Corruption of Champions 2 Cheats [100% Working]

COC 2 Cheats

Fenoxo created Corruption of Champions, a free digital educational text play otaku game. The player assumes the character of a peasant who is transported as a “champion” to a devil realm to combat the devils through a strange gateway. They are then left alone and deserted in a world teeming with physical intimacy creatures. The player takes on the position of a freshly deported inhabitant of a town where it has been a yearly ritual to choose a “Champion” to combat monsters and safeguard the settlement.

You did grow up in the little town of Ingram, a lonely community long buried in the wilderness with rich traditions. Your town has selected a hero to send to the terrible Devil Realm every year for as old as you can recollect. According to legend, Ingram has been unable to generate a champion in recent years, causing unrest throughout the region. Children vanish, crops fail, and sickness spreads quickly. You’ve been chosen to be the victor this year.

COC 2 Cheats

TitleCorruption of Champions II
Cat’s Got Your BackRecruit Cait.
What’s Your Beef?Recruit Brint.
HoarderAcquire more storage space.
I’m A Lumberjack And I’m All RightRescue Garret from the logging camp.
Weed WhackerDefeat the Alraune.
Pepperidge Farms RemembersDiscover Pepperidge Farms.
Hoshi no TamaPick up the Amulet of Transference.
One Man’s PoisonHelp Leorah with her venom problem.
Donut SteeleTransform away from your original race.
Time to CookBuy a portable alchemy kit from Idris.
Ugly DucklingHelp Shar move into the ruined tower.
Wyn-Wyn SituationRecruit Berwyn.
Faster Than LightFast travel using The Ways Between.
Panty ThiefSteal a pair of panties.
DaycarePut a kid in Gwyn’s nursery.
Cloister HoisterRecover Sorra’s Succor for Sanders and the chapel.
Kitty’s CreamMake Cait lactate.
Edge of DeathRevive yourself from defeat.
LiteracySolve a word lock chest.
Say Neigh to DemonsPurify the centaur village.
GhostbustersPut the spirits of Fort Marrok to rest.
Breed and ButterKeep the Cat Harem at your side after saving them from Hirrud Grune.
Champion of FrostSave the Winter City from Kasyrra’s clutches.
And My Hat?Recruit Quintillus.
The Mean GreenRecruit Arona.
Right of ConquestHelped Arona to become the chieftain of the Kervus tribe.
Gunboat DiplomacyFight your way to the end of the Kurokawa kitsune den.
Getting A HeadRecruit Atugia.
Moo!Recruit Brienne.
Land of Milky HoneyRestore peace to the vesperian hive.
To the BrimBecome inundated with fluids.
Rare ValuePurchase a special deal from Kohaku.
Who Are You?Change your name.
‘Tis the SeasonView a seasonal event.
O-Inari-SamaKinu grew up as an Inari Shoujo.
Guess We’ll Both be the MommiesTalk to Brienne about her being pregnant with your kid while you’re pregnant with her kid.
Refused the Call
MareiageMarry Atani, chieftain of the marefolk.
Princess MakerKinu grew up as a Kitsune Hime.
The Great OutdoorsGet involved with Brienne outdoors.
Exiled AmazonThis caused Arona to be exiled from the Kervus tribe.
The CorruptedReach maximum Corruption.
TenkiameMarry Kiyoko.
Elven NatureLet Hashat show you a good time as an elf.
For What Profits It A ManTrade-in your soul to one of the gods for power and profit.
Mofu MofuSell your soul to Keros for the fluffy tail.
Un-Stable CorruptionCorrupt the centaur village.
The Brawl To End Them AllWin the bar fight in the orcish war camp.
Maximum OvermooObtain the largest cat chest.
Like, Totally AwesomePermanently bimbofy yourself.
Baby BagHave 32 kits with Kiyoko.
Duel of WitsDefeat Nareva at her own game.
The RedeemedBecome a Champion after being a Dark Knight.
Child SupportUpgrade the nursery to its maximum level.
Folded One Thousand TimesAs a kitsune, equip the swift sword, fluffy scarf, kabuto, and lamellar armor all at once.

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Refused the call

The first decision you made even during the course. Select the “Do Nothing” selection. The accomplishment will not appear right away. I would just have to pick between assisting Cait and “waiting” 5 hours for it to explode.

Cats got your back 

After completing the lesson, go to the Ice Hound and chat with Caitlyn under the “Visitors” menu. Select an option to hire her.

What’s your beef

Brint may be recruited using the “Join” choice if you travel north through into forests south of Hawke Thorne.


If you keep going inland from Brint and through wooded areas, you will soon achieve the Alraune. You might have to reach the next level once depending on the challenge you choose at the outset.

Faster than light 

Again when the Alraune has been conquered and handled with, you can move on to the next step. The Way Fort is located to the north of the Wayford. The way stone might very well be from one of the left-hand areas. (The accomplishment’s icon is shown.) Simply reactivate it and utilize it to transport back to Hawkethorne to complete the accomplishment.

Champion of frost 

The prevailing final story attainment. It is a sequence of conflicts in the far south beyond the kitsune den. When they’re all done and the story sequence is finished, the achievement will appear.

Gunboat diplomacy 

Once through the way fort, I will find myself in the Frozen Wood, the homeland of the Bishounen and Mythological beast. After a dialogue with Woman Evergreen, she would then offer you a pursuit to obtain her pouch again from Tanuki den in the north. I national association for the advancement level 5 and also being acquainted with Techniques is utilized and the amulet of before trying the Kitsune den, completing it to the finish will earn you the accomplishment.

For whats a profit in a man 

These two accomplishments are currently accomplished in the same manner. Fulfill the search for Rindo (The half-burnt kitsune) (The half-burnt kitsune.) Trying to fight the ripples of learning dolts is part of the pursuit. Promise your devotion to Keros once he exposes man to be a Kitsune and accomplish these great accomplishments.

Breed the butter 

Soon you will be contacted by a minimum required sample contractor in Hawkethorne who might report his “harem” of Cat-folk had mysteriously disappeared. They could be holed up and starting to play in a cellar in the Hills to the east. Accept their offer to assist them in combating the mercenary and deliver the armor they require. Beat off the mercenary and take women in for your harem to finish the assignment and get the badge.