Fortnite Zone Wars Map Codes

If you are looking for FORTNITE ZONE WARS MAP CODES then this is the article for you. This article will summarize the codes of zone wars. What are you waiting for without scrolling down to find out more information about this game!!!

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List of 2v2 Fortnite Zone Wars Map Codes 

Fortnite 2V2 BOX FIGHT: 0377-0055-2829

GOODFIGHT’S ZONE WARS: 3623-1292-5094

REAL 2V2V2V2 ZONE WARS: 6939-9899-0540



FINEST’S REALISTIC: 6570-5231-1418

SCRIM ZONE WARS: 4628-1678-6851

ZONE WARS FOR 2 TEAMS: 3457-9903-3473

DUO ZONE WARS IN PXBLIC: 5184-2446-0804

ZONE WARS IN THE TOWN: 9299-7973-8393


In the table below we will give you the map code name and the characteristics of each code!

Zone Wars: 2689-3909-8593 in 2 vs 2

One of Fortnite’s most well-known 2v2 maps that lets you relive the Storm Circle zone rush. Simple images make for an environment free from interruptions.

Box Fight: 0377-0055-2829

One of the more adaptable game maps is this one. While playing 2v2 is an option, you can enhance your experience by adding extra people.

Zone War & Random Duo Box Fight: 5355-6686-5511

One more well-liked Zone Wars map that also functions as a Box Fight. This is a fantastic map to play in, with a setting that is reminiscent of season 1.

ZONE WARS OF GOODFIGHT: 3623-1292-5094

A map in the vortex design with additional built-in gaming options.

Zone Wars in real 2V2V2V2: 6939-9899-0540

A Zone Map with a volcano-related theme. To get around the shrinking zone, jump across platforms and skeletons.

Wars in the Scrim Zone: 4628-1678-6851

Among the other maps on this list, this one is significantly more colorful. Even more players can be added to your squad, which is a wonderful choice to have.

Zone Wars for 2 Teams 3457-9903-3473

One of Zone Wars’ more tranquil layouts. There are many things to search for, including adversaries.

Duo Zone Wars for PXBLIC: 5184-2446-0804

Pxblic did an excellent job of creating a challenging map that actually functions. You will also need to keep an eye out for the zone and adversaries in addition to a box-game-like function.

Wars in the Town Zone: 9299-7973-8393

This level was inspired by COD Nuketown. You can construct your way out of a jam, but be aware of the diminishing zone.


Hope the article has brought you useful information about Fornite Zone Wars maps. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below!

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