Pokemon Dark Rising Cheats (GBA)[100% Working]

The narrative of Pokemon: Dark Rising is mind-boggling, and it’s a blast to delve into it. The video game is jam-packed with fresh abilities, objects, and talents, and the game elements are really lovely. The events of the first part of the novel take place when a young guy who lives in the Core District has a very peculiar fantasy while he is napping.

You have a dream in which an unusual Pokemon comes to you and tells you that it has chosen you to be its partner in its mission to save the planet. When you wake up in the evening, you are left wondering about the visions you had over the previous night. You have certain problems in your head to which it seems as if nobody but you can provide an answer.

Your closest buddy Kaz suddenly materializes in front of your home. He tells you about the peculiar dream he had the evening before, which was identical to the one you had. Both of you woke up this morning wondering what the meaning of the nightmare was.

After hearing that the professor wishes to see you and your BFF, you pay a visit to the classroom. The professor explains the current situation in your location, which includes rapid climatic shifts and potential calamities. You’ll be given a Pokemon to help you along the way, and the plot will keep unfolding from there. You can make use of the dark rising cheats 1 hit kill in this game.

Pokemon Dark Rising Cheats 2022

Cheats  Functions 


000C = butterfly

These are the codes for the modification of all of your wild pokemon, once these codes are applied you can get unlimited features on your character which includes any kind of ability.


With these cheat codes get unlimited cash for your pokemon that can be used in any of the activities, participating in different contests, or even buying stuff from the pokemart.



With these cheat codes, you can skip any of the side quests that you are not willing to complete and by entering the code you just get them completed in no seconds and earn awards and titles for your pokemon.


Once this code is applied you can have control over the property of your friends and your opponents, you can have everything that belongs to them under your possession. This code is widely used and famous.


Access all the arena


Get your opponent disqualified


Get to know about the weaknesses of your opponent’s pokemon


Get your opponent pokemon asleep while they are preparing for the battle

D39C EF6 C4D


You can use any of your opponent’s pokemon move on them without letting them know about it


Get maximum rank points by just entering this cheat code, once this code is applied you get the top tier


Get maximum hp using this cheat code

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What are the Dark Rising Cheats?


To make this part of Pokemon even more interesting you can get to use different cheat codes that are developed. These cheat codes will allow you to capture the shiniest pokemon of the game and for unleashing more amazing stuff. You can get to use the dark rising cheats max stats you get the unlimited statistics for all of your pokemon in the battleground.

These cheat codes will let you have unlocked all the special side quests and complete them without any fight. You can control over 300 new pokemon by just entering the codes using the application, all of these codes can be found under the master codes easily.

With the help of the unlimited coins cheat codes you can get to buy any upgradeable from pokemart and make your pokemon the most powerful one in the arena. The rare cheats like dark rising kaizo cheats can be easily availed and you can enjoy endless candy for your pokemon. You can get your hands on all the item cheats codes which are considered to be very helpful to get your pokemon highest in the tiers and leaderboard.

All of these codes are worth it and make you enjoy the game more than anyone not using the codes. You can impress others by using codes to unlock the special powers and moves for your pokemon and enjoy victory in any battle. Even more than that you can get the glow-up codes for your pokemon.

Cheats Codes GBA ROM:

  • 0001 = BULBASAUR
  • 0002 = IVYSAUR
  • 0003 = VENUSAUR
  • 0004 = CHARMANDER
  • 0005 = CHAMELEON
  • 0006 = CHARIZARD
  • 0007 = SQUIRTLE
  • 0008 = WARTORTLE
  • 0009 = BLASTOISE
  • 000A = CATERPIE
  • 000B = METAPOD
  • 000C = butterfree

These are the codes for the modification of all of your wild pokemon, once these codes are applied you can get unlimited features on your character which includes any kind of ability.

Infinite PP


Maximum Stats



Maximum Exp.Pts


How to apply these codes?

Using the third-party application of dark rising cheats legendary pokemon you can enter any of the codes and hit enter, once the code is entered you will need to restart the game after saving all the previous data, this will automatically make changes over the database and when you start the game you’ll see the changes.

Pokemon Dark Rising Cheats Working Codes for Fakemon, Rare Candy, Legendary/Mythical, Master Ball

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