How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes

The following article will share with you information related to eating in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes.

How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes
How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes

SCP-3008, also known by many as A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA, is an SCP Foundation instance. In SCP’s universe, SCP-3008 takes the form of an IKEA storefront and has near-infinite space. Those trapped inside the store will find IKEA employees with monstrous appearances as well as quite aggressive temperaments after closing hours.

Roblox SCP 3008 Codes ( 2022)

I named a list of all the codes that are valid and still working right now. I also listed all of the expired and invalid codes below. If you want to use these codes, make sure you type these codes exactly. Without further ado, let’s verify all the codes that are available.

How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes
How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes

Active Codes

All of the active codes are listed below.

There are currently no functional codes. We’ll update these codes as soon as the game publishes new ones.

Inactive Codes

There are no incorrect codes at the moment. As soon as any code expires, we will update this list.

In Roblox SCP 3008 Codes, how can I enter and use codes?

There isn’t yet a way for you to redeem codes in the game. Additionally, there are no game codes available. We’ll update this page as soon as the game is updated with the ability to redeem codes.

Additional Codes

For updates on new codes or save time when looking for fresh codes, we advise you to bookmark this website. In order to save you time hunting for them, we periodically update these guidelines with the most recent codes.

What role does food have in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes?

To survive and get out are 3008’s primary goals. Players will have to run, jump, and hide in order to accomplish these goals, all of which deplete energy. A player will lose health if they are attacked by an employee. Players can extend their horrifying trip for a little while longer by consuming various foods and beverages that will restore both health and vitality!

How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes
How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes


How to Eat in Roblox’s SCP 3008

Although none of these three acts have buttons, almost everyone wonders how they work because they are simple and obvious.

You’ll need to have some food in your inventory to get started.

  • Dispatch your supply (G)
  • Select the food, drink, or medical kit you want to use by clicking it in your inventory.

The food, beverage, or first-aid kit you are holding should be clicked (sometimes you have to click and hold)

The following are the default controls. You can change these controls by pressing Q, clicking the control box, and then pressing the key you want to associate the control with.

How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes
How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes


One of the four plots that produce consumables, the Larger Food Things plot, discovered randomly in SCP-3008. In addition to a Dr. Bob, there were seven pizza slices, a meatball dish, two beverages, and a can of beans inside (25 percent chance of spawning).

How to eat in Xbox 3008

Unfortunately, you cannot eat on Xbox 3008. The creator of the experience, uglyburger0, has shown the Xbox-specific version of 3008 and instead added Xbox compatibility to the general version. Because the majority of Roblox players use either a PC or a mobile device to play, it can be difficult for Roblox developers to justify taking the extra time to continuously update and properly build Xbox capabilities. The graphic below shows how even the developer of 3008 admits that the Xbox version of the game is incredibly confusing and incomplete.

How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes
How to eat in Roblox SCP 3008 Codes

If you still want to attempt eating on Xbox, just follow these instructions:

  • On your Xbox controller, press the View button.
  • Move to the box icon at the top of your screen with the left analog stick.
  • To choose this icon and launch your inventory, press A.
  • To move to the inventory item you want to eat, use the left analog stick once again.
  • To equip the item, press A.

This is the closest that anyone can go to eating while playing Xbox. Nothing happens no matter how many times you press a controller button individually or even in combination.

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