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Produced by Ubisoft and distributed by Electronic Arts, ME 3 is an action-RPG computer game. Launched in March 2012 for Pcs, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, this was the fourth and last significant addition to the Mass Effect genre and the conclusion to the prequel series.

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition was published in December 2010. It takes place in 2186 in the Galactic Centre when a synthetic-organic spaceship species known as Terminators has conquered the galaxy. Thus ends Commander Shepard’s journey, an exceptional human soldier sent to forge partnerships amongst other aliens for the sake of war.

Mass Effect 3 Cheats

These are all the cheats for pc that can be used for any type of change with the guns, the guns are the main part of your survival, and using cheat codes for the guns can help you chase the opponents and knock them out very easily.

Mass Effect 3 CodesUsage
Show Fogtoggle fog off/on
EnableDamage 0Disables damage done by you and everyone else
EnableDamage 1Enables damage done by you and everyone else
ce Hench_PickAnyselect any henchmen from the full list where you are standing
ce Hench_EmptyPlay solo. Don't do this where a squadmate is required for the mission
Show Fogtoggle fog off/on
M-6 CarnifexAutomatic finishing side missions
Arc PistolFlying pistols
M-77 PaladinFlying through the terminals
M-23 KatanaStarting weapon with unlimited ammo
M-27 ScimitarMaking guns lightweight
M-22 EvisceratorChanging guns skins
M-300 Claymore:Changing guns with opponents

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What is the Story?


Before the action starts, the player chooses Shepard’s character, features, military history, tactical training, and initial name. A personal account from Mass Effect 2 may be transferred if the user has finished the game.

Decisions made in previous Mass Effect games are transferred over, which affects the story of Mass Effect 3. Six distinct protagonist classes are available to pick from in this sequel, much as in earlier games in the franchise, each with their own set of abilities.

If you’re interested in preternatural capabilities, you’ll want to look at the Prowler class or the Biosphere class. Participation points are earned by accomplishing tasks and missions. A player’s level in Shepard increases with each point they earn. This lets them acquire or improve talents on the talent tree.

To plan for its last operation, ME 3 focuses on growing “Efficient Military Capacity.   By combining Total Army Capacity and Preparedness Ratings is determined. TMS and RR may both be raised via the completion of War Assets,  a collection of achievements culled from all three Mass Effect games.

How to use the cheats?


Some ME 3 cheats allow the gamer to have fun with the unrealistic things in the game, once these codes are applied you will see how the game becomes fun and how opponents won’t be able to take you down.

There are different types of ME 3 cheats mods and each cheat has its use such as making opponents’ guns fly in the sky, running at the speed of the car, and doing many other things.

What are some more Usefull cheats?  

Below mentioned is the list of cheats credits pc that is used for gaining higher XP and increasing your level. These codes can be used for any version of the game but are best if you are playing it on a Pc.

GiveAllWeapons string nmManufacturer Gives all weapons of the manufacturer to the player.
GiveAllArmor string nmManufacturer Gives all armors of the manufacturer to the player.
GiveAllArmorHuman string nmManufacturer Gives all human armors of the manufacturer to the player.
GiveAllArmorTurian string nmManufacturer Gives all turian armors of the manufacturer to the player.
GiveAllArmorQuarian string nmManufacturer Gives all quality armors of the manufacturer to the player.
GiveAllArmorKrogan string nmManufacturer Gives all krogan armors of the manufacturer to the player.
GiveAllMods Gives all weapon and armor mods.

What is the way of inputting cheats in the game?

  • You will need to download all the Zip files for the game and extract them later, you should be using the ME3 Mod manager.
  • While you are in the game just press the Mod key and a console bar will appear where you can enter the wanted cheat code.

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