Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats for Citra/3DS [Action Replay]

Pokemon Omega Ruby is a remake of a very famous game called Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It was created in 2014. The game was first released in Japan, Australia, and North America in 2014. It was released exactly after 12 years of the original game which was released in 2002 with new features. This game overall got a very good rating from critics.

It is recorded to sell 14.39 million copies worldwide and became one of the favorite games of game players who love to spend their time on games. This version has great changes in quality compared to the old ones. This version introduced a new feature that includes primal revision for Kyogre and Groudon.

It also included the flying power to Latias which can help the player to find our mirage spots. This game also features many famous Pokémon from old generations. The story of this featured game has moreover similarities with its original version. The game starts from where a player side rides back of the moving truck.

This game has a new very useful feature which is an official translation showing the game according to the regions which help the player to have a better understanding of the game. The game made a huge sale in just the first three days of its launch, it sold 3,040,000 copies in three regions where it launched initially. This game had the biggest launch in history which beat the previous records of its own game in London.

Pokémon omega ruby rare candy cheat


Some fun cheats can be applied by a player and increase the fun of the game. One of them is a rare candy cheat which can be very useful and fun to play in the game. It can help to increase the candy for extra fun.

This cheat is very easy to apply, with the help of only a few steps you can be able to get maximum fun. As the name gives the idea that these candies are not easy to get since they are rare yet have more fun. These candies can be used to revive the Pokemon but they cannot be used during the battle. To apply the cheat you need to open the GBA emulator, after that, you can enter the cheat code

  • 280EA266 88A62E5C

After if the option appears of asking the cheating type you have to select the GameShark V3. In the second step you have to go to PokeCenter and select your PC, after that open the storage of items, and then do the withdrawal of rare candies. Now check your bag to see if you got the rare candies and if they are there you can start using them. After all this process you need to turn off the cheat codes to avoid glitches.

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Pokémon omega ruby master ball cheat


Getting a master ball in Pokémon Ruby can be a big achievement. Getting a master ball can be a highly difficult process but you can use a cheat code to get that ball easily and make the game more fun and exciting. By having many master balls you can get many Pokémon’s and catching Pokémon is always fun. In the pile on Ruby, there are two different types of cheat codes. The first one is to enter the cheat code and the master ball will appear on your PC and the other one will show the master ball directly in your bag but that ball will disappear immediately the cheat code will disable. There are two codes for the master ball cheat that can help to appear in your bag and those codes are:

  • C674B60F
  • B309F994

There are also two more cheat codes for the master ball which can help to make the cheat balls on your PC and these codes are

  • 91B85743
  • 27069397

These cheats can make the game extremely fun and adventurous. The master ball in nag will disappear once the cheat code is disabled. You can use the second option if you do not like this option and do not want the master ball to disappear from your bag. Select the GameShark V3 to type the cheat and make it work.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats:

These are all the cheats for omega ruby for 2022:

Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats list

More of these are:


Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats List 2021

Every player would want to know the code which can help to take the entire team with him and enjoy the game.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats 2021

Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheat for PC

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Pokémon Team to Level 100


There’s another very popular cheat code which is for Pokémon team level 100 in which you can take your entire team of Pokémon’s to the 100 levels, fight numerous fights and increase the adventure of the game. Who wants to lose their favorite Pokémon with many powers? No one, right?

 This code can help you to get your entire team to level 100 after using this code which can be miraculous. For this, you have to press the Y key to apply the cheat code to work. There are numerous codes for this cheat but here are some by using which you can take the game to the next level of adventure. These codes are

  • 481FB58C
  • 08200000

If you don’t want to tea your entire team to 100 level, you can use other codes which can help you to take your one Pokémon to 100 level. For that, you have to press the Y key again and apply the code

  • B81FB92C
  • 08200000

These codes can help to make your game very adventurous. 

Fast hatching of eggs cheat code 


Another cheat can be used to Hatch eggs faster. If you want to hatch the eggs and it is taking so long to get the goal, you can use this cheat code to make it easier for you to hatch the eggs faster and make the game fun. This hatching of the eggs might not be immediate but it will be quicker and save time. You have to use code

  • 18C6F975
  • 00000101

to activate the fast egg hatching system. Egg hatching would help to get more baby Pokémon which can bring happiness and fun to the game and bring excitement for the player. This player would keep feeling joyful and satisfied during the game. The eggs can be hatched by covering a certain distance but it can be time taken and players can get frustrated out of it. By using this cheat code the egg hatch would be quicker and easier.

Cheat code for riding a bike anywhere 


The other cheat code would be for riding a bike anywhere for that there are a couple of codes that a player can use and go anywhere anytime. These codes can help you to ride your Acro bike or Mach bike on the map and you can go anywhere. This code is especially meant for version 1.4, so you need to make sure to play on the same version before using this code because it may not work on other versions.

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To apply this code go to the code manager of your device of action reply, then insert the code and make it active to work. Always keep in mind that you have to deactivate the cheats once you are finished with them or you want to activate another cheat code. There are two different codes to ride two different bikes, one is for Mach Bike and the other one is for Acro Bike. For the Mach bike, you have to use

  • 08C6E888
  • 00000001

For the Acro bike, you have to use code

  • 08C6E888
  • 00000002

Make the bikes anywhere you want on the map and explore new places by making the game more thrilling and exciting. 

Cheat code for moving faster


How it can be not enjoyable when you can move at double speed and ace the levels quicker than ever. Everyone would want the cheat code to make the game fast and move faster than usual and save time. You can double up the speed of the game by using this code. No matter if you are running or just walking, whatever you don’t do will be double of speed. This code also has limitations and would only work on the 1.4 version. However, you can apply this code the same way you apply other codes of cheating via the cheat menu, you can also manage the cheat code by action replay. Numerous codes can be applied to make the game faster but some of them are

  • 004E2D10 40A49249,
  • 004E3310 51100000,
  • 004E341C 402492449.

Use any of these codes and make your game a rocket. This cheat code would help the player to save time and get the fun out of less time. It would help to complete the levels quickly since the speed would be double for everything whether you are running or just walking. It will help to decrease the suspense in the game and make it less frustrating. 

Cheat for getting extra money 

In the game, if you want to get rich quickly and get more money, you have to use a cheat code to get extra money which can be $100k at the point when you go below $200k. By using this code you can get more money in no time which can never be a bad idea. You can use some of these codes to get the money. The codes are

  • D3000000 00000000,
  • 38C71DC0 00030D40,
  • D9000000 08C71DC0.

These codes can be entered in the usual way you can use the other cheat codes. By cheat menu or by action reply in Citra cheat menu and you can utilize this money whenever you want it to make the game adventures. This will help to put less effort into the game to get the money. You can have it by just applying simple codes and there you go, you have extra money to spend on the thing you want in the game which would never be a bad idea for fun. 

Cheat code for item duplication


If you want to make the game more thrilling you must use this cheat code for item duplication. You have to make a simple move to 1 position and just active the cheat code. If you want to make the game more adventurous and hard, you can level up your game by putting rare candy on the 1st portion and then activate this code to have more fun. However, if you want the unlimited master ball, repeat the same process of placing the master ball at 1st position and then go for the activation of this cheat code. Use the code

  • 28C6EC72 00000063

to have the fun of making the items duplications and get the powerful features again and complete more levels with their help and enjoy the game unlimitedly. This code can help to keep your interest in the game and bring the wish to play it further. 

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Cheat code for a walk through walls

Another interesting cheat can be walking through the walls and you can simply do it by using the cheat code which can help you to make this action reality and bring excitement to the game. For version 1.4 this code was specially made if you have the same version then congratulations but you do not have version 1.4 then, unfortunately, this cheat code would not work for you. To implement this cheat code, you would have to hold the R key on your 3DS of yours and then apply this cheat code. Numerous codes can be applied to walk through the walls but some of them are

  • 00579820 E1A01000,
  • 00579824 E12FFF1E,
  • 00579828 E1A06000,
  • 0057982C E12FFF1E.

These codes can be entered in the usual way you can use the other cheat codes.  Use any of these codes and walk through the walls. This cheat code would help the player to save time and get the fun out of less time. It will help to minimize the hurdles in the game and make it less frustrating. If you want to make the game more thrilling you must use this cheat code.

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