How to Dominate Sons of the Forest – Guide 2023

Do you already know how to dominate Sons of the Forest? Join us to explore in the following article. Note there is a spoiler element in the article

How to dominate Sons of the Forest
How to dominate Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is video game, and it is the sequel to the 2014 survival horror game, The Forest. The game is being developed by Endnight Games, the same studio that created the original game.

Sons of the Forest has been highly anticipated by fans of The Forest since its announcement in 2019, and it is set to release sometime in 2023. In the following article we will show you how to dominate Sons of the Forest

About Sons of the Forest

The Forest was a critical success, and it gained a significant following due to its unique blend of survival, horror, and exploration elements. The game is set on an island where the player character is stranded after a plane crash.

The island is inhabited by cannibalistic mutants, and the player must survive by gathering resources, building shelter, and fighting off enemies. The game’s story revolves around the player character’s search for his missing son, who was also on the plane.

Sons of the Forest takes place in the same universe as The Forest, and it will feature similar gameplay mechanics, but with significant improvements and additions.

About Sons of the Forest
About Sons of the Forest

The game will introduce new creatures and enemies that will pose a challenge to players, and it will also feature new survival mechanics that will make the game more immersive and realistic.

One of the most significant improvements in Sons of the Forest is the game’s graphics. The original game was praised for its visuals, but Sons of the Forest takes it to the next level.

The game’s environments are more detailed and realistic, and the lighting and shadows are improved. The game also features dynamic weather systems that will affect gameplay and create a more immersive experience.

The game’s story will revolve around a new protagonist, who is searching for his missing family. The game’s trailer shows the player character exploring a mysterious underground facility, where he discovers strange experiments and mutated creatures.

Sons of the Forest 2023
Sons of the Forest 2023

The game’s story promises to be more engaging and complex than the original game, and it will feature multiple endings based on the player’s choices.

Sons of the Forest will also feature multiplayer gameplay, which was not present in the original game. The game will allow players to team up with friends and explore the island together, building shelters and fighting off enemies.

The game will also feature competitive multiplayer modes, where players can compete against each other in various challenges.

How to Dominate Sons of the Forest

Before we get into how to dominate Sons of the Forest, we need to say that the following content of the article will contain the spoiler element. Therefore, we always encourage players to experience the game before reading this content.

First, the player is forced to prepare a few necessary items. If lucky, when your position is in the forest near the river, the player will find a large cave nearby and when exploring to the end, the player will find a rope gun. With this, players will easily move in other caves.

Players will find the necessary items in the caves
Players will find the necessary items in the caves

Next, on the northern coast of the island, players will find an additional cave. There will be dead bodies of a group of fishermen. These bodies will have diving equipment. Players need to grab them and quickly move back south.

At the next cave, the player will find the bodies of three teammates right in front of the entrance. When exploring the cave, players will easily find out that the cave will have a flooded area, but with the diving equipment that you have just retrieved, it will be extremely easy to swim to the other shore. 

While looting a saw in the body of a construction worker nearby, the player will discover that underground of the island there are many pre-built structures. The shovel that the player has just looted will be almost the most important item.

Players need to find all the necessary items
Players need to find all the necessary items

Having the shovel in hand, players should quickly move to the northwest of the island. Here players will find an area marked by a golf cart along with a few measuring devices. At that moment, all the player needs to do is take the shovel to dig the marked area and will see a tunnel cover appear.

Inside the vault is the residence of a maintenance worker and he is dead, looking around you will find a security card that this employee owns.

And because around this island there are many modern works that have been built. Exploring these places will reveal many restricted areas that require players to have a security card to access. And with the newly obtained card, it will help players collect the remaining cards. 

Wander around the vault and you'll find the dead man's staff card
Wander around the vault and you’ll find the dead man’s staff card

The second card is a VIP card of Virginia Puffton – the missing girl that the player saw at the beginning of the game. This is what allows players to enter the resort area.

When entering this area, players will easily notice that most of the people there have been killed mysteriously. A third guest security card will be found. 

With what you have at hand, head straight for the cave located at the foot of the mountain on the east side of the island. When you enter the cave, you will see a young man and an old man fighting against the mutated creature. All of a sudden. The man in the grey and blue shirt who had knocked the player down suddenly reappeared and attacked the old man.

At this point, the player will faint and when he wakes up, the monster is dead and the others also disappear without a trace. After searching around, the player will discover a few clues that lead to a hidden bunker on the island.

The second card is a VIP card of Virginia Puffton
The second card is a VIP card of Virginia Puffton

This place is like someone’s place. The house even has a secret passage that leads deep underground  at the bottom of the island.

Here, players will meet a young man in blue who is standing in front of a yellow box. At this time, the person wearing the blue-gray shirt chased but fortunately the player ran into the yellow box in time before being caught by the blue-gray shirt.

Finally, the young man suddenly experienced a severe headache and separated himself into several copies. The wall in front of him also suddenly revealed the scene of an advanced extraterrestrial society.

Everything after that quickly ended. The protagonist returns to the plane with the young man and the old man who were attacked before returning to the mainland.

In your journey, you will encounter a lot of challenges
In your journey, you will encounter a lot of challenges

But this is just one of the endings of the game so it can be said that this is not all and the player can choose to stay on the island and continue to survive.


Sons of the Forest is a highly anticipated game that build upon the success of its predecessor. The game will introduce new enemies, survival mechanics, and an engaging story that will keep players immersed for hours.

With improved graphics and dynamic weather systems, Sons of the Forest is shaping up to be a visual masterpiece. The addition of multiplayer gameplay will also make the game more enjoyable for players who like to play with friends. Fans of The Forest should keep an eye out for Sons of the Forest 2023.

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