Graveyard Keeper Cheats [Trainer]

In Graveyard Keeper, your graveyard is kept as efficiently as possible. When it comes to saving money, do whatever you can to use these options by allowing the cash to be with you is to improve your health.

PLITCH is the sidekick you don’t want to miss when it comes to Training Codes and Cheats. Since its release in 2018, graveyard keeper has been firmly entrenched in the hearts of many fans as Stardew Valley’s “curved sister.” The downloadable content, including Game of Crone, was available at the time of release.

Does Graveyard Keeper have cheats?

Our Graveyard Keeper coach features over 6 hacks and is Steam compatible. With the WeMod program, you may cheat in this game and many others! these cheats also work in graveyard keeper cheats Xbox one for you to get more joy!

Graveyard Keeper Trainer

Graveyard Keeper +26 coach supports STEAM and is now available for version 1.404. These Graveyard Keeper cheats are designed to help you get more out of the gameplay.

Purpose Cheats
Num 1 Infinite Health
Num 2 Infinite Stamina
Num 3 Infinite Tool Durability
Num 4 Instant Action
Num 5 Instant Crafting/Research
Num 6 Fast Movement Speed
Num 7 Set Game Speed
Num 8 Infinite Items
Num 9 Ignore Crafting Requirements
Num 9 Ignore Crafting Requirements
Num 0 Mega Inventory Size
Num . Freeze Daytime
[Hold]Num + Fast Forward Time
Ctrl+Num 1 Infinite Money
Ctrl+Num 2 Add 5 Gold
Ctrl+Num 3 Infinite Tech Points
Ctrl+Num 4 Tech Points Multiplier

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“Moment Action” is useful for a variety of tasks, including building, tree trimming, digging, tunneling, etc.

For re-clearly assets, “Moment Crafting/Research” also functions.

“Ignore Making Specifications”: When you first start, you can make things regardless of whether you have enough resources; but, if you do have enough resources, they will be used. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to produce items in a clump when you need extra ingredients, but you can still make them one at a time.

“Boundless Tech Points”: Keep in mind that there are three types of tech focuses, and this option works for each of them.

Replenish energy & Health


Graveyard Keeper has two important details: vitality and well-being. When you’re in the middle of combat or when you’re being attacked, your health shows up differently. Energy is continuously displayed because most of the game’s relationships demand it. You can’t collect assets, build devices, or finish journeys lacking energy. The primary issue you can do without using energy is walked around and talk to the NPCs.


You can get combinations as a gift from various NPCs, or you can make them yourself using the Alchemy workshop. On the creativity tree, this item has been unlocked. You can store it in the church cellar.

Unlimited money

Elixirs can be obtained as a reward from various NPCs, or you can make them yourself using the Alchemy workshop. The creativity tree is the starting point for this article. You can store it in the storm cellar of the chapel.

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Graveyard Keeper: Cheat {Salion}

Unzip the files to the game folder

  • F1 – Restore full energy;
  • F2 – Restore full hp;
  • F9 – Cheat menu;
  • Shift – running acceleration;

By selecting an item in the stock, you may adjust its quantity, value, and toughness in the cheat menu. Bringing forth objects necessitates the use of an ID, which may be found by pressing the “thing list” button. The game package will include a text file named “Thing list.txt.” It includes the item ID as well as the Russian name.

Graveyard Keeper Autopsy 

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Graveyard Keeper revolves around a perplexing cadaver economy based on precise medical treatment capabilities and a steady stream of incoming corpses. You’ll have to improve your graveyard score at some point by assuring that each corpse that goes into the grave is in the best possible shape. One approach to achieve this is to make sure the corpse you’re covering has had the chance and resolve to rot. Letting a corpse rot or go above 90% quality begins to whittle away at the total number of skulls the body has, lowering its overall score generating maximum.

The alternative is to guarantee that only the appropriate bodily components are removed during the examination and analysis. In any event, this may be regarded as an experimenting phase at the start of a game, one that you could not have the patience for, given the distance between the funeral home and your home. That’s what you’re good at.

Dissection Guide

In all white and red skulls, the true ability “score” of the cadaver is assessed. The white represents positivity, whereas the red represents negativity. The goal is to convert a section of the red skulls to white skulls or completely erase them.

Before you even place a body on the post-mortem inspection table, you should remove the fat and blood as rapidly as possible. This will automatically remove two red skulls and replace them with two white skulls, greatly altering the body’s essence.



-1 White Skull


-1 Red Skull

+1 White Skull


-1 Red Skull

+1 White Skull


No Effect


-1 White Skull

+1 Red Skull


Max -3 Red Skull (selected randomly)

Max -2 White Skull (selected randomly)


Max -3 Red Skull (selected randomly)

Max -2 White Skull (selected randomly)


Max -3 Red Skull (selected randomly)

Max -2 White Skull (selected randomly)

Embalming Fluids

Lye Injection

  • +1 Red Skull
  • +1 White Skull

Acid Injection

  • -1 Red Skull
  • -1 White Skull

Glue Injection

+1 White Skull

How To Use Cheat Engine?

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To activate the cheat, you must first perform the appropriate action – burn through energy, swap, place objects in the chest and Back, and so on – due to the quirk of the Unreal motors so this particular game. Constant energy (Fixed Energy and Tiredness) – Energy does not decrease but does not increase, and weakening does not accumulate (refreshed for 0.671, works once more)

Neverending cash (Eternal Money) – Sell or buy anything to keep your wallet up to date; money will be frozen at 99g99s. The best possible device state (Max Durability on All Tools) – slash dig as much as you like; everything falls and you shouldn’t have to fix anything; by accident, it also affects the graves.

Unlimited thing stacks (Unending Stacks) – shifting single pieces (mouse or right snap) duplicates the item, but shifting the entire stack (with shift) does not.

Launch process:

  1. Turn over Cheat Engine, “Burden” and select a table
  2. “Select a cycle to open”, select the ideal interaction.
  3. Select the ideal choice, put it across.

Graveyard on pc

WeMod will easily show all on your pc. Open a game from the rundown and hit the play button. You can start using numerous hacks after the game’s responsibilities have been lifted and you’ll be in-game.

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