Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Cheats [Working]

Aethestode’s Pokémon Adventures: Red Chapter is a ROM hack of the FireRed video game. “Pokémon games” refer to video games that are based on the Pokémon franchise. This indicates that all Pokémon games created in the series’ typical style are included in the series canon.

There are a total of 66 games that have been published so far, and they are available on a range of operating systems and devices, including Nintendo, Android, iOS, Microsoft, and other platforms. In this collection of 66 games, the pokemon adventure red chapter is an example of a game to play.

This game, in contrast to previous Pokémon games, is primarily inspired by the Pokémon Adventures manga, making it more cruel and brutal than other Pokémon games. Several anime characters have also been featured.

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Cheats

Purpose Cheat codes
Buy everything only 1$ 3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA
Infinite HP in battle 01ff16dd0
Master Code for Everything 1$ 10044EC8 0007
Master Code to buy Master Balls 000014D1 000A
Master Balls 82003884 0001
Master Code 72BC6DFB E9CA5465
Infinite Rare Candy 820258400044
Walkthrough Walls 509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

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The story of Red from the manga series Pokemon Adventures is recounted in the video game version. It is crucial to note that the game’s creator has used creative license in constructing his or her own story and events, and as a result, the game is not a replica of the manga series.

Red came into Mew in Pallet Forest while on his adventure across Kanto to become the best Pokemon Trainer on the planet. Unfortunately for him, Blue and subsequently Green will be chasing the same aim at the same time, making it a challenging task.

Things grew even more difficult when Team Rocket began conducting their severe trials. Several of the experiments they are doing have the potential to endanger the whole world. During the Red, Green, and Blue and FireRed & LeafGreen arcs, Red is the protagonist of Pokémon Adventures.

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal, and Emerald arcs, he is also a deuteragonist. Blue Oak is Red’s archrival in the manga.

Unique Features

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For the sake of length and entertainment, various events in this game were altered from the original Pokemon Adventure Read manga. The addition of new items, Pokemon, and abilities further distinguishes this game from the original FireRed title.

Despite the game being recognized as the greatest Pokemon hack numerous years in a row, interest in Pokemon Adventure Red remains high, and many players are eagerly awaiting any more changes or enhancements.

These unique features are upgrades that this game received that are not included in the base pokemon adventure.

  • The story is almost identical to the manga, with just a few minor deviations.

  • All except the child are unplayable.

  • You’ll get a lot of attention from Pokemon (Beta 12)

  • Blue (the boy’s competitor) and Green (the girl’s rival) (the girl’s rival)

  • Several Pokemon received a boost or a jolt.

  • Fairy is very vulnerable to Ice-Types. It is also impervious to water, ground, and flying-type attacks.

  • Fighting a Flying-Type is a common part of being a Grass-Type.

  • Dragon-Type is unable to defeat Rock-Type.

  • Trainer class and Pokemon sprites have been redesigned.

  • Extraneous or optional incidents that alter the course of the narrative.

  • Colored text is used by the protagonist to communicate.

Advantages of codes

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Every video game has cheat codes. Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter is a difficult game that does not back down. The game might become frustrating and tough at times, leaving you stuck. These interactions greatly reduce the fun of playing the game.

However, cheat codes may be used as a tool to assist you to escape a problem. Every game has a difficult level. It’s difficult to remain engaged in a game when you are continuously hitting these obstacles. The player will want to play the game again if cheat codes are used. Furthermore, you’ll need to pay real money to obtain some of the game’s unique characters and features.

Using cheat codes allows you to utilize all of the game’s features for free. You can utilize new features in games that you couldn’t use without codes. It improves the game. People may become weary of the same game if they play it again. Using cheat codes prevents this.

Some of the game’s built-in limitations may be bypassed using cheat codes. The game’s creators introduced hacks to the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter so you may gain all of the above-mentioned bonuses.

Methods for using cheats

When you’re ready to use these cheats, go to the ‘Cheats’ section of your emulator’s settings and copy and paste the codes into the proper spaces (one at a time). Following the completion of the required codes to activate the master code on your emulator, you will be able to toggle on or off individual cheats.


When it comes to the Game Boy Advance, three main types of Gameshark Codes are often used: the GameShark V1/V2, the Code Breaker, and the GameShark v3, which is also known as the Action Replay code.

Not all emulators are compatible with the kind of hacks described above, and as a result, you may find that some of the codes listed below do not work correctly. Alternatively, if you’re patching the game with the FireRed V1.1 room, it’s conceivable that the cheat will not operate properly.

As a consequence, the creator of the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter recommends that users patch their games with either the squirrels’ version or the FireRed V1.0 version of the game.

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