GTA 5 PC Cheats & Numbers [100% Working]

GTA 5 like its previous parts is available for different devices such as personal computers, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and play stations 3,4, and 5. It is one of the legendary games whose cheat codes are still applicable and users find them amusing. Personal Computers provide you with quality visuals, better controls, access keys, flexibility, a variety of modes, real experiences, and freedom to play at one’s own will.

Codes simply make this game easy and quick as these action adventurous games become boring if the achievements or your favorite items take much time to unlock. In addition to this, if a player is not able to complete the task, he/she will become frustrated and it kills the whole purpose of playing games as games are fun activities and are a source of relieving stress.

Moreover, these cheat codes will not allow the player to unlock any trophies which are usually provided to the user when the task is completed and they will not work if you are playing the game online. They work only for offline gameplay and for amusement purposes. Also, these cheats are suitable for the game in single-player mode.

Here you can access GTA 5 cheat codes for your personal computer and download them free.

Character and Effect Cheats pc

gtav pc trevor rockstar games 1

Apply the following cheats on your pc to enhance the capabilities of your character and to add different effects to the game.

Effect Cheat for pc Phone Number
Swift Run CATCH ME 1 -999 -228 -8463
Fast Swim GOTGILLS 1 -999 -468 -44557
Bring Parachute SKYDIVE 1 -999 -759 -3483
Long Jump HOTPOINT 1 -999 -467 -86 -48
Unconsciousness LIQUOR 1 -999 -547 -861
Ultimate Fall SKYFALL 1 -999 -759 -3255
Rainfall MAKE IT RAIN 1 -999 -625 -348 -7246
Low Gravity FLOATER 1 -999 -356 -2837
Turtle’s Pace SLOWMO 1 -999 -756 -966
Capacity Charger POWER UP 1 -999 -769 -3787
Change Character JRTALENT 1 -999 -57 -825368
God Form PAINKILLER 1 -999 -724 -654 -5537’

How to use GTA 5 pc cheats?

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To apply these cheat codes on your personal computer, you need to hold the tilde key which is indicated as (~), and wait for an interval until the dialogue box upon which the command is entered, appears on the screen. There are specific sequences for these cheat codes.

Each unique array of numbers or alphabets has a different purpose and helps to stimulate a particular feature. There is also an alternative way to activate these cheats on a personal computer. For this objective, one’s needs to bring a cell phone to the game and dial a specific number. Every cheat code has its substitute number. A notification will appear every time a cheat is activated. So, there is no need to worry about whether a cheat code is activated or not. Moreover, getting what you want is also proof of that.

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Weapons on pc

The action is incomplete without weapons and assaults. However, it is someone’s personal choice, how to use any weapon. You can also opt for some pacifist activities to avoid these butcheries. You can have different vulnerable weapons in the world of GTA V, and when a player gets its hands on them instantly, is like icing on the cake.

These weapons are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. In addition to this, the enemy can be killed and the given task can be accomplished when the attack is necessary by using these canons or firearms.

Grab All weapons

gta 5 cheats pc 1 1 300x168 1

Melee, Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine guns, light machine guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Thrown Weapons, and a special Digi scanner and Remote Snipper are present in GTA V. Moreover, a wide range of heavy weapons like Firework Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Homing Launcher, Minigun, Pail gun, and Rocket Launcher, etc. are also available in the game for deadly assaults.  To grab all weapons on your personal computer, use the cheat code ‘TOOLUP’ or dial 1 -999 -8665 -87 on your cell phone in the game.

Melee Punches:

gta v cheat explosive melee attacks 300x176 1

Everything is in your hands even when there is no work. It means if you are facing a sudden attack or could not grab any weapon. All you can do to knock down your enemy is to punch him straight in his face. Melee Punch is a powerful stroke, helps you to wreck your enemies. To get it enter ‘HOTHHANDS’ in the dialogue box. The cheat will be activated in no minute. You can also dial 1- 999 -4684 -2637 on a cell phone in the game to activate it.

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Unlimited Ammo:

There is exclusive ammunition available for each weapon. It is as important as the weapon itself. To have explosive ammo enter ‘HIGHEX’ in the dialogue box. Or dial 1 -999 -444 -439 on a cell phone in the game.

Incendiary Round:

gta v cheat flaming bullets 1 300x169 1

Incendiary rounds or flaming bullets set anyone on fire. They are useful in attacks when you have multiple enemies at a time. To have flaming bullets enter ‘INCENDIARY’ or dial 1 -999 -462 -363 -4279 on the cellphone.

Mitigate Aim:

This cheat is to lessen the aim. This is analogous to Michael’s special capability because it provides you time to cheat but can be used on any of the three characters in the game. You can install it up to four times, with each installation reducing the time continuously. The fifth time you install it you will return to normal. Type ‘DEADEYE’ in the dialogue box which appears after pressing the tilde key or make a call to 1 -999 -332 -3393 by using the cell phone.

Boost Wanted Level:

Likewise, the other series of GTA, the wanted level means how much you are demanded by the police department of the city of Los Santos. This ranking is available as five stars. However, in the other series of the game, there were six stars to represent the wanted level of the player.

To increase the wanted level on your personal computer use the cheat ‘FUGITIVE’ or dial 1 -999 -3844 -8483 on the cell phone.

Hinder Wanted Level

If you want to get rid of the unnecessary police and wanted to dodge them, all you need to do is to enter the cheat ‘LAWYERUP’ on the dialogue box on the screen of your personal computer. You can also dial ‘1 -999 -529 -93787’. Whenever you activate this cheat, your wanted level decrease to one star. To minimize the wanted level, enter the cheat five times.


e4c00 15898651572386 800 1 300x169 1

Invincibility in GTA V is a tool to safeguard yourself from the bullets or missiles fired upon you. In extreme battles and police encounters, this cheat will help you to save your health.

However, it will be deactivated after a certain limit. So, you need to reenter the cheat. Type ‘PAINKILLER’ or dial ‘1 -999 -724 -654 -5537’ to activate the cheat.

Maximum Health and Protective Sheilds

Armour in grand theft auto V is classified into five categories depending upon the protection it provides. There is super light armor, light armor, standard armor, heavy armor, and super heavy armor. It gives 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% safety respectively. Type ‘PAINKILLER’ in the dialogue box or call on ‘1 -999 -724 -654 -5537’ to activate the cheat and unleash crazy violent anarchy.

PC Cars:

gtav pc franklin rockstar games

To get the experience of exotic luxury cars in the grand theft auto V, cheats are necessary. Cruising around the city of Los Santos and the accomplishment of tasks these dynamic cars are the most important need of the game.

Here’s the list of grand theft auto 5 car cheats pc.

Cars Cheat Codes for PC Phone Number
Rapid Grand Theft Sports Car Inscribe ‘RAPIDGT’ Dial 1 -999 -RAPIDGT or 1 -999 -727 -4348.
Limousine or Stretch Limo: Inscribe ‘VINEWOOD’ Dial 1 -999 -VINEWOOD or 1 -999 -8463 -9663.
Caddy Golf Cart Inscribe ‘HOLE IN 1’ Dial 1 -999 -HOLEIN1 or 1 -999 -4653 -461.
Dewbauchee Inscribe ‘RAPIDGT’ Dial 1 -999 -RAPIDGT or 1 -999 -727 -4348.
Slidey Cars Inscribe ‘SNOWDAY’ in the dialogue box. Dial 1 -999 -SNOW DAY or 1 -999 -9329.
Pfister Comet Inscribe ‘COMET’ Dial 1 -999 -COMET or 1 -999 -266 -38.
Duke O’ Death Inscribe ‘DEATHCAR’ Dial 1 -999 -DEATH CAR or 1 -999 -3328 -4227.

Cheats for other vehicles for pc:

GTA 5 cars Cheats 300x169 2

Apart from cars, the grand theft auto V also provides the players with a wide range of vehicles that supports transportation not only on land but also in water and air. Following are some cheats to access these vehicles easily.

Submarine- Karaken submarine is available in grand theft auto V to move in the water. It is used t travel exclusively underwater to avoid the enemy’s gaze. But before you get it, you need to unlock it. To unlock this vehicle, complete the wildlife photography challenge by taking snaps of all the wild animals existing in the game. After unlocking it, enter ‘BUBBLES’ on your pc or dial ‘1-999-282-2537’ on a cell phone.

Seaplane- If you find difficulty in riding a boat, you need a Dodo Sea Plane for the missions which require both sea and land activities. To get your hands on it immediately, type ‘EXTINCT’ or press ‘1-999-398-4628’ on the numeric keys of your pc.

Motorbike- Do you want to get out of the rush hour? Are you tired of the weird traffic? The PCJ-600 is the ultimate vehicle that helps you in such situations. Its exclusive design enables you to escape in style. To spawn a PCJ-600 motorbike enter ‘POCKET’ on your personal computer or dial ‘1-999-762-538’.

Dirt Bike- Sanchez is another term used for the dirt bike in GTA V. It provides you with a rough and tough ride on the roads of the city of Los Santos. To grab it enter ‘OFFROAD’ or dial ‘1 -999 -633 -7623’.

Nagasaki Buzzard- It is a light helicopter based on a simple design and is convenient to use. It is commonly known as ‘Buzzard’. To get this chopper, simply type this GTA 5 cheats pc helicopter “BUZZOFF’ or dial ‘1- 999- 289- 9633’.

Mallard- It is a stunt plane introduced exclusively in GTA to add more amusements as players can perform different skits while flying it. However, it takes skills and experience to fly it. To gain a stunt plane quickly, enter ‘BARNSTORM’ or dial ‘1 -999 -2276 -78676’.

BMX- BMX is a handy, small, and convenient bicycle to move around the city in GTA V. Moreover, no extra skill is required to paddle it. To get this type ‘BANDDIT’ on the dialogue box that appears on the screen of your personal computer or call on the number ‘1 -999 -226 -348’ by using the cell phone in the game.

Garbage Truck- also called ‘Trash Master’ is a dump truck. Typically, it is not a favorite vehicle to drive by players. However, it is required in some tasks. Enter the cheat code ‘TRASHED’ or simply dial ‘1 -999 -872 -433’.

Money Cheats

Till now players are unsuccessful to unravel this mystery of GTA 5 cheating unlimited money required for infinite money in the GTA series. You can only purchase money or get it via robbery or as a reward after completing a task. Despite this, you can get pc cheats to download and GTA 5 cheats pc pdf from here too.

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