Pokemon Renegade Platinum Cheats [Working]

Pokémon Renegade Platinum is an alteration hack of the Pokémon Platinum Version,  much like other hacks and it is quite popular in the world of pokemon. In a brief overview, this version largely preserves the original Pokémon Platinum’s plot structure while incorporating a sizable number of gameplay differences, such as access to all 493 Pokémon in the game, updated Trainers with more difficult boss fights, a plethora of (optional) tweaks to lesser Pokémon to make them simpler to utilize, the elimination of trade-only evolutions, and a slew of additional quality-of-life updates.

Darya the developer of the pokemon renegade platinum had launched different and unique features moreover enhancing the moves of the characters. It makes considerable use of the game’s graphical and audio features.

In the latest version of pokemon renegade platinum, you can discover new pokemon characters as the player advance the specific region. The most recent update has resolved the issue with Cubone not appearing on Route 203 outside of the morning.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum Cheats 2022

Cheats Function
5224a75c 4a7e497d

62101d40 00000000

b2101d40 00000000

These codes are specifically for the infinite lifeline during the battle; don’t let your pokemon run out of energy.
000475e4 63636363

d2000000 00000000

For unlimited PP in the battle.


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What are the main Features?

The Pokemon roster is larger, and it contains characters up through Generation VI. The game also has the Fairy-type. The types and stats of every Pokemon in Renegade Platinum have been updated through Generation VI. This implies that it will be present in the game for those who recently acquired secondary types or the Fairy-type.

It also indicates that new moves have been added and that several TMs have been updated and changed. Pokemon evolutions can be completed rapidly in the game thanks to the lowered level requirements. Additionally, you can evolve Pokemon without having to exchange them, which is always a good idea. The cost of several items has decreased.

Meanwhile, new things that you can employ or act as catalysts for evolution have been added to the game. The game’s item placements have also been tweaked. There are still important objects you can obtain from the same characters as the tale progresses, although some have been altered. They have gotten a little tougher when it comes to the special trainer fights and Gym Leaders.

It gets a little bit more difficult, which makes it a little bit more enjoyable, without being so hard that the game becomes unplayable. Changes have been made to the locations of several NPCs and Pokemon. When you play Pokemon Renegade Platinum, various new Pokemon have been added in specific regions because there are more Pokemon overall.

How the game is played?

Depending on the gaming platform you are using, various game editions include different cheat codes you will enjoy the game more if you play it on a GBA emulator rather than the actual system. Additionally, cheats for emulators are typically the same. So, by locating the appropriate cheat codes, you won’t feel stressed. If the player wants to change its plating zone they can simply use pokemon renegade platinum cheat nature to let it happen.

Moreover, if we discuss how beneficial rare candies are to players, they probably go for pokemon renegade platinum cheat rare candy and let them have unlimited amounts of these. While most of the players desire to have shiny pokemon characters pokemon renegade platinum cheats shiny and changes the first three characters.

The platinum version will also provide you with fresh obstacles and trying circumstances. There have been new pokemon added, and in some cases, catching them is necessary to finish the given assignment. Something is extremely obvious. You will have difficulty catching the new Pokemon because its strength is significantly greater than yours. In this situation, renegade platinum cheats master ball can help the player to get the new pokemon.

What is Renegade Platinum cheats?

svg%3Emaster ball cheat pokemon platinum.png

You will encounter numerous challenges while you play the game. If you play the game with integrity, you will have the most success. This is going to be a laborious and time-consuming process. Continue using this tactic if you prefer to play the game alone and you will find the competition to be a lot of fun.

Let’s say that utilizing cheat codes is necessary if you don’t want to play the game diligently and hard but yet want to stay at the top. You can use Pokemon Renegade Platinum cheat codes to play the game effectively and keep winning.

You can use cheat codes to assist you in coping with obstacles and problems whether you’re playing on Windows or an emulator. When playing on the system, make sure you have the right cheat codes handy.

Cheat codes

Rare Candy

  • 820257C4 0044
  • 82025840 0044

You will gain from having access to an unending supply of rare candies via the item PC if you use the pokemon cheat code for rare candy.

Master Balls

820257C4 0001
82025840 0001

You can take as many Master Balls as you want from the Item PC by inputting the code.

TM or HM

820257C4 YYYY
82025840 YYYY

Enter the desired equivalent TM or HM code in place of YYYY in the code. Visit any Item PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of TM/HM.

How to apply pokemon renegade platinum cheat codes?

Deployment of the cheat codes doesn’t take much work; the player just needs to go to the settings, enter the desired code, and restart the game to make it function. Players should be aware that some of the codes will result in errors or glitches, hence it is advised that they use those codes of their own volition.

(NDS) Pokémon Renegade Platinum +Cheats

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