Pokemon Radical Red Cheats [100% Working]

Pokemon Radical Red is an intriguing FireRed ROM modification. It’s intriguing since it keeps the same tale but adds a lot of new elements, not to mention the degree of difficulty. Because the game is difficult, this collection of Pokemon Radical Red ha(ks may be ideal for all of your demands. Cheats are unquestionably beneficial in many situations. Cheats can save you time by removing the need to dig through the entire game, but they must be used with caution and sobriety.

Always care to enter the cheats in the proper order. Game Shark (Action Replay) or Code Smasher will be their designation. Other instructions will be included if the cheats require them.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats

Purpose Cheat code
Walk Through Walls 509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4
Unlimited Master Ball 820257C4 0001
Unlimited Rare Candy 820257C4 0044
Unlimited all Badges EFCE867D 5403D40D

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 1 52x300 1 1Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 3 67x300 1Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 2re 50x300 1



Catch trainers

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 3re 78x300 1

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 4re 50x300 1

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Countless HM 

maxresdefault 1 1 1024x576 1 

Simply Replace XXXX with the TM/HM code you’re looking for.You could use TMs as many times as you want in this game, so you only need to pull back 1 if ever.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 1

What are Radical cheats 

Pokemon Radical Red appears to have played up to all the hype, with a slew of innovative capabilities that will keep gamers engrossed for hours. There are a lot of great players that really are experiencing trouble actually playing due to the confusing controls, and if you are one of them, don’t worry but we have a cure for you, catch trainers pokemon cheat its a whole list so get ready. We’ve prepared a list of the all Pokemon Radical Red to make your gaming a lot smoother. Yes, the Pokemon Radical Red cheat secrets listed here will assist you in completing the game in even less time. Before we get into the whole list of Radical Red ha(ks, it’s important to note that all codes must be utilized correctly.

Mega stone is a rare recourse used in the game that lets you evolve your pokemon to the mega form it can not be achieved without it. The grind is real but not anymore, mega stone cheats allow you to beat the bottle cap and farm as many as you want. One of the most used codes in pokemon is one hit kill which is pretty self-explanatory. Thanks to your evolution now with a mega pokemon you stand with 100 catch rate.

Before we get into the whole list of Pokemon Radical Red ha(ks, it’s important to note that all codes must be utilized correctly. If you use many cheats at the same time, there’s a potential you’ll have problems with the program game or crashing. Because the game is difficult, this collection of the game may be ideal for all of your demands. Ha(kers are unquestionably beneficial in many situations. Cheats can save you time by removing the need to grind through the entire game, but they must be used with caution and patience.


Simply replace the XXXX with the code for the Curing Item you desire for example heart scale. After that, go to every Item Store and receive an immense amount of money.

00 0D = liquid

00 0E = anti bottle

00 0F = Burn scar

00 20 = Ice war

00 21   = sleeping

00 22 = Parlyz heart

00 23 = Full war

00 24 = Max fire

00 25 = Hyper liquid

00 26 = dumnb Potion

00 27 = Full liquid

00 28 = relief

00 29 = minimum Revive

Uncountable miscing products 

Simply Replace XXXX with your desired Misc Product id. You may then receive an infinite quantity of money from any Shop PC.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats 1 1

Countless berries 

Merely Replace the XXXX with the Product name you wish to use and the wild pokemon modifier provides. After that, go to any Store PC and get an abundance of money.

04 25 = red Berry

04 26 = wall Berry

04 27 = dell Berry

04 28 = sky Berry

04 29 = asper Berry

04 2A = lopp Berry

04 2B = mango Berry

04 2C = dying Berry

04 3D = fun Berry

04 3E = status Berry

04 3F = fuge Berry

04 30 = kiki Berry

04 31 = dago Berry

04 32 = aqua Berry

04 33 = super Berry

04 34 = raser Berry

04 35 = blueBerry

04 36 = nawam Berry

04 37 = appear Berry


Pokemon Radical Red Codes – Pokemon Radical Red modifier is a gaming sequel to the Pokemon video game, produced by IBM for Gbc, and Pokemon Radical Red is an upgraded version launched lately with a ton of options and choices, raising the tournament’s complexity level. Continue reading to find more about Pokemon Radical Red Cheat Codes and the sport.

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