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Cooking Dash is a 2015 strategic plan administration game made by Glu Mobile and released by PlayFirst in San Francisco. It’s a Diner Dash spin-off that acts as a relaunch for the classic Cooking Dash game. Cooking Dash 2016 was eventually retitled.

Cooking Dash Cheats 2022

PurposeCheats & Tricks
Activate main menu Press [8], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [ [8] [2] [4] [6] [8] [2] at the main menu, on the keypad
Extra cashProvide extra drinks to your clients if they are already full in the second restaurant. They will pay you more than usual.
The client is unable to leaveYou can grab clients at 1 heart level if the size of your podium heart isn't big enough to keep them. To do that, slide your cursor over them and "grab" them until your podium heart is filled. Consumers will not be able to leave.

The podium is the best place to go if you have three or more visitors at your table. After serving the meal, return to the podium and repeat the process until the table is empty.
Freeze time677933 = freeze time; 677934 = score of 99999

677935 = get an unlimited number of chairs and tables

677936 = get a limitless number of customers

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Five Stars Are Important


Your results are graded, and if you complete everything correctly, you can get up to five stars. You won’t be able to do this the first time you visit a stage, but you may always return after purchasing improvements. You want the five stars because you’ll be rewarded with gold bars, which you may spend as you choose.

In a Pinch, Forget Your Tips

When a guest is through with you, he or she will depart, and you will hopefully be able to collect a reward. However, if things become too frenetic, leave the tips where they are.

This may deter future clients from approaching certain tables, giving you some breathing room, albeit you should employ this tactic carefully. After all, you want to make the most money possible with the area you have, which is difficult to achieve if too many tables are clogged with unclaimed tips.

Don’t let your guests down.

The greater money you make, the speedier you sell meals to your clients. Consumers normally contribute additional ticks, this increases the timer’s length. Lost clients, on the other hand, could result in a consequence. Handle restless, irritated clients initially, i.e. someone with a short queue meter than in others. Every consumer’s awaiting meter is the green meter alongside him or her.

If the meter drops under the risk threshold, a client will exit Flo’s act (red). When the meter declines and becomes orange, it indicates a hazard, and the consumer will become agitated and angry.

Guests who request a coffee-accompanied meal may be served subsequently.


You can overlook such clients for another couple of moments to concentrate on all individuals who request an appetizer with sides since you will have to cook each appetizer as well as the side before serving it to a client. If a client orders an entrée alongside coffee, you may retain him or her pleased for another few moments by providing the coffee beforehand. You should return shortly and deliver guests the remainder of the meal. When there are three clients and the first has requested a dinner accompanying coffee, concentrate on making and serving the meals for the other two.

After the coffee customer’s queuing meter reaches zero, offer him coffee initially. The awaiting meter should rise as a result. You can now refocus your efforts on acquiring additional clients. Lastly, prepare the food which they had requested. This technique can be used for foods that can be presented to a consumer individually.

Save Those Precious Seconds With This Tip

Because all stages are timed, Flo must be prompt in delivering eager consumers. The great information is that she could indeed carry plates and materials with each hand. Utilize her multifunctional abilities to make and distribute meals more quickly and efficiently.

This gratuity could be used for entrées with sides or requests that need all meals to be brought at the same time. Ensure that equipment such as the grills and the oven are upgraded to maximize their output. This allows you to grill/fry many food items at once.



Flo is a dedicated employee at a major stock brokerage firm in Dinertown. She’s wary of putting in long hours and starting to feel unsatisfied. Flo left her job after hoping she could work somewhere else. She sees a decrepit old diner and decides to buy it. She needs to start making enough resources to invest the diner back together. She then opens a new restaurant named Flo’s Tiki Palace after generating more revenue. She subsequently purchases a beach diner, Goes with the Flo Seafood Dining, and a beautiful diner, Chez Flo, amid an opening of dark and withered trees.

Flo finishes her job in Chez Flo and is immediately whisked above the sky after getting the sense that something wonderful is about to happen. A Shiva Devi greets her and asks her to 10 trials within the Indian Restaurant, that she owns. Flo is transformed into a golden feast goddess with four arms, enabling her to transport twice as much as previously. Flo accomplishes the ten arduous challenges and is commanded by the goddess on her accomplishment.

The goddess subsequently soars off to the Indian Restaurant, where Flo notices a young bloke operating in the very same business she did at the beginning of the novel. She prepares to glide down, intending to make him into a waitress in the same way that she was. Customers must be seated, and Flo must be guided about the restaurant to serve them.

Every stage has a monetary or points target that the player must meet. Flo repairs the old restaurant she starts with and then constructs three other eateries that give fresh surroundings as the game continues.

Earning Free Gold, GBG Style yo. (Cooking Dash)

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