Pokemon Girls Hunter 3

This Pokemon Girls Hunter 3 GBA ROM Hack was created by fz15 and is based on the Pokemon Fire Red video game. Additionally, the file can be downloaded at this time. The information was most recently revised on September 3rd, 2022.

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You collect chicks instead of pokemon in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3, an 18+ GBA ROM Hack. There’s a new territory to explore, a fresh plot, 50 girls to capture, and 10 unique pokemorph girl forms.


Following the disappearance of the soldier who adopted her and another orphan, Aubree, Norelia made the decision to begin working for the kingdom. One of the kingdom’s generals, Lomie, oversaw their efforts. Norelia’s desire, however, can’t be stifled for long, and Lomie’s manipulations meant that she didn’t offer them any strong Pokemon but instead weak ones like Rattata and Zubat.

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This Pokemon Girls Hunter 3 GBA ROM Hack was created by fz15 and is based on the Pokemon Fire Red video game

Features of Pokemon Girls Hunter 3

  • More than 50 distinct types of catchable girls and around 10 different types of Pokemorph girls may be found in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3, much like in the original.
  • In this update, the Kinav region becomes the focus.
  • With only one horrible ending, the game is over quickly.
  • The Teal City move relearner was included in an update on July 6, 2022.
  • The bug that prevented you from resuming the last battle in the terrible ending after you lost it the first time was fixed in the update on August 6th, 2022, and the Battle Tower should now be accessible to everyone.
  • There was a bug that might softlock you in Cornislk Gym, however as of the 9/6/2022 update, it should no longer happen if you chat to the guy blocking your path or upgrade the rom.
  • An aesthetic issue was addressed on 12/6.
  • On June 13th, a bug was patched that prevented a girl from changing into a different species and losing you forever.
  • Some minor dialogue bugs were addressed on 3-9.
  • Some minor bugs that players have been experiencing recently have been addressed in a new version.
    Plus, a new female character has been introduced to the Pokemon Girls Hunter 3. In the Slave Market is where you’ll find her.
  • An Amulet Coin, previously inaccessible without Surf, has been added behind a house in Plainland Town as part of the hotfix.

Pokemon Girls Hunter 3 FAQs

The hotel appears to be in the middle of nowhere; is there a way to go inside?

Nothing can be done with it in the real world; it’s just in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3.

What kinds of attacks do you have, both special and physical?

The physical/special distinction is still type-based as of generation 3.

Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Are there other types of attackers, such as magical ones, brute force ones, and so on?

Bondage forms have lower attack and speed but higher special attack and special defense, whereas n**d forms have lower defense and special defense but higher special attack and special defense.

I have cleared out the Plasma Island, the Mansion, the Calamity, and the Battle Tower, but the Slave Island is locked down, and I can’t seem to find the Zekrom Tower.

You’ll also need to wrap up the events at Blackblood Hospital, and your first encounter with Zekrom will take place in the temple.

Where exactly did you two meet, Reshiram?

Placed in the heart of Maroon Town in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3.

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You collect chicks instead of pokemon in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3, an 18+ GBA ROM Hack

Unfortunately, Sonia eludes my searches on Plasma Island.

Back behind the Pokemon Center is a trail; follow it to the north to find a secret cavern.

Ah, now I see her. How to Become an Undead, at Last!

First, you’ll need to destroy multiple Odd Keystones; there are two on each level of Mt. Rebirth.

I need directions to the island of thorns.

Do check the Plainland Town dungeon to make sure no one has been left behind, locate Sonia on Plasma Island, then go to Blackblood Hospital to save Nabelle.

I’ve got them all, but can you tell me how to get there?

Before you may reach Thorn Island, you must complete the Slave Market quest, win another league match, and then head to Holiday Plaza, where you can catch a boat.

I’m new to the game and was wondering how the binds suit functions.

The Bondage Suit, if you’re asking, slows the wearer down and facilitates ev training.

The number of cosplayers in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3.

There are 14 unique Pokemon cosplayers, plus one who dresses as a milking cow.

After I’ve cleared the fifth gym, where do I proceed from there?

Honeydew City has an event to finish, and then it’s on to Navajo City.

After I left the 7th gym, it went completely dark.

Is this the Ketaly’s Gym you’re referring to? If that’s the case, I’m sorry to say I did look there but didn’t find anything suspicious. You could try to leave the gym once again to see if the same thing happens.

Exactly what is the best way for me to get to the island where slaves are sold? You can’t do that, according to the boat girl.

To visit Metal Island, first obtain the VIP Card from King’s Mansion.

How can I locate small or large mushrooms in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3?

Harvesting them from Paras or Parasect is an option.

If you count Diane on Thorn Island, that’s eleven different female pokemorphs, right?

That’s correct; Pokemon Girls Hunter 3 are all the ones you see in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3.

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If you count Diane on Thorn Island, that’s eleven different female pokemorphs, right?

If I need to go to BB Hospital, what is the best route? Where is Lapras, by the way?

You need to leave Gloomy Cave via an exit, travel to the King’s mansion, complete the event there, and then leave the mansion via the cave on the right side of the building. You can also trade in 9,999 coins for a Lapras at the Game Corner.

I need to get a dowsing device, but I have no idea where to do so.

It sounds like you’re referring to the website Itemfinder. It’s easily accessible by Route X13.

When looking for zekrom, where can one find it?

To find Zekrom and Reshiram again, you should return to Maroon Town and enter the single building you entered previously.

How do I locate a farfetch’d? Regarding his slave – Pokemon Girls Hunter 3

Sorry, but Farfetch’d isn’t included in this particular exploit.

Where can I find the non-player character with the ability to recall previously used skills?

It was my own carelessness in overlooking that, and I’ve corrected it now. After re-downloading the Move Re-Learner, you may find it in Teal City.

I’ve gotten access to the Plaza but am stuck on the island of Thorn. What am I forgetting about?

Gym Leaders, Sonia, who can be located on Plasma island, and Nabelle, who can be found in B.B. Hospital.

Can I win something if I come out on top against the real girls in Holiday Plaza?

Battles are more like the game’s final test, so no, not really.

The Holiday Plaza is now open, and I’d like to know how to travel to Bramble Island. I’ve looked all over the place, but I can’t find a way to enter the building.

When you say “Thorn Island,” what do you mean exactly? Find Nabelle in Blackblood Hospital and make sure all gym leaders and girls in the dungeon were apprehended.

Where do the anal beads go and what do they do? My emulator doesn’t display the full description, and I can’t seem to find the running shoes. The word “sprint” does not describe my abilities.

Anyone on the squad who has dozed off can be roused with its help. And your adversary in Darkblue City has jogging shoes for sale.

When I finish B.B.Hospital, where do I proceed from there? As of right now, the league is still in the process of being reconstructed.

The league can be accessed by completing an event on Plasma Island, traveling to Mt. Rebirth, and finally opening a door in the slave market.

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The league can be accessed by completing an event on Plasma Island, traveling to Mt. Rebirth, and finally opening a door in the slave market

How do I track down Hoopa? and what will set off the calamity – Pokemon Girls Hunter 3

Once you’ve completed the events at the King’s mansion and on Plasma Island, you can continue the story on Rebirth Island.

So, how do I complete the league unlocking process? Calamity and Hoppa are mine already.

After completing the Calamity event and the Blackblood hospital event, the gateway to the Slave Market will become accessible.

I was wondering if you had any idea whether anything existed that might replace the amulet coin. is that I never have enough cash XD.

Pheromone can be used to lure in new foes in a wide variety of situations, providing a simple method for farming currency and grinding experience in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3. Also, I added the ability to obtain Amulet Coin, which I had apparently forgotten to do before. It’s hidden in the back yard of a house in Plainland Town (Surf needed).

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Pheromone can be used to lure in new foes in a wide variety of situations, providing a simple method for farming currency and grinding experience in Pokemon Girls Hunter 3

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