects and are very effective for the gamers to help them get out of any situation. For example, if you want to apply a cheat code when you are running out of resources and food then, you can press square and L to get the maximum resources. Apart from this one, you can also apply cheat codes for all plans, cheat gnomes, and crafting resources as well. 

Sims 2 cheats make friends

To live in a place, you need to develop good relationships with the residents living there. This will not only make living easy for you but you will have many friends that will come to help you whenever you are in trouble. To make more friends, you can apply cheat codes.

These cheat codes can help you to have a circle of friends that will be on your back whenever you need them. Sims 2 pets PS2 cheats can also make the game very interesting. You can apply these cheat codes to have pets for you. Pets are like friends and in the game, they act like your friends. 

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