PlanetBase Cheats [Guide 2022]

The primary objectives of the game are to colonize a distant planet and establish a new base on its surface. This game combines elements of roleplaying, simulation, and survival into one package.

As the player, it is your responsibility to make efficient use of the resources you have been provided to successfully populate Mars while simultaneously looking out for the interests of your colonists’ health and happiness.

It is possible to instruct the colonists to create robots in addition to mining various types of metal. It is possible to colonize a total of four distinct planets, each of which has unique circumstances and an increasingly challenging level of play. These worlds are referred to as the Barren Moon, the Desert Planet, the Frozen Planet, and the Storm Planet.

PlanetBase Cheats

PlanetBase CheatAward
Planetary Apprentice
Complete tutorial
Have at least 1000 Coins in your base at any given time
Cyber Miner
Have at least 6 Driller Bots and 2 operational Mines at any given time
Desert Base
Build a base with at least 100 colonists on the desert planet
Desert Landing
Land on the desert planet
Frozen Base
Build a base with at least 100 colonists on the frozen planet
Frozen Landing
Land on the frozen planet
Link to the Future
Build two structures and connect them
Moon Base
Build a base with at least 100 colonists on the moon planet
Moon Landing
Land on the gas giant moon
Space Farmer
Have at least 20 Vegetable boxes in your base at any given time
Have 5 operational Telescopes at any given time
Storm Landing
Land on the storm planet
Complete one challenge
Express Outpost
Build a base with at least 100 colonists in less than 30 days
Genetic Engineer
Build a GM tomato and GM onion pad
High Spirits
Build a base with at least 100 colonists and a 95% welfare ratio
Fill a Massive Storage to more than 90%
Hyper Megalomaniac
Build monoliths on all planets
Build all massive structures
Build a base with at least 350 colonists
Police State
Have at least 20 armed Guards in your base at any given time
Robo Colony
Build a base with at least 100 colonists, with at least 25% of Bots
Steel Dome
Have 3 operational lasers, telescopes, and telescope consoles at any given time
Storm Base
Build a base with at least 100 colonists on the storm planet
Absolute Domination
Complete all milestones on all planets
Express Colony
Build a base with at least 250 colonists in less than 60 days
Express Dark Colony
Complete the Dark Moon challenge in less than 70 days
Express Starport
Complete the Starport Atlantis challenge in less than 15 days
Hyper Challenger
Complete all challenges

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How to use cheats on a PC?


For using cheats there is a trainer named cheat engine that can be downloaded from the internet. There are steps below to use this.

  • Launch the Cheat Engine
  • In addition, I start-up the Game.
  • To see the CE Window, use the shortcut ALT+TAB or the Windows key plus D.
  • After clicking the “Select a process to open” button, open the executable file.
  • Either hit the CTRL and O keys on your keyboard or click the option that says “Open a cheat table or unprotected trainer.”
  • Navigate to the location where you stored the file that you downloaded previously.
  • Select the cheats from the table option located under the memory view tab.
  • You need to go back into the game and check to see whether the cheats are working.

Planetbase can be quite unforgiving for new players that have no expectations for what is to come. This difficulty can be very disappointing for many casual players and to reduce this there are planet base cheat codes in the game.

While making the game less tense for new players cheat codes also allow adept players the opportunity to further explore the options of the game and grow exponentially. However, there are no official cheats for ps4, or Xbox one even though there are no official cheats pc but pc players do have the option to use trainers provided on the internet.

With the method above you can get unlimited resources as

  • Meal,
  • Vegetables,
  • Bioplastic,
  • Starch,
  • Vitro Meat,
  • Coins,
  • Medical Supplies
  • Resources.

How to Use Max Stats Cheats?


The “CAPS LOCK” key is required to activate the cheat script. When you hit this key, the statistics of any item that you have chosen, as well as its performances in areas such as Health, Integrity, and so on, are maximized.

Additionally, if you choose a bot, it will automatically repair it and boost its statistics. You may use this trick to completely restore buildings that have only suffered partial damage by raising the rate at which they are repaired.

Planetbase Unlimited Coins and Resources

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