Sims 3 Cheats 【Codes For PC/PS4/Xbox】

Sims 3 expands on previous games with a globally open system that allows districts to travel without loading displays. Presenting a new tool for a design that can restructure any color, material, or design of any object, clothing, or hair creates a stylish tool. Critics made positive evaluations mostly with the 86/100 metacritical rating of the aggregator. There are 11 expansion packages. In September 2014, a follow-up, The Sims 4, was released on a PC and in November 2017 on consoles.

The game is open and has no clear purpose. The SIMs live in neighborhoods that are now called “worlds,” which can be customized so that the user can build his own houses, common lots, and sims. These worlds are now seamless so that all Sims can walk freely without the need for a loading screen, as in previous games. As a result, the area comprises communal areas, both recreational and workplaces (such as parks, gyms, and theatres of the film) (town hall, hospital, businesses).

Sims 3 Cheats:


The game is no mistake with a couple of cheats. Money codes, free property, and other requirements are all reasonable in a game that can be played in as many different ways as this. You can also use the correct codes to do a lot more, like making people happy, aging sims, and many other things.

You must first activate cheats, which we will discuss soon before you can enjoy a world of endless Simoleans and fantastic homes. It’s doubtful whether a code is going to destroy anything, but things will change unusually and unforeseen, so don’t try to save or sim on your favorite. To do so, continue to read and use an extensive guide to all the best the cheats and also to the master controller cheats

To start with the Codes, press the Control-Shift-C button to bring up the command box to enable you to key the effects you want in codes.

The bigger career code that you want to test for codes is the true one that you can Change click and change their attributes on different things in the world. Change your Sim, shift-click on a teleport location, shift-click other Sims to change friends, shift-click on the mailbox to change your career, and much more.

The following are other requirements for sims cheats:


  • +1,000 Kaching Simoleons
  • Rosebud +1,000 Simoleons
  • Motherlode +50,000 Simoleons
  • [Past name Sims] family funds [Money requested] 999999 is the maximum amount to be given.

You cannot enter the “motherlode” trick again and again.+2,500 Lifetime Glory points through Shazaam to active Sims.

Set or clear characteristics – Change characteristics

  • Make cheerful – Perfects the mood/models of all in the house;
  • Make [static|dynamic] motives — Static or dynamic motivations for the whole house.

Sims cheats that please everyone and also we can get sims 3-lifetime rewards cheats too
Make all happy codes

The cheats that make you happy can be done by following

  • Simply type ctrl and c to the cheat panel if any of your Sims is sad.

Enter: cheats tested once there are truthful. Then click on your inbox and you’ll be glad to take one of the options. You will all enjoy Sims (unless, of course, a family member is killed recently, dumped, or cheated on). They are then hopeless and most likely suicide.

Everything is good and bad so we can try some other solutions if the Sims codes are not working. The Sims 3 also supports hundreds of cheat codes that players must type into a hidden console are necessary. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to generally raise the window while playing:

  • Click on Mac to Command+Shift + C.
  • The Windows shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+C.

If none of the above methods work, your keyboard could have a different setup, or a software fault could be resolved if the memory is clear and you start anew. Other software using keyboard shortcuts may cause problems.

Because this is a life simulation game, Sims can have families and can create the buildings too. The Sims cheats focus on a wide range of possibilities, such as creating a family and editing relationships or meeting sims and having children manually.

Storyline Progress

As the community is open, the game contains a mechanic for “Story Progression” that enables all Sims in the area to live independently, without the need to intervene by the user. This helps to promote the whole neighborhood and not just the active play units. Sims may be killed by natural causes like fire, hunger, drowning, and electricity, or by causes like fire, malnutrition, drowsiness, and electrocution.


Sunset Valley is the main game world, but another area named Riverview is free of charge (Moonlight Bay is the leading console world). Sunset Valley is connected with the plot established by The Sims and The Sims 2, as are some of the other worlds offered. Sunset Valley, in The Sims and Pleasantview from The Sims 2 is said to have been the same town as the playable world, although the match is 25 and 50 years earlier. In the environment, many of them appear in a younger condition, with several pre-made characters from previous Sims games.

Overtime work or completion of duties may lead to an increase in your wages, a monetary bonus, or a boost. Challenges depend on the lifestyle of every Sim, such as relations, skills, and work, and they arise randomly. Sims are asked by their neighbors or members of the community to solve challenges using their skills for financial or related incentives.

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Build a Sim


The Sims 2, The Sims 3 offers much more customization options in comparison with its predecessor. As in the previous game, the user can customize his age, type of body, skin color, haircuts, apparel, and personality. A new stage of life is introduced between adolescence and maturity: young adulthood. This stage has been introduced during university time only in The Sims 2, although it is now the main stage of the game’s life. New features like tattoos, breast size, and muscle definition were included in expansions and updates. The skin shades of the Sims 3 are more diverse than their predecessors, from realistic Caucasian and black skin to amazing green and purple shades.

The game uses a new system of personalities. In contrast to earlier matches, in which personalities were defined by sliders and a limited number of personality points were allocated among them. These features can be mental, physical, or social and can be changed by the way you live and work. The qualities of sims will affect what they can do, their habits, and their wishes.


By interacting with various things, Sims can gain new skills. Skills continue to grow in 10 phases. Improved skill levels help to achieve professional objectives as well as open up new options for activities that need the skills. A high level of gardening, for example, enables the sim to seed a range of unusual seeds. More talents were part of later expansion packs.



The trains many of The Sims 2 and The Sims’ careers back. Each job is performed on the neighborhood’s parking lot. On the other hand, these lots are mere “rabbit-hole” façades, which the player cannot access or observe inside them. Jobs in the game are therefore automated, although users can occasionally be faced with difficulties and questions with different options to control the performance of the sims. Advances in a career are still based upon mood and skills, but now include relationships and specific objectives to be achieved with coworkers and bosses. These branches usually are available at level 6 of that career, depending on the job the Sim is in.

The Ambitions expansion pack contains new playable professions: Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Investigator, designer, and designer. Some take place on a playable community lot, like Firefighter or Stylist, and others are freelancing. Players in their neighborhoods can search and complete jobs. For example, in return for money and career advances, an architectural designer can redesign other Sims’ homes.

In addition, Sims can earn money and can apply for the money cheats in his own house by selling their own works of art, writing novels, playing guitar tips, or growing fruit and greens.

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‘The Sims Cheats Relationship 3’ Adults, as well as young adults, can try a child. Senior man is the single exception; a baby with a woman of any age can be attempted, but conception can be difficult. To try a child, two sims of opposing sex must be related to a “Romantic interest” or higher. A lullaby-like tune is played if the sim is pregnant, but it may not always play.

The Relation Betrays You can identify your best friend on your relationship panel when you

  • use “testingcheatsenabled true”

and accept any Romantic progress you make in your relationship. Just slide the relationship bar upwards to make the best friends.

If a Sim is pregnant, the nauseous moodlet is given and these symptoms last approximately 1 sim day to realize that they are pregnant and become the default attire of a pregnant woman. From now until after birth, the sim will not be able to wear her usual attire. Some of the embarrassing symptoms of sims can be nausea, back pain, decreased or increased hunger, and incapacity to take part in certain activities or exercise.

  • To modify traits, cheat, click and choose “change traits” or “edit characteristics,” or something along those lines (not sure that you’re right or left-click or that you need to maintain a shift).

When the sim goes to work, the child can be delivered to a hospital or home. This can also help to build the relationship and we can use the relationship codes for that Most Sims are taken by default to the hospital, but this can be altered.

In shopping mode, you can buy the interiors of kids and babies. Babies such as young children, teens, and teenagers require a great deal of care and attention, and if they don’t, they will be taken away by social services. If the parents can’t support their children, they can hire babysitters.

Sims 3 cheats which have changed


There are several Sims 3 skills tweaked in 2020. Press “Control-Shift-C” to open the box to access the cheat codes. It is only this box that can be used to enter cheat codes; it won’t work otherwise. Without the quote marks,

  • You can change properties by pressing “testingcheatsenabled true” by pressing Shift-Click

which allows you to change your friends, attributes, teleports, or even your career. Other cheats need are also available

Ps3 betting: There are also different codes for the ps3 game

  • For example Pressing L1, L2, R1, and R2 simultaneously on the pause menu will cause a box to ask you to allow cheats with a warning that can disable challenges and trophies.

You will be informed of an item titled if you choose yes “The Magic Llama spot is available in your catalog for purchase. You have to convince him to cheat. He is in the category “Design Miscellaneous” You can put it anywhere, or store it in your inventory when you purchase it. You’ll receive a list of codes to use when you click on it, like Motherlode, Karma Powers Unlock, and so on.

  • By holding L2 and clicking on a sim you can activate an age transition or add an ape to an active family.
  • You can satisfy everyone and satisfy their needs by holding L2 and clicking on a mailbox, Force visitor, Force NPC, Make Friends, etc.
  • You can teleport if you hold L2 while clicking anywhere. Remember to save your game’s backup.

The Sims 3 is an Xbox 360 video game



Xbox 360 codesare also available, for example, Challenges and Achievements / Trophies, which can be disabled when you.

Magic Llama Cheats

  • Hold LB, LT, RB, and RT in the start menu simultaneously for access to magic cheating LLama.
  • Hold down the LT and pick a location and choose to Teleport me if you want to go, but your Sims aren’t nearby.”
  • The second application is to click an LT button and three new interactions will be created.

Change active sim characteristics

  • 1Add a sim to family 2.
  • Age transaction trigger
  • Finally, by holding LT and clicking on the mailbox, you can get a complete cheat list.

Lifetime Rewards: In The Sims 3, just enter the following codes for people who do not want lifetime rewards: In the game you can use a tool to increase your Lifetime Happiness Points, but you have to start with the main menu.

  • If you click Control + Shift + C, a console will appear. It’s true if you can test it.

It’s true. You can either begin a new game now or load a saved game before. Once in the game, you have the ability to increase your score, not only to test standard cheats.

Go to the interface Lifetime Rewards tab to use the Cheat Rewards. There’s an icon of a treasure box. To hold control, click in the vacant spot on the right-hand side of the trunk chest. To find the place, move your mouse and click quickly. Once it is found, click as insane to boost your existing Sim or Pet’s Lifetime points. True is a highly effective tool for cheaters and construction professionals alike.

Constructing shortcuts


The 3 hacks Sims Construct can be handy in several ways, for instance, by pressing CTRL + ALT to activate codes while trying to set an objective. Regulations are abolished for wall placement. Any object on the wall that is occupied by an object can be placed. The site limit for every object placement is removed in Buy Mode and Build Mode.

If stuff is in use or is usually not moving, the restrictions placed on tools are removed. Note that this cheat can destroy objects, like Sims, the mailbox, and the garbage can, which cannot be properly deleted. Use buy debug to restore them by heading for Sort by function > Debug > Different objects, and select Colonial Mailbox and Trash Can if you accidentally delete these objects. You can recover them by using the command ‘Resets the first name last name,’ if you accidentally delete a Sim (requires a mailbox to spawn the sim at).

The career rewards cheats might be quite useful since we can gain endless professional rewards. To use career reward fraud, you must first enable test fraud mode. Press the shift key, Ctrl, and letter C to open the terminal command.

  • In the box that is displayed, type the phrase “testingcheatsenabled true.”. To disable test cheats, put “testingcheatsenabled false,” as soon as you’re done with the cheats, into the control console.

Money cheat codes:

Those who do not need financial help.

  • To open the Command Console, click Control + Shift + C. You should look at the top left corner of the screen and then press the Enter box to type the cheats.
  • Hit Control, Windows, Shift, and ‘C’ when you use Windows Vista and you won’t come to the console, for some reason.
  • Once the cheat has been finished, press the exit key. Press “Ctrl”+[Shift]+C” to open the console window during playback

Cheat Result Code

For your convenience, most cheats are shown.

  • Allow fraud during testing. [Note 1] Note 1 [true or false] [true or false] Testing a thousand Simoleons More Testing Kaching
  • Take into account the price when buying a lot in Town. Modification is activated. freerealestate
    Unlock the possibility to view workwear and uniforms of service.
  • Outfits for [On or Off] Toggle objects can be placed wherever you are in Buy/Build mode.
  • [On or off] [On or off] Objects
    Build a sure and neutral state in the Sims’ home.
  • [First name] [First name] [Last name] [Last name] ResetSim Reset the lifelong happiness of all Sims 3 cheats in an active home.



Sim 3 cheat money can be used by those who do require financial help. Yes, for Sims 3 we have cash codes. We can use codes like:

Here are a few cheats

  • Use Control + Shift + C to access the Command Console.

In the upper left corner of the screen, you should see a box where you can type Cheats and press Enter. If the console is not available for Windows Vista,

  • Press Control, Windows, Shift, and ‘C’ for any reason.
  • To open the console window you want to play the game by pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C.

Type one of these codes and click [Enter] to activate the cheat function:

The Result-Code of Cheat For your convenience, the majority of cheats are shown.

Allow tests to be cheated. [Is it right or wrong?] testing. Kaching Don’t worry about the price when you buy a lot in town. The editing ability is enabled. free real estate Unlock the ability to see uniforms and workwear. Fitness equipment (on or off) In Buy/Build mode, toggle objects can be placed anywhere.

  • [Turn on or off] [Turn on or off] Objects Back to a neutral and safe state of the house of Sims.
  • [Name of a family] [Name of a family] [Principal Name] [Last name] [Last name] [Las resetSim]
  • Reset all Sims’ lifetime happiness in an active household. resetlifetimehappiness Take all you want away. Get rid of stuff

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