Is Temple Run 3 The Most Amazing Mobile Game 2023?

Temple Run 3 is a new version of the game Temple Run. This version has new features compared to the old versions .These are our detailed reviews.

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Temple Run 3 : The Most Detailed Review

Temple Endless Run 3 is an offline mobile game by Linse Kog that will give you an adventure around the world of Oz. This is a running game that will help you run non-stop through many different locations, including the jungle, countryside, andevena dark forest. Along the way,you will encounter monsters and other obstacles that you need to avoid to survive longer.

General introduction

Temple Run 3 shares similarities with the popular mobile game Temple Run . Both games will help you run non-stop while avoiding various monsters. The roads are not only endless but also winding and full of pitfalls. You need to turn at the right time to avoid dying and finish your run.

In addition to monsters and obstacles,the game also has coins that you can collect. You can use these coins to buy power-ups, which can then help you get off to a better start in your game. Upgrades are also available in the game and can be collected. In addition, the game has missions that can be completed to receive a bonus points multiplier.

Temple Run 3 general introduction
Temple Run 3 general introduction

Completing challenges also allows you to unlock new levels and develop your character’s abilities as mentioned, the game takes place in the Oz universe. Each level will take you to locations such as Whimsie Forest, Dark Forest, Winkie Nation, and Emerald City. Along the way, you can also unlock other characters,including the China girl and the Wizard. As noted, the game is full off ads , so expect multiple ad inserts when playing. In addition, the game can use more things in graphics and gameplay.

How to Play Temple Run 3

First of all, Understand the rules of Temple Run. In Temple Run, your character first moves through a very straightforward maze at a moderate pace. The character’s speed and the maze’s difficulty both rise as you spend more time in a given run.

The game is over if your character ever stops running, such as after tripping twice.

1. Whenever you can, gather coins. Your score goes up when you earn coins, and they also contribute toward in-game purchases like power-ups and character skins. Red coins are worth two coins, blue coins are for three coins, and yellow coins are worth one coin each.

If you want to get a high score, don’t put coin collection ahead of safe running.

The magnet power-up will help you gather coins.

How to Play Temple Run 3
How to Play Temple Run 3

2. Keep an eye on the multiplier meter. Your overall score (and subsequent reward) increases each time the vertical bar in the top-left corner of the screen fills. This is because you receive bonuses as it fills up. Gather coins to fill up this meter.

The meter’s progress will be reversed if you stumble or run into a tree branch.

3. When possible, jump rather than slide. Your character can move beneath some obstacles by sliding, but sliding also shifts the camera position, which can lead to you falling into another trap. The following are examples of obstacles you can vault over rather than slide under:


+Tree branches

+Short gaps

4. Investing in power-ups. Each power-up in the game can be unlocked for 250 gold from the STORE part of the game’s home page; however, upgrading them after this point will cost much more.

5. When required, pause. Simply hit the “Pause” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to put the game on hold.

Your progress will not be lost if the game is closed while it is pausing.

Way to play Temple Run 3
Way to play Temple Run 3

Tips for Temple Run to Get Lots of Coins and High Scores

Stay comfort and control

It basically just comes down to comfort and keeping your hand alive during a run that breaks records to get a high score. If you don’t hold your phone correctly, your muscles will unquestionably cramp up. Holding your phone incorrectly will prevent you from completing a long run because of all the tilt control required to handle Temple Run’s slanted platforms.

With your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other, hold your phone with your hand horizontally wrapped around it. Choose the hand with which you feel most at ease swiping up and down and side to side, and then hold the phone in the opposing hand.


Do not worry about your playing character or one-time use powerups like the resurrection or boost. In the beginning, it’s preferable to upgrade with the coin magnet powerup. Those can be useful later on when you’re really pushing for a leaderboard-topping performance. Once you have that, it will be simpler to stockpile more and more coins in subsequent runs.

The following upgrades should become available as you advance: Coin Magnet, Double Value, 50 Coin, Invisibility, and 250 M Boost.

Tips for Temple Run 3 to Get Lots of Coins and High Scores
Tips for Temple Run 3 to Get Lots of Coins and High Scores

Up and down

It’s a good idea to be prepared to jump over more obstacles than slide under them because Temple Run would prefer that you slide under them. In reality, if you train your muscle memory to jump over more obstacles than slide beneath them, you can easily achieve a high score.

Also keep in mind that Temple Run won’t place obstacles one after another until you get to very high altitudes. In essence, if roots are present, new roots are likely to appear soon. In the same way, if you see fire.

Remember that money can’t buy life

It stands to reason that you should be considerably more concerned with your health in Temple Run than with any coins that may stray from the path’s center, even though the resurrection single-use powerup may actually disprove that assertion.

Although it could be alluring to make a great effort to wiggle your phone from side to side in search of the occasional strand of coins, in the long run, there will be more profit. Focus on the challenges in front of you and take the middle road if you’re serious about making a ton of money (unless the middle path is missing). This advise will really make sense once you’ve upgraded to double coins because the more valuable coins don’t come until 1500 meters.

Trip on purpose

Later, when you’re moving considerably quicker, you can purposefully trip to slow yourself down. You need to be cautious because if you fall twice, the monkeys will pounce on you. Trips can be made in two simple ways. Avoid the smaller tree root at all costs; instead, step over it or swipe to turn before reaching the turn. Only paths with edges that prevent you from sliding off will effectively accomplish this.

Tips for Temple Run 3 to Get Lots of Coins and High Scores
Tips for Temple Run 3 to Get Lots of Coins and High Scores

Consider taking to the air as soon as you can see The Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers can literally stop your heart. It’s not uncommon for someone to completely panic out as soon as they come across these difficult-to-navigate locations. As soon as you notice one safe entirely missing and one side still intact, remain cool. Here’s a helpful hint: leap off the cliff if you see one. Lean toward the secure side of the cliff hanger you’re presently facing while you’re still in the air. Your reaction time to Cliff Hangers won’t be as quick on some of the speedier stage runs. Instead of running into them, just go ahead and leap to the side. Spend less time becoming frustrated.

Give the improvement of the appropriate upgrades top priority

These upgrades will make the difference between receiving a fantastic final score and a depressing one. Make careful to polish up your coin upgrades first after you’ve reached the upgrade menu. Second, pay attention to pickup spawn improvements and score multiplier increases. You’ll gain more coins, better scores, and those all-too-useful power ups during the harder stages if you advance these upgrades to a higher degree. Make sure you invest a lot of points in the coin magnet ability if you’re one of those people who likes to keep an eye on the trail. Even though the shield length and boost distance improvements aren’t absolutely necessary for you to complete the stage, try to pay some attention to them nonetheless.

Choose the Best Power Ups for Your Favorite Playstyle

In Temple Run 3, there are a ton of powerups, but be careful to know which ones work best for your style of play. For gamers that struggle with rollers, narrow walls, and tiles, the Shield is a cool option. One of the greatest powerups is the coin magnet because it collects coins for you while letting you concentrate just on running that endless track. Keep an eye out for those Boost powerups if you plan on making some really lengthy runs. These will let you travel further and avoid all those dreadful barriers.


An impressive impression of Temple Run 3 is the beautiful visual investment including: characters, monsters, maps. Completely new landscapes that no one has ever experienced in any game such as hovering in the sky with hot air balloons, crossing the time tunnel. In addition, Temple Run 3 also has additional effects for the character. Collecting enough gold, players can activate character effects and skills as needed.

Temple Run 3 Review
Temple Run 3 Review

In terms of graphics, not only is the scene of characters running and monsters chasing extremely lively, but small details such as trees, rocks and monsters are also very detailed and vivid. It can be said that Imangi Studio has been very elaborate in every detail of the image. Sound is also a factor that makes the success of Temple Run 3 with vividness and suitability for players to feel extremely real when experiencing. Temple Run 3 can be addictive for players with endless chases that will definitely be an indispensable mobile game in your smartphone.  


Temple Run 3 is a game that has been quite popular since its launch and became a hot phenomenon in that time like Pokemon GO, but whether it has worthwhile innovations and becomes a multiplayer game like Plants vs Zombies or Genshin Impact is still unknown.

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