Fallout 1 Cheats [100% Working Guide]

By Interaction Studios, Fallout is a character video game that was launched at the end of the 21st century, centuries after a worldwide nuclear holocaust, the Vault Dweller, Fallout’s hero, lives in a subterranean nuclear bunker known as Vault 13.

A silicon chip is needed to repair the Vault’s freshwater distribution system, which the player must find after personalizing their protagonist’s appearance. Some tasks are given by other individuals, who may be approached for help while roaming the wilderness. Warfare in the game is turn-based, allowing the player to make choices each time a round ends.

Fallout 1 Cheats 2022

These are some of the best Fallout 1 pc console cheats that will work for every version of the game and are also compatible with every console.

Codes  Effects
IAN I will take you to Shady sand
Dogman Direct landing on junkyard
Tycho Joining others team
Tandi Kill without getting hurt
boom Blowing of heads
Press Credit Edit comments
TCL Avoid collision
If Blocks opponents camera
If 2 Freezes animations
Tl Reset the damages
Csb Teleports to other places

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What’s the story about?

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In Fallout, the player starts with an avatar he or she creates or one with predetermined traits. Vault Dweller is a character in the game that has a unique combination of six different states, all of which are determined by the use of the SPECIAL mechanism.

These stats are: power ,awareness ,stamina ,charisma ,intellect ,agility and fortune. Equipment a player may handle and the damages they can deliver with melee equipment is determined by a team’s ability.

Perception influences the level of detail and range of the team’s weapons when they are examined. Players’ health and resilience to condition effects are affected by endurance. The player’s ability to get their point through to other players without turning to bloodshed is determined by their Charisma.

Skills and attributes are two additional stats that may be included in a character’s construction. There are eighteen talents, and each one has a percentage number that indicates how successful it is. The basic statistics define their original efficacy, but three of them may be granted a 20% increase.

What do the cheats do?

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The fallout 1 cheat engine allows the user to cross the limits of the fun and to make crazy changes with everything. The cheats make the game easier and gain many things that you can’t earn normally such as gaining the highest XP, getting yourself unlimited cash, and many more.

But for every type of cheat, there is a unique way of its own. Different cheats and tricks depend on the version of the game and what device you are playing it on.

What are the cheats for Pc?

Unlimited cash. By thieving from Killian Darkwater in Junktown, you may get a limitless supply of money. After you’ve robbed him, save your program and then relaunch it. You’ll be able to grab from Killian again when his collection is restored. Countless repetitions are encouraged.

Getting endless XP. In the Junkyard, volunteer to wipe out the Deathclaws for the Gun Runners. Come back to the Gun Runners after killing the Female Deathclaw and her babies on the main page.

Speak with Gabriel and only choose the “Bring me firearms and ammunition” choice. Then come back to Gabriel of the Gun Runners and pick the identical choice you did previously after receiving your exp. You may do this as numerous times as you would like and get an additional 1000 experience points each time.

Hidden itemsOccasionally, you’ll come across a bald traveler sitting on a mat with a plethora of trash next to him. A bonfire and a drink are always present when you run across him at night. The beer bottle is now ours and to make using your Thief ability.

No, despite how good you are at Stealing, you’ll always come out on top. You’ll discover a variety of goods, such as leather jackets, Stingers, and.44 Magnum JHP ammunition, in the vodka bottle.

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For unlimited stimpacks and caps. In exchange for your assistance in aiding the Blades in their fight against Regulators, return to the Blades’ station and chat with Michael. After selecting the second choice, Michael will reward you with 4 stimpacks and around 100 caps.

Plasma armor. You must steal a credential from the guy in the center as you approach the church to the north of the scrapyard. No other way to reach up the stairs. Once you’ve stolen it, use the lock pick on the doorway to your left to get access to it.

You may now go to level 3 and steal the blue credential from the cult’s state governor because you have the credential. Open the box on the right side of the chamber to unlock plasma.

Unlock power armor. After you’ve taken out the crew, go to the tower’s rear room and free the prisoner inside. He wants you to inform Talus about him. . Talus is a member of the Steel Brothers. His list of gear and armaments will be rather extensive. The power armor is yours. Now it’s time to visit Micheal. In return, Micheal provides you with Power Armor.

How do these cheats affect the gameplay?

These are some most used Fallout 1 walkthrough cheats that allow the gamer to go beyond the limitations and succeed in the game. For very difficult quests, these tricks are best for them. You may not waste your time now and get your rank up.

More of the cheat codes

Codes  Effects
SSG Weapons reload without ammo
OL Increase speed 
Shift key + A Walks faster
Long press space bar Changes outfit
Double click R Change gun skins
TAI Weather change 
TCAI Stop rain
kill all Defeat everyone
exchange Change genders
CA Increase XP
000235  Fly over their heads

These cheats can also be used as the Fallout 1 hex cheats since everything relates and you can make changes as well.

Fallout – Installing the CheatBoy Modification

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