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In 2008, KingsIsle Interactive published Wizard101, a widely simultaneous online participation game (MMORPG). Ravenwood Academy of Mystical Arts pupils is put in the position of battling numerous dangers to rescue the Vortex, a fictitious universe in which the videogame is situated.

In a turn-based armaments system evocative of collectible card games, users cast magic and use a range of weapons to attack their foes.

Wizard101 Cheats 2022

These are some of the most recent Wizard101 Poseidon cheats that are mainly used for the defensive system.

Cheat codes Usage
Shift/Ctrl up arrow keys increase damage
Shift+Ctrl+up use on bosses
Shift+Ctrl+down use on yourself when attacked by a powerful spell
Shift/Ctrl+down arrow keys Decrease damage
Shift+Ctrl+spacebar Fly high
spacebar+Alt Change sky colors
Tab+B Make rocks softer

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What is the Gameplay like? 


The Spiral’s fictitious globe is split into several planets, each with a plethora of subregions. The expensive money “Crowns” may be used to access each section permanently or momentarily using “memberships.” Each academy has a distinct collection of magic and play styles, which the magician may use to their advantage.

During “duels,” two groups from one to four people or computer-controlled opponents each execute spells. Each turn, a player earns one “pip,” which may be valued as two ordinary “pips” for magic that are specific to their subclass. If this pip is a “power pip,” two ordinary “pips” can be gained.

What Do they do?

Being a very complicated game user faces many difficulties with surviving in this game. There are wizard101 engine cheats and cheat codes that are made for this game to make things easier for the users.

Some cheats are just some tricks and codes that once applied make your survival easy. Along with the survival, it allows the user to make any changes that a normal user can’t do, such as purchasing magical pets with no money, unlocking magic spells that require higher levels, and boosting your rankings.

What are the tricks of Wizard101?


These are some of the boss tricks that are very safe to be used and most people don’t know about them.

Time variation

The countdown will restart if you sign off and back on after around an hr if you acquire a trance.

Cheaper pets

Visit a store that sells animals. You can obtain whatever pet you choose, but brown-colored critters are the cheapest. Make a trip to the paint store if you don’t like this color. This will save you money.

Permanent mount

You must initially visit the crown store, which is situated on the upper left of your display. Removable mounts are the next option. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of crowns or money; either option will function on the second click.

Disappearing pets

Dalia Falmea’s workstation is located in the Ravenwood firefighting academy watchtower. From there, sprint for the fire armor hidden beneath a kettle. The Pet will also run up the fence if you have one mounted.

Flying through walls

Check to see whether you’re playing in full orientation. Just run and tap the phrases on the header bar. It seems as though time has slowed down for you, yet everyone can see you soaring into the air like a superhero.

Fast glitches

Suspend your site for a few minutes and adjust your device’s clock for 2 weeks to perform the speeding glitch.

What are the Effects of these tricks?


The above-mentioned are the strong tricks, users have very less knowledge about these tricks which makes them very rare. Using these tricks will increase your survival and make things easier for you. Although it will increase the competition.

More of these tricks

A list of aphrodite cheats that are available for all versions.

Healing. Strike while replenishing your health. The alternative school of learning is death if you are a Life learner. You’ll have a Heal edge if you enroll at one of these colleges.

Wizard types. A “skip the test” option must be available when testing your Wizard’s abilities.

Getting money. The first step is to engage in randomized combat in the Spooky Cave, and following 10 to 20 bouts, go to the Marketplace to exchange your loot. Then after, you must have at least $1000 in your account.

Way to fly. It’s necessary to sprint and leap to float in the game, but players can’t view themselves flying until the bar at the top of the screen is held down.

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