How to Cheat in the Gunblood Game

You need to know how to cheat at the gunblood game right now. It will assist you in becoming a skilled player in Gunlood Cheats.

Gunblood cheat codes
Gunblood cheat codes


  • Published by HIPPO
  • Gunblood is a free game to download.
  • The rating is 4.4/5, which translates to 4714 votes.
  • The most recent update time is 2021/11/12.
  • There are four versions:














Graphics Gunblood
Graphics Gunblood

How to download Gunblood 2022

-For computer: 

Way 1:

STEP 1 Download the Bluestacks software.
STEP2 Launch the Bluestacks emulator.
STEP3 Please wait a moment, as the initial download of the BlueStacks app will take some time. After waiting, we will see the main screen of Bluestacks.
STEP 4 The Google Play Store is already installed in Bluestacks. On this home screen, search for Playstore and double-click on the icon to open it.
STEP 5 Look for gunshot wounds.
STEP 6 then click the install button, and GunBlood will be automatically installed on BlueStacks. Once done finding Gunblood, go to the list of installed applications to find

Way 2:


STEP 1 Download and install MemuPlay on your PC. Open the official website and download the software.
STEP 2 Once the emulator is installed, just open it and find the Google Play Store Games icon on the main screen of MemuPlay. Just double-tap it to open it.
STEP 3 Now search for Gunblood Games on the Google Play Store. Locate the Hippie0 developer’s official game and press the Install button.
STEP 4 After a successful installation, you can find Gunblood on the main screen of MEmu Play.


-For phone:

Go to CH PLAY, search for “gunblood,” then press “install” to download.

The description of Gunblood

Gun Blood Western Shootout is a fighting game like Pokemon games like Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. As the player, you must become the most feared gunman in the land by defeating all who stand in your way. Gun Blood trains your reflexes against nine computer opponents in western gunfights.

Try to be the fastest cowboy shooter in this western shooting game. GunBlood challenges your reflexes against nine computer opponents in one-on-one gunfights and includes four bonus rounds. High scores are tabulated according to your accuracy, speed, and longevity after each round.

At the start of each level, the player and the computer opponent each start with six shots. If both players are alive and there are no pictures, the match will end in a draw and be played again.

In each of the four bonus spins, the goal is to hit the target object, not the assistant. There is a different bonus round after every two rounds of gunfights.

The description of Gunblood
The description of Gunblood

 Controls/How to Play:

  1. Select “Start Game” and choose a character from the character selection screen.
  2. Start the round by placing a touch point on your gun barrel, located in the lower left corner of the game screen.
  3. The touch point must remain on the barrel during the countdown, or the game will be paused.
  4. When the countdown to “FIRE” reaches zero, tap to aim and shoot.

Basic requirements for beginners

Everything has a beginning and an end, and so does it when you learn and start playing a game. The beginning here is that you learn how to play by yourself and then start playing. And it is obvious that every beginning is often accompanied by hardship. So if you fail too much in the process of playing the game or feel it’s too hard for you, don’t give up but keep trying to learn to become an excellent player with top skills. because only then can you end with strong joy and success. Then close one door and open another. That means you will be able to interact with more exciting games and make your emotions richer.

2022 Cheat Code Applications

FASTFIRE increases the click speed so that the fire rate also increases, making the target hit rate high.
MOREAMMO Used to open the infinite ammo mode, which saves time on reloading. But with that comes you have to shoot your assistants in all bonus rounds to get more turns.
NOHIT Help activate immortal mode. But if you don’t complete the requirements of the game, you still won’t pass.
POINTER Show more laser pointer to gun. Makes it easier to aim and hit the target.

 2022 Level Codes

  • LEVEL1
  • LEVEL2
  • LEVEL3
  • LEVEL4
  • LEVEL5
  • LEVEL6
  • LEVEL7
  • LEVEL8
  • LEVEL9
  • BONUS1
  • BONUS2
  • BONUS3
  • BONUS4

With the codes that you have obtained above, you will become a skilled shooter with invincible skills. Is it cheating to have different planetbases?

How to Use and Redeem Free Coupons

step 1 Please activate the game, then click on the option to start the game.
step 2 Choose any character that you feel like and is suitable for yourself from the 10 options available in the game.
step 3 Below those options will appear a text form and next to it the word cheat
step 4 Copy the codes and paste the most exact cheats into the text mentioned above
step 5 After completing the above 4 steps, please check your spelling again and make sure you have entered it correctly. Because if there is anything wrong in this step, you will lose all your efforts and will not get anything in return.
step 6 after getting the cheat you get more perks and choices in your choice of rewards and ads
step 7 And the final step is to enjoy the benefits of cheating in order to improve the game.


The above are all the cheats that we have carefully selected to be able to provide you with the best and most effective ones. If you feel those are useful and necessary for your current or future needs, you can check them out and visit Cheats Master, where there are many similar articles on how to cheat and other methods. cheat codes for many popular games that are loved by many people. And it is also very likely that there are games that you are playing or intend to learn. So come to us for assistance in becoming the game’s king. 


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