Is Hogwarts Legacy the Most Anticipated Game 2023

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Portkey Games: Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy is the newest game released on February 10th, 2023 by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros, under its Portkey Game label. The game, based on the Harry Potter novels, is set in the Wizarding World setting and was published in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later in 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy is alive with magic, this being an open-world RPG set in a very specific universe with mystery, dangerous and magical features. The game recently gain 95% of the favorite mobile game.

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Wizarding world


When establishing a character, the player has the option of selecting their look, home, and gender. During character creation, players may change their character’s voice and physical type, as well as additional accessories such as spectacles. Leveling up grants access to and upgrades to numerous spells, skills, and abilities. The player character accumulates experience points to level up by completing gaming tasks.

Combat, quests, exploration, terrain guide pages, and prerequisite rooms are examples of these obstacles. While the four Hogwarts houses’ home points play a role in the game’s storyline, they are unaffected by the player’s actions. The game has aspects for customizing the setting; players may alter rooms as they move through the game.

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Hogwarts castle

The player character learns how to cast spells, concoct potions, and perfect battle techniques. Players build their own combat style as they go. While taking lessons helps to build the game’s mechanics, learning spells in this manner is not an intended feature of the game.

Lessons will be taught as the tale progresses. Combat goods can be obtained by trade or crafting and utilized to hurt foes or grant boosts to the player. Taming, healing, and riding magical monsters such as hippogriffs and thestrals are available to players. Other magical creatures, you can engage with include Dragons, Trolls, Acromantules, Graporns, Mooncalves, Fwoopers, Kneazles, and Nifflers. Mandrakes, for example, can be utilized in combat to shock foes.

NPCs that interact with the player characters can be befriended. As these bonds form, classmates become companions that may join players on their trip, helping them build their talents and providing new dialogue opportunities as they uncover their tales.

While combat is the focus of the game, personalization and exploration are also important features. Hogwarts is teeming with students eager to help (or not), and the institution is brimming with mysteries, each of which may be unlocked with the right combination of curiosity and spellwork. I’ve spent a substantial amount of time running around the school’s hallways and over the grounds, content to explore while passively gaining XP and observing the mysteries unfold around the main.

Story Set Up

The story of Hogwarts Legacy sees us joining the school of HOGWARTS as a fifth-year student which is highly unusual and the game itself is set in the late 1800s. The game puts players in control of a newly enrolled Hogwarts student who was raised by either Sebastian Croft or Amelia Gething. Because the player arrives at school later than the other scientists, the Ministry of Magic assigns him a wizard roommate.

Completing any part of this companion through an interrogation will give you new information and experience points. Possessing the key to “an ancient secret that threatens to tear apart the wizarding world”, the player character is able to manipulate the mysterious ancient magic and must help discover why this forgotten magic has suddenly been reborn, as well as the Dice, who at the same time try to tame it. 

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Hogwarts characters

According to the adventure, The protagonist can befriend the other characters Natsai Onai, Poppy Sweeting, and Sebastian Sallow, who will accompany him on his journey as companion characters. The game’s antagonists are Ranrok, the leader of the goblin rebellion, and Victor Rookwood, the leader of a group of dark wizards.

Professor Eleazar Fig, a new character, serves as the main character’s mentor. Amit Thakkar (Asif Ali), Everett Clopton (Luke Youngblood), Professors Onai (Kandace Caine) and Shah (Sohm Kapila), Phineas Nigellus Black (Simon Pegg), and Professor Matilda Weasley are among the new characters (Lesley Nicol ).


These are some tips for story progression and exploration, how to get a lot of gold early, or some tricks that are based on the realistic experiment of players.

  • The first and foremost advice is to concentrate on progressing the main story for the first 5-10 hours. It’s a bit slow to begin however there will provide you with crucial mechanics  
  • Using your field guide to conjure a golden thread, showing you the shortest path to the quest objective.
  • Instead of moving your cursor up to select Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and world maps each time you want to switch them, you can use left and right on D-pad
  • When finding certain objectives requires visiting locations. You must run into these ornate puzzle doors with creatures engraved on the frame and some math-looking stuff in the middle – arithmancy doors. 
  • The arithmancy door puzzles reward you with a few collectibles including pieces of gear.
  • Once you find the piece of gear, you get to keep the cosmetic for it even if you sell it off and you can apply the look of the items you like to any other piece of gear.
  • Not only is the Room a cool customizable space, but it also serves the important role of being your production center to generate resources for yourself by growing plants, brewing potions, and caring for creatures.
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Hogwarts Legacy Game

The richness of activities, puzzles, and awe-inspiring moments, as well as the well-designed combat systems, set this game apart from other open-world RPGs. Hogwarts Legacy is brimming with enchantment, and it broadens not only the environment surrounding Hogwarts but as well as the borders of representation in a hugely popular fantasy setting. It’s the coolest piece of Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve seen in years, and I can’t wait to start playing. Particularly if an Expert Potion-Making DLC is on the way.


Hogwarts Legacy is just a newly released game but gains a vast of positive feedback from not only gamers but also Harry Potter fans worldwide. So if you are a lifelong Harry Potter fanatic and grew up reading the novel, this is for you. The game brings a feeling of a magical universe. We can transform into many specific characters with magi and complete the objective requirements. Your time would be worth it with the best mystical adventure. Can Hogwarts Legacy become a legendary series like Plants vs Zombies or Tekken or have coverage like Pokemon GO. Let’s wait and time will tell for that.

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