Pokemon Go Cheats [iPhone & Android]

Pokemon Go was introduced in the 1990s. It is a game that accesses your mobile’s GPS and detects where you are and suddenly a pokemon will appear on your mobile screen. The more you rotate or move the more Pokemons you will see on the mobile screen depending upon the time and area.

The main idea of this game is to revolve around the world and catch different types of Pokemons. It is easily available on iPhones and on Androids as well. 

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks


This game is very interesting. You have to rush to collect different Pokemons in different time spans. This game has been on top since it was launched. This game educates a lot of young people. Here I have mentioned a few tips and tricks for Pokemon Go that will surely help you in winning the game. 

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1. Hatch your eggs and use your incubator wisely. 

In the game when you gather eggs at PokeStop it will surely help in getting more Pokemons and will boost your game as well. Once you have kept it in an incubator and covered the required distance of 5km or 10km you will get a reward of 3× incubator. Make sure not to waste your incubators on them very wisely and when required the most. 

2. Master Battery Saving Mode.

When you start playing Pokemon you will notice your battery drawing very quickly whether you play it on iPhone or on Android. So to save your battery you need to turn on the battery saving mode in the game. It will automatically lower the power mode when your phone is upside down during the game. Through this, you will save a lot of battery.

Through this, you can click your phone and can put it in your pocket. The screen will be off but your game will be on and will show you live. Whenever some egg will be hatched or some new Pokemon will appear you will feel the vibration and then you can open and check. 

3. Use Adventure Sync


You can easily synchronise your game with your step counter app. Through this you don’t need to spend your time on opening the app again and again. Go in the setting and turn the adventure Sync function in the setting menu and it will start counting your steps and every move. 

4. Favourite Pokemon to find those you need to evolve

As you will see there are different Pokemons in the game so remembering all of them at the same time will be a bit difficult. So all you need to do is mark a small star on your favorite Pokemons so wherever you need to see your Pokemon you can easily find it.

5. Could You, Would You on a Train?

This trick is very easy and simple. If you want to hatch eggs you don’t need to open your game and start tapping it. You can simply hatch eggs by moving, cycling, or running. Hatching depends upon your body’s movement.

The app will detect your movement and the kilometer you have traveled and it will start hatching your eggs. So don’t worry just chill and do your exercise and through this, you can get another benefit of winning the game. If you want more eggs for that you either have to open the game and purchase or have to run for at least 5km to have new eggs. 

6. What’s in a Nickname? Change It!

If you want to rename or change your name in the game you can. It is very easy. All you need to do is just select Pokball mentioned on the main screen then go to settings and select change name.

After that, you can rename whatever you want to. One thing which you need to keep in mind is that Pokemon Go only gives you one chance to change your name. So when changing make sure to choose wisely because once it’s changed it can’t be undone. Try choosing a very unique and innovative name as the name you will keep opponents and other players will also see it.

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Cheat Codes for Pokemon Go

While playing your game you can boost it by using cheat codes. A few of the most used cheat codes are as follows. 

Spoof your location:


As you all know Pokemon Go is a game based on location and time. If you start playing the game and are restricted to one specific area or state then apply these cheat codes and you will be one step ahead. In this, you have to trick and spoof your device in such a way that it shows you in another area with a different time location. If you use it on an iPhone make sure it should be jailbroken

Skip Animations: 

At times you are very busy and you don’t even have time to check all the animations available on the Pokemon Go App. So all you need to do is follow these few steps and you will easily skip animations from the game.

First, click on the Pokemon you want then swipe it from right to left by using your finger. Throw a poke ball and remove your finger. The ball will directly hit the Pokemon. Tap it and then exit it.

Through this process, you will skip all the unnecessary animation in the game. 

Remove Pokemon from gyms: 

This is one of the strongest cheat codes to win the game. All you need to do is to fight for the battle. Make sure there are three players in it. After that ask Player 1 and Player 2 to drop themselves from the game and only Player 3 continues the game.

Make sure that the other 2 players are your friends so you can easily play it. Then repeat the same process with 2 players and again 1 drop itself and Player 2 is battling the game. Through this, there will be a higher chance to remove all the Pokemons from the gym.

Advance Time 

If you want to move forward in the game you don’t need to worry at all. You can easily change the date and timing of your phone whether it’s an iPhone or Android. Through this, you can easily move forward to the next steps immediately.

If you want to change it on your iPhone then first go into settings click General then tap on Time and Date and you can select your own timings. If you are playing it on Android and want to move forward then click on settings then tap on more and then select time and date. 

Use Online Trackers 


If you are worried about how you will be able to find your Pokemon on the map then you don’t need to worry at all. Download free online trackers and you can easily keep a check. Through this, you will get all the updates regarding gyms, raids, and various major events. 

Override the Driving Lockout

The entire game depends upon the time and date you travel. If you travel for a longer distance your game will take extra time to finish. Pokemon Go will travel with you wherever you go. 

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