Gunblood Cheat Codes [Guide 2022]

I bet some of you are wondering how to get some of those cheats. So you could stick the game while playing an old version of gunblood. You cannot see its background beauty but on the other hand, there Is another version of gunblood which we call gunblood 2. There is a different background and theme which is very attractive because of its natural beauty. Lets spouse, you’re playing a game which you don’t like just because its theme and color might be pixel so here in the other version which is called Gunblood 2 there you can change the background and theme however you like playing in a desert so you can change easily by going to the game setting.

Gunblood Cheats

Level Passwords

These codes will help you skip to whatever game level you want

Bonus 1BONUS1
Bonus 2BONUS2
Bonus 3BONUS3
Bonus 4BONUS4

All Guns

  • MORE AMMO – Get infinite ammo gun blood with this cheat code.
  • NOT – Invincibility
  • FAST FIRE – Shoot faster than normal gun blood with this cheat code.
  • POINTER – Add a laser pointer to the gun blood with this cheat code.

What is it like Playing Gunblood with cheats?


Playing a game online isn’t a bad idea but one of them is a very famous online game GUNBLOOD is a very popular game it reminds me of childhood memories when I was used to going to school it’s a very amazing game in the past time people do love to play this game on the internet. It is still available on android devices in the play store and it’s also available on CRAZY GAMES & it’s free of cost. However, this game is connected to western people for entertainment. GUNBLOOD is a game bit wild west Cowboy wearing a cap and players decide to shoot against each other to reach the maximum level.

You will need to react faster as compared to the other player However time will be the end the fast gunslinger will win. Do not let the other opponent react quicker than you and light out! Well, to make this game more interesting it’s has a lot of cheats which you can put into the game and make your opponent easily lose the game cheats giving you more enjoyment and winning the game earlier. Are you the fastest gun shooter in the GUNBLOOD?


People getting more involved in this game while it’s become a part of mobile devices. IN this modern era, people are trying to grow up every day but still love to play this game and it’s getting more downloads as compared to before. It was the greatest game in the browser. But now day people getting faster to do anything that’s why this game also has cheats to make the game more interesting here you can find all

Gunblood is a very hard online shooting game where you only get 6 shots to kill the opponent, as that is all your gun will allow you. Not that only you have to count them and do it faster because your opponent isn’t going to waste time to kill you. In some deals, you have a chance to train yourself to become faster by shooting bottles, birds. Shoot them many as you can to get some extra points. Your speed and your aim determine how good you are at shooting them to get the bonus. It will also show you if you live for another round.

Don’t forget the master cheat code you can put into the game to kill the opponent faster you have to use gunblood hacked cheat codes you can also use these cheat codes on a (PC) computer. To be honest, if you are a slower gunslinger and you get killed in the game then these cheat codes can help you to make the game easier for you. You will see a lot of online games and some of them make a house in your heart if you can’t win the game then you can Steal the winning by using the Gunblood cheat code unblocked.

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Gunblood for beginners:


If you are one of those who don’t want to use cheat codes But still wants to win and improve yourself so you can use these some better recommendations to improve without using
cheat codes.

  • Stay connected to your winning dream and never give up even You have taken bullets. Still trying to constraint your aim and Target.
  • If you die and lose before your opponent then go to the restart game option and play it again and keep trying your target and aim with a lower score.
  • Try to shoot on the chest of the opponent but if you’re trying to shoot a bit higher then go for a headshot.
  • Now, the bonus round comes in this round you have to shoot the bottles only not the man who holds the bottles on your side.

This round is very very important for you because you can make an extra point score so be care full while playing this round. Well, luckily gunblood cheat codes are an amazing way to reduce some shorts coming. Using gun blood cheat code shotgun you can access all the features which aren’t open by default. One of the best things is in Gunblood has very power to kill time you can play this game where ever you want to play like Clinic, Restaurant, it’s killing the time.

If you think a cowboy isn’t suffering from the difficulty of life then you should play hell recommended western game Gunblood. Where players have to fight against each other traditionally. The game theme is very different and simple. You simply have to choose 1 character out of 10 characters then the fight begins to start with the wild west tradition. You have to kill your opponent before your opponent does. Can you softly reload and press the trigger before your opponent does? Well, it depends on you how fast you kill your opponent. Gunblood is very addictive. Release Date May 2018

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  • A very quick reaction
  • Very friendly to play and use
  • A very small to download
  • A very quick start
  • A Cow-Boy Game
  • Aim & shoot


If you’re playing on your (PC) computer you can use to mouse to Aim and shoot just click the left button of the mouse and shoot but if you’re playing on your mobile device so there is a touch system showing it’s very easy to use.

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