Fire Emblem Fates Cheats for Citra [Working]

Fates were published in three editions, each having a separate plot focused on the same heroes, unlike prior titles: Birthright and Conquest were tangible copies, while Revelation was digital material. The main plot features the lead, a customizable Avatar called Corrin by default, as they become unwittingly entangled in a conflict between the Kingdoms of Hoshido (their origin) and Nohr (their adoptive home), and must pick whichever side they are fighting for.

The Avatar organizes both sides against the actual genius behind the conflict in Revelation. Many principles from earlier Fire Emblem games are included in the gameplay, which concentrates upon the tactical movement of soldiers around a grid-based battlefield, however other components are exclusive to each setting. Following the paramount and commercial success of Awakening, work on Fates started, with Awakening’s team returning to their prior jobs. The team’s primary focus was on refining the tale, which had been criticized by certain fans, as well as introducing new features and enhancements to the original gameplay.

All codes of the game are listed below:

Shin Kibayashi, a writer, was invited in to help with this. The game was broken up into various versions to present both sides of the tale and provide players with alternative Fire Emblem experiences. It received overwhelmingly great reviews upon debut, with Birthright being seen as a decent place to start for inexperienced players, Conquest being commended for its difficulty, and Revelation is regarded as a solid halfway ground between the two releases.

Fire Emblem Fates Cheats

All Cheats Listed
[Max Money v1] [Max Money v1] [Max Money v .0]
DD00000 0000804
D300000 000000
B06DA24 0000000
000038 00423F
D00000 00000
[(SELECT+Y)Dragon Point99 v1.0]
DD0000 0000804
D300000 0000000
B06006 0000
B00008 00000
B0000 00000
10000D0 006AC
D0000 000000
[(SELECT+Y)Gems & Foodstuff x99 v1.0]
DD000 000008
00000 000000
B06D9 800000
B00008 00000
B00000 00000
0000C F0FFF
B00004 00000
00000 36363
000004 636363
000008 63636
[(SELECT+Y)Enable All City Item v1.0]
DD000000 0000
D3000 000000
B098 000000
B0008 000000
B000 000000
1000046 00002492
00000048 492
000004C 4924
000050 24924924
00000054 49249249
920000005C 2924924
000000 492249
0000064 92492492
000068 249244
00006C 4929
000070 924492
100084 0000E0
D00000 000000
[(SELECT+Y)Move Add +100 v1.0]
DD000 00004
D30000 0000
00000000 C000FA
20012C 00064
60014 00000
B0000 0000000
D00000 0000
D00000 000000
D00000 000000
[(SELECT+Y)Convoy’s item x99 v1.0]
DD0000 000804
D3000 000000
B05E8 00000
C0000 0001F4
600004 000000
20004 0063
D0000 00000
DC0000 00008
000000 0000
D0000 00000
[(SELECT+Y)All items in convoy to x95 v1.0]
DD000 000804
D3000 00000
B05E8 00000
D5000 0000
C0000 00162
200004 00000
D60000 00000
D4000 00001
D0000 000004
D10000 00000
[(SELECT+Y)Can receive all items in Path Bonus v1.0]
DD000 000804
D00000 000000
B00008 000000
B0000 00000
B04C8 000000
000004 0077
D300000 00000
B363C 00000
0000 00700
00004 00162
D3000 00000
D5000 00001
C00000 00002
0A000 000001
D6000 00A004
D4000 00001
DC0000 00004
00000 00000
D3000 000000
004F80 000594
00488 E0003
0D33C E1F1E
D000 00000
fire emblem fates awakening citra cheat codes
[Max Gold]
0000 10000
97D0 0023F
[Max Renown]
0000 1400
00D4 0423F
[Second Seal]
D00 0000
006E 0000FF
[Master Seal]
00B6C 0000
000000 14000
[Master Key]
Q0000 0000
Fire emblem warriors cheat codes
[Max Money v1.5.0]
65A0 0000
B65A0 00000
0004 0067F
00000 00000
[Infinite Musou v1.5.0]
0DFE8 E81A41
0057EC E94001
00FF4 10044
005FF8 E0045
00FFC E8001
004B3C EBAA9
[Infinite Awake v.5.0]
07DFC0 E10A0F
005FC4 E94005
005FCC E0000A
00FD0 C10051
0DFD4 E3001
005FD8 9550
00FDC BD8005
00538 E31AA0
[Infinite Health v1.5.0]
00580 ED8A05
00574 E92002
00588 E24001
0DF8C E37003
0050 8002
00594 E503C
00598 E3500
0059C 05101C
0057A0 058014
005A4 E8002
001D2 EB0C6

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maxresdefault 16
Setting for the gameplay

In Millennia passed, the Ancient Dragons fought a massive conflict that resulted in massive damage. Another dragon resolved to enlist the help of mankind by crafting fabled weaponry that brought this battle to a conclusion. Whilst it was a triumph, it did sadly lead to mortal conflict. Fates are currently located around an unidentified territory inside the realms of the monarchies of Hoshido and Nohr. Their nobility descended from ancient dragons in a similar way, although each country venerates a separate dragon deity, the Dawn Dragon and the dawn and dusk Dragon, respectfully.

The concealed monarchy of Valla, which is only approachable across the bottomless pit Gorge that divides Hoshido and Nohr, is a 3rd key site. It was formerly controlled by humanity, but today it is governed by the dragon Anankos, who have taken Valla’s crown and also is deliberately inciting conflict amongst the rival countries. Anankos was once a loving dragon that offered humans enlightenment, though his rising strength and reluctance to transcend to the spiritual dimension with the world’s other dragons began to usurp him, according to the Hidden Truths DLC.

He ultimately went insane after killing Valla’s ruler in an uncontrollable display of barbaric fury: his residual rationality and compassion embraced interim residence in a mortal incarnation and procreated Corrin prior to actually expiring, meanwhile his dragon identity embarked on a maniacal campaign to exterminate civilization.

Many generations before the commencement of Fates, throughout a “ceasefire negotiation” amongst both the countries in Cheve, Hoshido’s King Sumeragi was attacked by the Nohrian Military and gravely injured by a hail of bolts eventually being murdered by the Nohrian King Garon. King Garon then stole Sumeragi’s newborn baby, Corrin, and raised em to be a tool of Nohr’s supremacy in the globe. Conversely, Sumeragi’s spouse Mikoto took over as the sovereign dictator of Hoshido after their monarch died.



  • For the game, the user may design a Persona.
  • Except for bodily composition, however, has been decreased to two per sexual preference, the player has more customization choices for their Persona than in Awakening.
  • Hair additions for feminine characters are unique.
  • All troops in the videogame may be outfitted with special clothes similar to New Mystery of the Emblem via My Chateau. Caps, face masks, clothing, and mittens are among the items that may be donned in combat and provide a range of attribute bonuses. In theatrical sequences, they, like subclasses, will be absent.
  • Assault Posture and Defense Posture are innovative strategies that replace the Pair Up and Dual System features from Awakening.
  • Furthermore, despite the adversaries in Awakening, who did not employ the Duo Style whatsoever, the adversary may utilize the Assault Posture and Defense Posture.
  • Like Awakening, the title contains speech casting. Double voice is eliminated between assists, and conversations are no more audible, although they are nevertheless present in the plot.
  • Beyond the plot, each edition of the videogame varies the main gaming structure.
  • Troops may develop various talents as they gain experience, and abilities make a comeback in the gameplay.
  • The game includes reclassing and advancement possibilities.
  • There is only one static reclassing possibility for all heroes, down from 2 in Awakening.
  • The Heart Seal enables a hero to reclass towards their auxiliary class at the same rank as their primary class, but it does not restore ranks or oust units such as the Second Seal.
  • By utilizing a Friends Seal with a buddy and a Partnership Seal with their partner, troops can get extra reclass possibilities.

Fire emblem fates emulator cheat engine

What is the best way to use this cheat sheet?

  • Download and install Cheat Engine.
  • To open the.CT file, simply double-clicks it.
  • To choose the game process in Cheat Engine, click the PC icon.
  • Keep track of the list.
  • Checkboxes or enter values starting at 0 to activate the trainer options.

Fire emblem awakening gateway cheats

EXP multiplier x512 

  • A58 0002B2
  • A5A 0E1D0
  • 105A60 000512
  • 19A62 0030
  • B9A64190
  • 10566 00000
  • 105B 008
  • 10A6A 008BD
  • 1B188 0002
  • 1048A 00EB04

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