Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Cheats for 3DS & Citra [Action Replay]

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is a remake of the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire role-playing video games for the Game Boy Advance released in 2002, which also feature aspects from Pokémon Emerald. The games were developed by game freak and released by the pokemon company. They belong to the sixth-gen of the Pokemon game franchise. The games were revealed in May 2014 and released on November 21, 2014, in Japan, North America, and Australia, twelve years after Ruby and Sapphire’s initial release date, with the European release following the next week.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Cheats 2022

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Rare candy

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A player can use certain entertaining tricks to make the game more enjoyable for example getting unlimited citra rare candy. One of them is a rare sweet hack that is both beneficial and entertaining to employ in the game. It might assist in increasing the candy for further enjoyment. This trick is really simple to use; with just a handful of steps, you may have the most pleasure possible. As the name implies, these candies are difficult to come by since they are uncommon, yet they are more enjoyable. These sweets may be used to resurrect Pokemon, but not during combat. To use the cheat, you must first launch the GBA emulator, then input the cheat code.

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When you are prompted to choose the cheating type, you should choose GameShark V3. The second step involves going to PokeCenter, choosing your PC, then opening up the storage area of items, and then withdrawing the rare candies. If you have the rare candies in your bag, use them starting now. In order to avoid glitches, you must turn off cheat codes after this process has been completed.

Master ball

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pokemon alpha sapphire cheats master ball

Obtaining a master’s ball in Pokémon Ruby is a significant accomplishment. Obtaining a master ball might be a challenging task, but you can utilize a cheat code to quickly obtain one and make the game more enjoyable and interesting. You can capture a lot of Pokémon if you have a lot of master balls because capturing Pokémon is always exciting. There are two distinct sorts of cheat codes in Ruby’s pile. The initial is to input the cheat code, which will display the master ball on your PC, while the second will display the master ball immediately in your bag, but that ball will vanish as soon as the cheat code is disabled.

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There are also two more cheat codes for the master ball which can help to make the cheat balls on your PC and these codes are

  • 91B743
  • 270697

Citra exp

These let you enjoy citra android exp boosts to the max one battle won to gain a lot of exp.

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Action replay and Citra

These are both tools used for cheating in a game. Action Replay devices can alter the gaming session by interrupting game code communication between the game’s software and the system’s hardware.


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Alpha Sapphire follows in the footsteps of the original Sapphire games in terms of location and plot. Because their dad Norman has been appointed as the commander of the Petalburg City Gym, the player character and their mom go to the Hoenn area from the Johto region. The player and their family arrive at the family’s new house in the settlement of Littleroot Town, on the main island’s southern edge. The player obtains the selected Pokémon as their starter after defeating the wild Pokémon.

They then go throughout Hoenn to finish their Pokédex and confront the Hoenn Pokémon League’s eight Gym Leaders. The player character faces hostile groups Team Aqua in Alpha Sapphire throughout the way, this group desires to use the legendary power of the Primal Kyogre pokemon in Alpha Sapphire to remake the world to their satisfaction. Team Magma wants to utilize Groudon to dry up the oceans and extend the continent, enabling mankind to advance deeper, whereas Team Aqua wants Kyogre to flood the plains and restore the earth to a primordial form, allowing Pokémon to dwell more peacefully.

Depending on the game version, either Maxie or Archie will use the right orb, resulting in their Apex Deprecations, contrary to the previous titles. With the help of Hoenn League Champion Steven Stone and Gym Leader Wallace, the player overcomes their individual squad and then simultaneously encapsulates or beats the fabled Pokémon to avoid a global mass starvation / severe rainstorms, ensuring the teams’ reciprocated reconstruction. Inquest to claim the next Hoenn Pokémon League Champion, the player must overcome the Elite Four and then the Titleholder, Steven. The player can also enter one of the many Pokémon Contests held across Hoenn, putting on a show for an audience and judges with their Pokémon.

The player begins their trip at Littleroot Town, where the person’s household has recently relocated from the Johto territory after Norman, the player’s dad, was appointed as the Petalburg Gym’s commander. The player begins the adventure by traveling in a rental lorry that settles in Littleroot. The player’s mom says that they had just reached their fresh residence after departing the van; then they still immediately visit the residence jointly, with Machoke workmen bringing packages. Professor Birch, Norman’s buddy, is suggested by the player’s parents as a possible introduction.

When the player arrives at Professor Birch’s residence, his spouse welcomes him, and above the player encounters Mayor Brendan (the alterative player persona of the player), Professor Birch’s kid; following the greeting, she or he quickly goes to involve Birch in the fields. After that, the player encounters Birch on Lane 101, who is now under sought by a stray Poochyena. Birch instructs the player to pick a Poké Ball from his satchel, which is laying on the floor, and select a beginning Pokémon from torches, Treecko, Mudkip. Following your selection, combat with the untamed Poochyena commences right away. Upon retrieving Birch, he praises the player by letting them retain the Pokémon they picked. He immediately instructs the player to visit him on Route 103 for advice about how to become a Coach.

What Are Cheat Codes and Cheats in Video Games?

A cheat code is a key sequence or passphrase in a video game that creates an occurrence or consequence. Cheats may be used to give a gun endless ammo, raise a character’s health, transform them into a whole other character, and much more. Cheat codes are entered using a gaming controller or the keyboard on your computer.

Cheat codes are utilized by millions of players all around the world, and they’re generally safe to use. While playing a game, physically entering a cheat code causes a section of the game’s built-in code to perform a specific effect (for example, invincibility). However, you should use caution while enabling a cheat code. Those that need you to download files are especially dangerous since only the person who created the additional code knows what happens when you use it. It’s also worth noting that utilizing any code, whether manually entered or via a patch, may cause the game to become unreliable and prohibit you from correctly saving your game.

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