Pokemon Crystal Clear Cheats [100% Working]

The most prevalent motivation for using cheats is the ambition to acquire or replicate rare Pokémon or items, especially those that can be obtained in any other manner except via the use of programming techniques. If you have exposure to these cheats, you will be able to get an unlimited amount of points and abilities for any conflict or competition in which you take part.

Crystal clear cheats are very easy to obtain using other applications and enjoy the game more than you think. These cheats are available in various categories and can offer you very much, hence making the game interesting enough.

Keep Scrolling and find the Cheats for the Game Below!

The game takes great satisfaction in having an open-world design, which allows the player to shape the narrative in any way they see fit. You have complete freedom over where you travel, who you play as, and why the story unfolds, as well as the Pokemon you pick as your starting. You have the option of playing as a figure that is either Red, Pink, Brown, Yellow, Platinum, or Silver.

In addition to selecting your protagonist and Beginning, you will also have the opportunity to choose the location in which your journey will begin. You have the same freedom to travel across Kanto and Johto as you had in the Generation 2 games. This also implies that you can participate and battle versus all 16 Gym Directors as well as either division of the Final Four.

There are approximately 251 Pokemon in the current roster, which covers all of Generation 2 and incorporates Legendary Pokemon. There will still be other releases for the game in the coming, so please stay informed. Pokemon crystal cheats master ball was introduced in these versions.

Pokemon Crystal Clear Cheats 2022

Cheats  Functions 
509197D3 542975F4

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Use this code for traveling via air
8202584 00044 Unlock all the rare candies for your pokemon
82025840 0001 Get all the master balls using this code



Avoid any the unwanted battles by using this code
83007CEE 0008 = WARTORTLE

83007CEE 0009 = BLASTOISE


Make modifications on any of your wild pokemon using these codes
83007CEE 0194 = KYOGRE

83007CEE 0195 = GROUDON

Shift any of your pokemon to the legendary character using the code
82025840 0012 = Parlyz Heal

82025840 0013 = Full Restore

Get any of the potions for your pokemon with these codes
0006 = Net Ball

0007 = Dive Ball

0008 = Nest Ball

Get any type of ball by just using these codes

Get any of the wishes of your pokemon fulfilled with the help of this code



Get your pokemon eggs hatched within minutes instead of waiting hours
82031DBC yyyy Get your pokemon teleported to any location in this free world game with the help of this code

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What are the Main Features of this game?

You can get to have pokemon up to 250 which include all the legendary pokemon and shiny ones too. You are allowed to have any house in any of the areas since it’s an open-world game and you can do anything you want to.

Pokemon crystal clear shiny starter cheat is a major feature of this game available for any application. You are guided to make your way without any map which makes the game even more interesting.

What are the Crystal Clear Cheats?


You can get cheat codes for this version of pokemon which makes the game even more interesting. Using these secret codes, you will be able to catch the most dazzling Pokemon in the gameplay and unlock even more incredible content.

Using these cheat codes, you will be able to bypass all of the necessary combat to accomplish the unique side missions and obtain all of their associated rewards.

Simply inputting the numbers into the program will allow you to take control of more than 300 additional Pokemon. All of those characters can be located underneath the master codes and are quite easy to locate. You may make your Pokemon the most formidable one in the arena by using cheat codes that give you access to infinite cash.

These codes can be entered into the pokemart to purchase any expandable item. Pokemon crystal cheats for android can be used on pc too.

Master code

  • 97726CAE9184
  • 8F7AAA5C15FE
  • B85E5A770386

Get your pokemon eggs hatched within minutes instead of waiting hours

  • 82025804 0058

Get any of the wishes of your pokemon fulfilled with the help of this code

How to apply these codes?

Enter any of the code using the other application and restart your game to see the code working.

Pokemon Crystal Clear – Part 1 – Rare Candy Series

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